Saturday, August 7, 2010

How Is Midge Doing?

Well, right now she's a little freaked out. We got hit with a thunderstorm this afternoon.

So, Midge is hiding behind the toilet.

She's been subdued since Monty passed away. She's quiet and sometimes I see her looking for him in his doghouse. We actually received a sympathy card from one of the doctors at the veterinary hospital, which I appreciated. At least now I know who it was who took time out from his busy schedule to help my dog cross Rainbow Bridge.

My husband was talking about getting a shelter dog to keep Midge company. I don't think I can take on anymore responsibility right now, and most of the shelter dogs are young and would need a lot of training. I've been taking Midge for walks to keep her occupied.

There were a couple of really cute ones on the shelter's website, and I was tempted. One was a black and white Border Collie named Micky. The other was a Dachshund / Chihuahua mix named Tucker that was adorable, but I feared it might be a yapper. One thing I'm really enjoying is the lack of barking around our house right now.

I had a bit of a shock when I got out the vacuum on Friday night to clean up all the dirt clumps, grass blades, sticks, leaves, and dog hair off the carpet like I do every week, only to discover that the carpet was clean! We had six people walking in and out of our house all week. How can the carpet be clean? Then I realized it was because Monty wasn't here this past week. That one dog was responsible for the carpet being a mess all these years. I had no idea until now. I thought it was just a combination of everyone tracking in stuff. Monty's fur was so thick you could lose a bowling ball in it.

Knowing this, I think any future dogs we get will have to be short-haired. It's amazing what you can do with the spare time when you don't have to constantly be vacuuming. Of course, since Monty was an old dog, I spent a lot of time these past few months scrubbing accidents out of the carpet too. I'd really like to tear it up and lay down laminate flooring in most of the rooms and some new carpet in others. Even though carpet is difficult to maintain when you have dogs, I still like it.

Isn't Midge's butt cute? It's heart-shaped and fluffy.

The sky is so dark right now that you can't tell it is day time. We heard a lot of sirens heading in the direction of lightning strikes, so apparently we've got another fire. We've had one burning in the mountains south of us over the past few days. The last time Lostine and I went trail riding, we rode past a tree that had been struck by lightning. The fire just burned that one tree. Odd.


Breathe said...

Our new shelter dog is a poodle mix. She's great but the best part?

They don't shed.

Oh yea. Love it.

Of course, then we added two kittens which totally killed our loose hair gains.

Older shelter dogs can be very well behaved and are hard to adopt out. Many around here are surrendered when folks end up in nursing home. It's tragic. I bet you can find a terrific friend for Midge that will suit your busy life.


fernvalley01 said...

Poor Midge, my old collie hated storms as well. She is a cutie.I hear you on the dog hair , Winston and Skeeter keep my vacum in business!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! Go for the Chiweenie dog! Besides the short hair and low maintenance, they are the sweetest, most loveable, fun-loving, and most loyal dogs. My Dobbie loves nothing more than cuddling up beside me whenever I sit down, and she insists on climbing underneath my covers at night and pressing herself against my back. So cozy!
She will bark when strangers show up, but she is easily shushed, too.

And I know what you mean about the hair mess. Our GSD, Zuni has a long fuzzy undercoat and wowza....we are always picking up 'hair bunnies' that float across the floor.
Dobbie is smooth coated and hardly sheds, but she is also sleek and soft.....and easy to wash in the sink. lol!


ms martyr said...

Breathe, don't you find that poodle coat attracts every loose piece of grass, dirt, etc. within miles?

Hidden Haven Homestead blog recently lost Lady to old age. Tramp was devastated. Interestingly, a rooster moved in with him voluntarily and seems to be his new BFF.

Leah Fry said...

Sorry to hear you lost Monty. I must have missed that. I just love Midge. I've always wanted a Corgi.

And we have 2 that are scared of storms.

With 3 dogs and 2 cats in the house, we are never at a loss for hair to sweep up. If I could afford it, I'd rip up every stitch of carpet in this place and replace it with ... anything that's NOT carpet. Everything except the BRs is ceramic tile, and it's so easy to keep looking good. Our carpet is just gross.