Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

Early this morning at the crack of dawn, my dog started getting nervous about something she sensed going on outside. I opened the back door to let her out and saw smoke floating across the neighborhood. Thinking my neighbor's house was on fire, I ran barefoot in my pajamas across a minefield of dog poop to get a visual of exactly where the fire was located.

Instead of fire, I found my horses galloping around the paddock kicking tons of dust into the air. I mean this dust was floating through the yards of all my neighbors to the north. Bombay was doing one of his dances on hind legs and I hollered at him to settle down. He's had a bug up his butt about something lately, and he keeps playing practical jokes on Gabbrielle. Then Gabbrielle gets irritated about being teased and she threatens to kick him. Well, I guess those threats have turned into the real thing because I found yet another cut on Bombay's hind leg last night -- most likely from getting kicked.

I ran back inside to get my camera in hopes of catching Bombay on disk having the fitz, but all the horses stopped their shenanigans as soon as I came outside. I did get some dust in one picture just as it was settling. I snapped off other photos, but they didn't come out because the last person to use my camera had it set on a slow shutter speed and I didn't have time to check the settings. I thought the camera was still set to the fastest shutter speed after I took those pole vaulting shots. That keeps happening to me, so I think I'll set my point-and-shoot camera out for the grabbing since I don't have to worry about settings with that one. Here's Bombay saying, "Who? What? Me?"

Trouble maker.

I laid back down on the couch with Midge and tried to get more sleep. I left the back door open to let in cool air. I began singing a silly song to my dog when she suddenly started barking growling at the back door. The guy who is staying in my neighbor's guest house had come out again to loiter by my fence. I can't leave any windows or doors open and make any noise, or he comes to the fence to investigate. This was at 6:45 or so in the morning. Geez.

Midge was so scared by his snooping that she ran into my son's bedroom to hide. I shut and locked the back door to keep Mr. Creepy's eyes out. A short time later I started up the shower, but kept an eye out through the crack in the window for Mr. Creepy, knowing that he listens for my shower and always magically appears at the fence of my back yard every time I turn it on.

A few days ago I was keeping an eye out for him, because he backs his truck down to the garage and pretends to be loading or unloading stuff from the bed, but the whole time he's looking in my bathroom window. So, I was expecting him and his truck to appear, but they didn't. I got undressed, walked to the shower, and somehow within those few seconds that I turned my back on the window and got undressed, he and his truck appeared. You'd think I'd hear the engine, but I didn't hear anything.

So, there I was standing totally naked in front of the window and there he was looking directly at me. I jumped back and hid behind a wall only to realize that he could still see me in the mirror. I looked in the mirror and sure enough, he was still watching me. I ran to the window and slammed it shut, annoyed that once again I had to take a stuffy shower without any air to thin out the steam thanks to my Peeping Tom neighbor. I've slammed the bathroom window in his face many times before, so you'd think he'd be too embarrassed to keep coming back for more.

This morning I was waiting for him to show up as soon as I turned on the shower, but he didn't, so I left the window open a crack. When I got out of the shower, I was careful to look out the window to make sure he wasn't around. He wasn't. I finished getting dressed, turned around, and there he was again! He had materialized out of thin air and I could only guess at where he had been hiding and how long he had been watching me get dressed.

I've had it on my To Do List for years to hire a handyman to install a ceiling fan or air vent in that bathroom so that I don't have to keep the window open, but I've always had higher priorities. Keeping the window open a crack had solved our black mold problem, but now this guest of my neighbor is bringing that problem back by forcing me to close the window. I'd kind of like to get a fake sniper rifle and stick it through the crack in the window and see if that solves the problem. It might be cheaper than knocking a hole in my ceiling.


Breathe said...

Time for pepper spray. Isn't that behavior illegal?

appydoesdressage said...

I would start putting up an obscene pictures of men in your window every time you take a shower, so he has something else to look at. Maybe that will help deter him? But that's me :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Breathe - His or mine? Seriously, he's in his own yard on his side of the fence. The police would just tell me to keep the window closed. There was actually a case in which a woman walking down the street looked into the window of a man's house with her child at some ridiculous hour of the morning and they saw the man who lived in the house naked. The police arrested him -- not her.

Stephanie said...

what a creepy guy!!! Behavior like that just plain old makes me nervous...

fernvalley01 said...

Nuzz Muzz, lets look at it from a diferent angle, maybe you aren't realising what a hottie you truly are.Hmm, Doesn't matter he is still creepy, I would probably be very upset as well.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Call the police on him!
He probably thinks you've started some kind of peek-a-boo game like the prostitutes do in the red-light district in front of their windows. He sounds scary to me. Report him, please?!

I must have fresh air with all my windows open while in the bathroom, too.

If I were you, I'd buy a section of 6' high wood picket fence and install it about 3-5 feet from your bathroom window. You'd have your privacy, and you could also create a little private garden within that space by adding a couple trees behind the fence, on the neighbor's side and on both sides of the fence panel to enclose the sides and protect yourself from further snooping.

You could also add a little water feature for calming nature sounds, maybe a bird feeder (so the birds can ogle you nakey! lol!), and some climbing vines.

If I were there, I'd even help you get started on the project.

Just an idea. The bathroom could turn into your private oasis. :)


Jeni said...

What a creep !!!! I own a gun and most probably would have to scare the crap out the guy. But that is illegal... so maybe Lisa's suggestion is much nicer and will improve value of your home if you ever sell.

Vaquerogirl said...

I think a nice privacy fence with some pretty kind of flowers would solve the bathroom problem- even if you have to plant them in a couple of half barrels lined up a few feet from your bathroom wall.

I would call the police too- peeping tom behavior is not to be tolerated!

Anonymous said...

What a creep. I understand about the police saying to keep the window closed. Yeah, he's not on your property but talk about not having any respect or decency!

Kudos to Midge for raising a warning.

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, could you hang a little bamboo shade outside your bathroom window? That way, the air could escape, but the CREEP couldn't look in? Or, yes...a fence? I mean, that's just too scary!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I actually have two fences and an apple tree right outside my bathroom window, but my house lower than this other house, so the guy can still see right over the six-foot fence. The apple tree is huge, so its branches are spread out, leaving lots of space to look through. Directly outside my bathroom window is a concrete patio, so no planting there. I could look for the potted kind of shrubs and put them underneath my bathroom window, but the window is really high, because the bathroom rises up in steps, so the potted shrub would have to be really tall. A bamboo shade and another tree further out on the lawn or shrub should work. However, after paying nearly a thousand dollars to plant a privacy screen last year to ward off the eyes of this same man and having it all die over winter, I'm not too wild about planting things anymore. We can't afford to waste money like that.

Lori Skoog said...

A simple curtain might help. If he keeps doing this and you don't do something about it he might think you like it. I would at least inform the police so they have it on record. By not covering your window, you are the one taking the chance.

JennyB said...

You make me thankful that I have this wall of overgrown cedars shielding the house from outside eyes.

I think I'd have to retaliate in some way! Run out and just stare at them, point cameras and binoculars at them constantly, invite friends and family over once in awhile to all stare at them, put up fliers everywhere of his picture with "PEEPING TOM" on least say something ugly to them. I don't know how you can stand it.