Friday, September 10, 2010

Lessons Learned in the Horse Kingdom

#1: Don't Give Your Horse a Frisbee

I found an old Frisbee in the garage while searching for paint rollers, and I tossed it into the horse paddock thinking the horses might like to play with it. They are always picking up objects with their teeth and banging them against things to make music. They also think it's funny to beat each other with toys such as Jolly Balls. The next morning the Frisbee was gone. I asked my husband if he put it away or threw it out. He said he didn't see any Frisbee. I then figured the horses dropped it over the fence and the little boy next door took off with it. However, the next day little red pieces of plastic began emerging up out from the sand. The majority of pieces were less than 1/4 of an inch. The largest pieces were 2-inches of the edge of the Frisbee. The horses had completely pummeled it with their hooves and then buried it!

#2: Always Dismount on the Uphill Side

This is a rule I've always known and adhered to, but this weekend I was too out of it to realize that I was dismounting my tallest horse on the downhill side. First off, it feels like it is a lot further down even though the difference is only a matter of inches. Secondly, because you are stepping back away from the horse on a hill, you just keep on stepping or falling backwards until you can regain control of your legs. Usually gravity wins out and you end up on your rump in the dirt.

#3: Junkyards, Dust Devils, and Horses Don't Mix

While I was riding Lostine, a little Dust Devil whirled across my neighbor's junkyard and knocked an empty gasoline container off a worktable onto the ground. That sent all three horses stampeding while I was on Lostine's back. When she's scared and her stall door is open, she runs for her stall. Fortunately, I was able to stop her before I got decapitated or had my knees sheered off by the metal door frame. I'm thinking I might save my life by going next door with a bunch of garbage bags and cleaning up the mess, but I know it would only be a matter of days before more junk just piles up again. Where there is space, junk must pile, and where there is junk, a whirlwind must travel.


fernvalley01 said...

Good lessons. Never thought they would murder a frisbee!

lytha said...

"it feels like it is a lot further down even though the difference is only a matter of inches"

oh yes. today i dismounted a 16HH horse and as i was falling thru the air i kept wondering where the ground went and why it's taking so long for my feet to touch down. isn't it odd what you're used to, and then a few inches can shake you up? but then the hill thing is scary cuz i've ended up on my butt that way too.

the stupid thing is the people here think i'm odd for saying 16HH is a big horse. but to me it is!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good lessons learned.

Poor frisbee...what'd it ever do to them?


Breathe said...

So they will completely destroy a frisbee, stare at you unsympathetically as you drop on the downhill, but spook at a gas can?

Crazy horses. :D

I'm going to practice getting on the "wrong" side of my horse. Supposed to help his back. Seems like the least I can do... No guarantees on the dismount though. Even on the correct side I nearly trip! LOL

achieve1dream said...

Yikes I'm glad you didn't get decapitated! Maybe you should shut the stall when you ride lol. My horse ran into the barn with me once and scraped me off on a support post. Ouch.

Chrome and Zep pretty much destroy anything I give them. :) Glad they enjoyed the Frisbee. :)