Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scrappy Answers

Today I took Scrappy to a new-to-me vet and got all my questions and more answered. First off, this new vet is closer to my home than my old vet. Secondly, it is a small outfit. My previous veterinary hospital had something like 8 vets, 8 vet techs, and 8 front office workers. This new clinic has 2 vets, 2 vet techs, and 2 front office workers, which makes it more personable and less likely that I might receive snide remarks regarding my choice of when to euthanize my aging pets.

I was really impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of everyone there. The doctors use their first names along with their Doctor title. Both doctors are women. There was no one else in the waiting area while I was there, so they obviously don't over-schedule patients like the other place often did. Best of all, I got twice as much out of the visit and paid half the price I usually paid at the old place. Good deal all around.

Anyway, here's the scrap on Scrappy: Despite being on antibiotics for many weeks now, he still has a little blood and bacteria in his urine, so we have to keep him on antibiotics for ten more days. The doctor said that bladder stones are fairly rare in dogs, so his previous owner must have had him on some funky diet. She sold me some special dog food that will help prevent urinary tract problems in the future. Usually, when you buy special dog food from vets, it is outrageously expensive, but this was very reasonable and compared to the cost of what I normally buy in stores.

She tested the lump on his chest, and confirmed that it is just a fatty tumor. She felt the strange thing on his side and was able to determine without x-rays that it's a malformed rib. Either he was born with the defect or he had an accident at some point, broke his rib, and it fused back at a 90-degree angle from where it should be. I asked if it could be poking any of his internal organs, and she assured me that it was out of the way and shouldn't cause problems. She said it wasn't causing him any pain.

He is starting to form cataracts, but he still sees very well. His heart and lungs are strong, and he's the sweetest Dachshund she's ever worked with. She said that of all the dog breeds she's worked with, she's been bit by more Dachshunds than any other breed. She didn't know exactly what other breeds he has mixed in, but she felt that they tempered the negative personality traits he might have had as a purebred Dachshund. Both she and her vet tech were quite impressed with how docile he was. He didn't even flinch when he got his shots.

The bad news is that he needs a lot of dental work and that is going to be more than I can afford at the moment. I'm putting it on my To Do List for now. We've just had way too many medical bills all at once these past few months. I feel like I'm doing triage in my house and determining who has priority to seek medical care. The vet explained that dental care in pets is important, because if bacteria grows in their gums, it can spread to their heart.

I got a chance to speak with Scrappy's foster parent. He mentioned that one time he tried to snatch the dog up a little too quickly, and Scrappy attacked his hand. Scrappy has not tried to attack me, but he has attempted to bite my other dog and my son a couple of times. I get the sense that he has had some bad experience with men, but likes women. He certainly didn't give the ladies at the vet clinic any trouble, and they were poking and prodding him quite a bit.

Here's a picture of Scrappy standing behind Midge. I always thought Midge was a tiny dog, but now she seems like a giant compared to Scrappy.


baystatebrumby said...

I like reading about dogs as much as reading about horses! Thanks for the Scappy update. It makes all the difference in the world to have a kind and professional vet.

duffylou said...

Love Scrappy! Rescue animals are so fun. I always feel like I'm unlocking a secret each time I learn something new about my dogs.

Katharine Swan said...

Oh, I'm so glad you found a vet you can feel comfortable with! They sound terrific. Oh, and I adore that picture of Scrappy with his chin on Midge's butt. Cutest thing ever.

achieve1dream said...

I'm so glad you found a nice vet. It makes all the difference in the world. I wish you'd had better news concerning the antibiotics. I hope he gets better soon. Glad everything else checked out.

I know what you mean about the dental work. It gets expensive!! I don't like having routine cleaning done on them because of the risks with anesthesia (rather use bones and/or brushing), but if they need teeth removed or surgery there's no way to avoid it. Little dogs seem to have more dental needs than bigger dogs. I still think you're great for giving him a home when most people would have passed him over. He's adorable!

fernvalley01 said...

Good news bad news . Glad that Scrappy is for the most part working out well.You can maitian his teeth and maybe hold off on some of the work if he will let you brush his teeth and gums =. They sell a little brush type thing that goes over your finger like a thimble and if he toreates it you can do his teeth and gums when you get a chance.Removes excess tartar building plaque and increases circulation to the gums (and its cheap)

Crystal said...

thats cool you can find out some things about him, but still many things are a mystery.

Breathe said...

Dental work! Darn! It gets expensive.

Glad that Scrappy is well otherwise and that you've got a good vet. Those others were freaks.

Sydney_bitless said...

hes so cute, he is little though Midge looks beefy compared to him,

Anonymous said...

Great new vet! Too bad about the infection and the dental. Maybe you could guilt the shelter into sharing cost on the dental? I know that sounds like a pain, but I once got a shlter to kick in half on a cat that was supposed to have been neutered, but popped out a couple of balls after I had him about a month. Aren't the animals supposed to be healthy before adoption? I's give it a try anyhow.

Love that photo!

allhorsestuff said...

Firstly I want to say how sorry I am for beiy tardy here much has gone on! I jsut scrolled down and I need to catch up badd!

That little rescue pup is cute and you are awesome to take in an older needy dog. We too jsut adopted a kitty(you're gonna crack up when you see her too)she is not starved, no just neede to have a home of her own.

I loved your views of the ride you got to take and great that you were not veered from your happy riding to any old fears! YEA!!

Thanks -soo much- for the sincere commnets to me on my freak accident. The horses are healing some 6 days left on the SMZ's meds..she takes them well and I am going to give her some Probiotics tomorrow, till we get done.

Be well freind!

Paint Girl said...

I'm so happy that you found a new vet, and one that will treat you right!
Sounds like Scrappy got a good bill of health, except for the teeth. I know vets say that dogs need their teeth done, but I don't think I have ever had teeth done on any dog I've owned. I believe they all lived a very, very long time. But I do know that it can cause health issues by not having them taken care of.
Scrappy is just too cute, and Midge does look big next to Scrappy!!

lytha said...

i'm glad you found an alternative to your old vet! i know what you mean, we have seen all the vets in this area and there is such a difference in their offices!

one was so full of dogs and cats in the waiting room i was glad i was only there to pick up meds and didn't have a cat with me.

the vet i found for my cat has an empty waiting room and the vet and his assistant were the only people there. my neighbors warned me about him that he's expensive but i really like the peaceful office!


Judi said...

You might want to start brushing his teeth. It may at least keep some of the problems from getting any worse. I used to brush my dog's teeth and she liked the toothpaste and the attention. I brush my cat's teeth, too.