Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They Will Find You

Someone recently commented on one of my posts that you don't have to go out and look for a new dog, because animals will find you. I remember thinking how true that was when I lived in the suburbs with my parents. It seemed we always had stray animals showing up on our doorstep, and my mother took them all in. However, besides my bunny buddy, I haven't seen any stray animals around here in years. That's why I researched animal shelters in Nevada and California in search of Scrappy.

This evening when I came home from work, I took the dogs for a walk. They seemed overly interested in a junkpile we have on our RV lane, but I pulled them away from it, because I didn't want them to root through the foxtails. Several hours later I went outside in the dark to close the gate after being stood up by another manure collector, and I jumped out of my skin when I saw a shadow moving behind me. I looked around, expecting to see my son or husband sneaking up on me, but no one was around.

I looked down and saw that the shadow was still there and was still moving. I followed it with my eyes, but all I could see was black. I took a step toward the location where the shadow originated from and heard, "Meow."

It was a very scared, very skinny kitten. The only cats we've had in this neighborhood have been totally wild and even dangerous to interact with. Some of these feral cats would skin you alive if you came near them. I carefully approached it, and it scurried away. However, it kept stopping as if it wanted me to pet it. After a little game of me reaching out and it moving away, I finally got one stroke of the fur in, and next thing I knew it was purring and doing figure 8's around my legs. This was defintely no feral cat.

I walked back to the house, and it followed. I opened the door just a crack so that the dogs wouldn't bust out and attack the kitten, and I asked my husband to bring some dog food for the starving kitten. He brought both that and a bowl of water, which I placed on the patio. Unfortunately, I had to close it outdoors for the night, because I'm severely allergic to cats. I'm hoping it just wandered away from a nearby home and will find its way back, but I suspect someone probably dumped a bunch of kittens in our neighborhood.

If it's still hanging around come morning, I might ask my neighbor if she's interested in caring for it. She once had a cat that fell victim to a coyote. Perhaps she has room in her heart to take a chance on owning another. I have room in my heart -- just not in my sinuses. Just about any other kind of animal could have stalked me in the night and I'd be able to give it a home, but cats have no hope here beyond being permanent outdoor barn cats. Gabbrielle, my mare, couldn't contain her excitement. I think she wanted that kitty for herself. Kitties make good back scratchers and Gabbrielle needs a lot of scratching. Maybe I could build the kitten a little home outside with the horses, feed it, neuter it, and hope it steers clear of coyotes.

Today was the first day I was away from Scrappy all day. My husband told me that little dog sat by the door most of the day waiting for me to come in. He eventually gave up and came into the living area to be more sociable. When I did finally walk in, Scrappy was standing at the door wagging his tail. When he's really excited, he does this adorable dance in which he hops from his right front paw to his left front paw and does that back and forth while wagging his tail wildly. He scrunches his body up into this fat little ball and won't relax until I pet him.


Sydney_bitless said...

Aww poor lost kitty! I bet he/she would make a cute little barn cat.

fernvalley01 said...

Poor Kitty , might make a good barn cat , esp if Gabrielle has her way. Scrappy sounds wonderful , and head over tail in love with you !

achieve1dream said...

Awww poor kitten. I hope your neighbor takes her.

That's so cute that Scrappy does that little dance.

Katharine Swan said...

NM, how allergic are you? Can you take a daily allergy medication and get by? I know there are varying degrees of cat allergies -- I am allergic, but I've had them all my life, so I just have learned to live with the stuffy sinuses. Sometimes, when the seasonal allergies kick in and make it even worse, I take a daily pill for a while, but I could never not have kitties!

I know not everyone can get around them that easily though, but maybe you could keep him as a barn cat and be okay with that? I'm not a big fan of outdoor cats, because I prefer my cats NOT to die before their time, but maybe the horses will keep the coyotes at bay.

Oh, and it's true about animals coming to you! All of our animals did. Maybe not directly -- sometimes there was a person involved in bringing the animal to us -- but they are all rescues of some degree.

Breathe said...

Can we name the barn cat? :)

Oh, I think Scrappy has definitely found heaven on earth.

Crystal said...

Funny a cat would show up when you are allergic to them. All our cats live outside and do so quite well, we have shop they can get in and we have never had one get eaten by a coyote or owl, actually my cat caught a hawk the other day.
Scrappy sounds like hes fitting in and the dance he does for you sounds adorable.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwww! I can so see your Scrappy doing that little dance. He's already bonded to you.

Dobbie does a little dance on her back legs, dancing around like a person on two legs, when I come home and she's missed me. She's so excited she hardly won't stay still long enough for me to pet her. lol!

That's so cute that Gabbrielle wants the kitten for herself. Baby Doll loved having barn cats when she was here, but they kept getting eaten by coyotes, so now we only have indoor kitties. Thankfully we have no allergies....yet.

Apache has a thing for our goats. I've been letting the goats and llamas out into the larger paddock to help me get ride of the sage and weeds. Apache will follow bthe goats around and try to groom them and nibble their tails. It's very sweet. Sadly, the goats just run away from her, though. I think it's because they have each other and don't really need a horse buddy.
I'm hoping with time, though, they might all enjoy hanging out. I don't think the llamas will ever enjoy being herdmates with Apache, though.
Apache tries to herd the llamas around, and they just turn around and spit at her.


word verif: brawl

Hopefully there will never be a llama-horse brawl. Llama spit stinks something awful.