Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank You!

Amongst all my long-winded posts I wanted to stop a moment to say thank you to those of you who visit my blog. It still amazes me how I can babble from the keyboard, push a button, and have hundreds of people read what I wrote, and respond with their thoughts. So many times I post something that is so long that I really don't expect anyone to read it, yet somehow there is always a handful of people who confirm that they did read the whole enchilada and have their own stories or comments to share.

Many times I post something that I expect will raise a few hackles, but I put it out there anyway. I open my Comments tab to moderate after donning my bulletproof vest, fully expecting to be shot down by angry readers, but instead I find supportive comments from very nice people.

In person, I'm fairly quiet. I think it is because every time I attempt to speak -- somehow, some way, I get interrupted. After years of having people talk over me or having random noises blaring over my voice, I have reached the point where I've been conditioned not to bother speaking. For instance, my husband was telling me a long story tonight and I listened quietly. As soon as he finished, I opened my mouth to respond, and the smoke alarm went off above my head! Nothing was even on fire. I just pulled something out of the oven and tried to speak -- that's all.

Ridiculous things like that happen to me all the time. My neighbor will talk to me non-stop for an hour without any interruptions, and as soon as I open my mouth to respond, either her phone rings or a car horn honks. I've learned years ago not to even bother talking in restaurants, because the waiter or waitress always walks up and asks a question the second I start speaking. It's a great way to get service if you need a refill. Just bring me with you to a restaurant and tell me to speak. You'll instantly get whatever you need. Ha ha.

Anyway, despite being a quiet person, I can type 90 words per minute, so my writing can get long-winded. It's nice to be able to spit out my words on "paper" at the very least, and actually have people "listen". So, thank you!


fernvalley01 said...

It is nice to "be heard", So often our busy world has us talking over top of each other, and no one really comunicates anymore. Keep writing, I enjoy reading what you have to say

Reddunappy said...

LOL you are welcome!
I think this blogging thing is pretty cool!

Sydney_bitless said...

Well nuzz thats what blogging is about, being heard.

Breathe said...

I enjoy coming over here and visiting, and it still amazes me the connection that develops just with words on a screen.

Stay long winded, Nuzz. We are here with ya.

duffylou said...

Holy crow! 90 wpm...I'm surprise your keyboard doesn't catch fire!

I appreciate when you take the time to answer my questions on the Arab breed even though you are busy.
In my 30+ years with horses, I haven't really been exposed to Arabs. I've had OTTBs and now I have a Percheron cross. At the barns where I've boarded it's mostly been TBs, QTs and warmbloods.

So thank you for helping me when I as my Arab questions.

Cheryl Ann said...

Dear Nuzz,
You are so welcome! I'm a quiet person, but you put a pencil in my hand or a keyboard in front of me, and LOOK OUT! (tee hee!)

achieve1dream said...

I hear you! I am actually a very talkative person but I've noticed that people will talk over me too. I find it so irritating, but I don't know what to do about it. I guess I have gotten quieter too as a result. Sad.

I love reading your posts. You have great stories even if it sucks you have to live them (regarding the neighbors). So keep on posting, because I'll be here to read them, even if I do stay about ten light years behind lol.