Sunday, November 21, 2010

LaRaedo Farm Management Software

Marie Taulbee, Founder of LaRaedo - Web-Based Horse Farm Software, gave me the opportunity to try out her product and write a review. I visited her website and registered for a free trial, then took the product for a spin.

LaRaedo Farm Management Software is ideal for horse boarding facilities. It is essentially a database that tracks the past and future care of each horse, allowing ease of communication between farm manager, employees, and customers. It generates invoices for each billable service performed on horses of boarders, and allows the farm manager to track what payments are due and which are paid in full.

Everyone has their own login, and the focus is on tracking the health and maintenance of the horses. This can include everything from worming to farrier visits to turnouts. What I really like about the design is that it is so open. You are not limited by a subset of activities. You can input whatever event you choose, like grooming, baths, stall cleaning, feeding, and medicating. Since my mare Lostine has to have her hooves picked out twice a day, a boarding farm with this software could verify that someone did pick out her feet at these times on those days. Then I can log in to the website and see that the task was completed.

I can see how this software would bring great peace of mind to horse owners who are unable visit with their horses on a daily, or even hourly, basis. For horse boarders, the feeling must be the same as dropping off your kid at daycare knowing that you can log in to a website while at work and watch your child on video.

Marie says, "The reason why I created this software was because I know how incredible the emotional connection can be with our horses. I wanted to create a way that farm owners can show how much they care and reassure their boarders that all is well. Providing such a service shows a more professional, organized and customer focused farm."

I boarded my gelding before we built our barn. I remember having a problem with the farm owners always feeding him right when I wanted to exercise him. I'd walk over to their place only to find my horse heads down in a meal, and I'd have to turn around and go back home. Eventually, we worked out a system in which they fed him on my schedule instead of theirs, but I'm sure the problem would have been sorted out more quickly had they been using LaRaedo.

On another occasion, I was boarding my gelding at a training facility. I visited every other day to inquire about his progress in his training. With each visit I felt more and more frustrated, because I kept receiving vague answers. I finally talked with an honest employee who told me that my gelding hadn't been touched since I dropped him off the week before. I was furious. I had paid $700 for 30 days under saddle -- not for a month of board. I know now that if I had a choice between sending my horses off for training at a facility that does not track my horse's progress or one that has LaRaedo software to track accountability of their services, I'd choose the facility that offers the software service.

Those of us who don't spend a lot of time around computers can still access information about our horses through our mobile devices. In-system messaging and alerts are available for instant communication with the people of your choice. Say you, the customer, notice that they have medicating your horse listed as a once daily event, you can instant message them to let them know that the medication is supposed to be administered once in the morning and once at night. Or perhaps you see that they scheduled a grooming before a show, and you want to remind them to use a specific size of clipper blade on the face, you can do so with an alert.

LaRaedo also gives back in other ways. Subscribers have the opportunity to enter the name of their favorite non-profit horse organization when they register. A raffle occurs at the beginning of each month, and an organization is selected to receive some of the profits that come from subscriptions. When I registered, I chose Walkin' N Circles Ranch Horse Rescue, since Lisa of Laughing Orca Ranch has done such a great job of keeping us posted on their activities.

Check out Marie's LaRaedo blog. She has extended the following offer to us:

Now until December 31st, if you refer a horse farm to LaRaedo and they subscribe, you will make 50% of their monthly subscription for six months! That equals $23.50, $43.50 or $88.50 per referral every month (depending on the selected subscription).

If you are currently running a horse boarding business yourself, feel free to sign up for a 15-day trial.  I promise you will get addicted in no time.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a great system

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What an interesting and useful software program and organizational tool. Thanks for sharing your review.

And thanks for showing support for Walkin' N Circles, also. If anyone else decides to register with LaRaedo, please consider including Walkin' N Circles Ranch Horse Rescue, too. I and all the other volunteers, and the horses, of course, would be very appreciative if chosen for their raffle.


Crystal said...

that sounds like a great system, but its still up to someone to keep it up to date and thats probly the hardest part about any of these systems, time.

achieve1dream said...

Very cool!

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