Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Racing Against Winter

I've been in a race against time these past couple of weeks to try to beat winter.  Beginning on Saturday we are supposed to get four straight days of rain and snow.  I have a friend who moved into the area who I wanted to spend some time with before the roads got too treacherous.  Then I wanted to complete a photo shoot of my farrier's dog and horses.  I tried to set up something last week, but he said he'd call me over the weekend after he found out his work schedule for the next week.  He forgot.  So, I called him again and we're going to end up having the shoot in some high winds.  It might make for some interesting pictures with fur, manes and tails flying around.

I also wanted to hit the pavement and finish passing out all my business cards and coupons to related businesses before it got too cold.  Regarding the horses, I made sure that all the water troughs are clean and full, assuming that getting water out of frozen pipes will be a pain in the near future. 

Lastly, I received an ornery email from a letterboxer who didn't like where I placed one of my letterboxes.  She says it's in too much of a high traffic area and it compromises the integrity of the trail.  I see her point, so I need to relocate the box to a more appropriate hiding place.  I remember the day that I hid it.  I was extremely tired and didn't have the patience to keep looking for a better spot.  I knew the hiding spot wasn't ideal, but I had places to go and things to do, and this was my umpteenth attempt to hide the dang thing.  I just wanted to get it over with, so I could cross one more item off my To Do List.

So, now that I've received a complaint, I have to get up there in the mountains and relocate the box before the snow settles in for good.  There is snow up there right now, but I've been watching it melt day by day on the web cam.  It might be melted for one or two days before this next storm comes in, so I'm only going to have a very narrow window of opportunity to make my move.  Otherwise, I'll have to wait until the spring or summer and knowing how lousy my memory is, I'll probably forget all about it.  At least until the next complaint arrives.

I'm starting to think that letterboxing just isn't the hobby for me.  Though I love getting out in nature and I love hunting for hidden treasures, it seems some of the people who do the hobby can be a bit persnickety.  This lady even criticized me for not hand-carving my own stamps.  Maybe she should try working 60 to 80 hours a week with no holidays for 11 years straight, raising two kids, and training several dogs and three horses and see how much time she has to hand-carve stamps.  Geez.  And quite truthfully, now that I've been laid off and have started my own business, I doubt I'll have any time to do it in the near future either. 

I'm still trying to complete the king-sized bed quilt I started years ago to replace the one that's all torn up now thanks to many generations of dog toenails ripping into it.  That's my priority as far as crafting goes.  I'm making this one extra wide so that my husband and I don't have to fight over the covers.  If you haven't seen my Frazzle Frenzy blog (yes, I like z's), I've been using it to track my fabric art projects over the years.  The older posts display pictures of finished projects.  I first started quilting and learning about fabric art many years ago when I actually had some free time, because I found it to be a relaxing activity to do after a stressful day at the office.  However, as the years wore on I found myself working later and later into the evening or just plain too wiped out to do anything at all.  Getting old sucks, but staying warm with quilts is awesome. 

May your winter provide you with the water you need, and then go away quickly.


lytha said...

*rotfl* the water we need!? i don't think you're talking to me: )

i loved your post racing winter because just today i realized how much more rewarding yardwork is when it doesn't just turn around and scoff at you the next day. all summer long things would get overgrown faster than i could cut them back, and we have tons to do now (blackberries and nettles) but i did the entire front fenceline today and it won't be growing back until spring, so i get a nice fenceline this winter! woo! but for me it was racing daylight.

i'm sorry letterboxes can be jerks. persnickety is right, with geocachers too. especially, especially!! in germany. my goodness these people are intense. the forums, my man tells me, are full of people who complain about caches at rest stops (boring) and caches on old churches (boring to germans) and caches without sweeping views, caches with dog poop nearby, and caches with too much trash. sheesh! it's like you have to have the perfect idea to satisfy people here. and now they're complaining about the way some people (like me) tend to leave very short, terse log entries. well, i just don't care to write a novel unless it blew me away or there was a horse nearby to comment about!

there are good people out there too, but the bad ones are usually louder.


Crystal said...

haha I love the last comment, i keep telling people here we only need snow in March for about a week then it can melt and be summer again!

fernvalley01 said...

I know the feeling about racing winter, we are losing the race here! the letterbox snarker, may in fact be right about the placement but there are certainly nicer ways to get it changed, as for whether you hand carve your stamp??? really ? nothing elsle to do has she? .If you want to stop it I can see why , but I hope one snarky jerk doesn't spoil something you really seem to enjoy !.The photo shoot int he wind might be just the thing to make your mark , it certainly has the potential for unique photos

Breathe said...

Let me get this straight - someone complained about a gift of attention and joy you left in a beautiful place?

Some people need to step away from the keyboard and into therapy and spare the rest of us from their self appointed critic to the world...

If you enjoy it, then keep it up. Don't let one idiot with an opinion knock it for you.

If it's too much, no big deal, you tried it and you can do other things.

There. My rant for the day. :)

Looking forward to seeing your fabric art! Give the horses a squeeze from their fan in Texas!

baystatebrumby said...

Someone crabbed at you for not carving your own stamps? Oy vey.

Vaquerogirl said...

What? You dont CARVE your own Stamps! OH the injustice of it all! Woe to you!

Just hearing about your whole day and what you have to accomplish makes me tired! Take a break and forget those Negetive Nellies! You are awesome!

Sydney_bitless said...

lol yeah winter can go back to Alaska as far as I am concerned.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Letterboxing is very problematic for me too. I can't ever find the darn things. Sometimes I go back two or three times before I can locate the box. Usually I have an audience and have to try again another time. I think it's like Murphy's Law or something. Twice, I've been to a museum only to find a class of kids standing around the SPOR. Sometimes, I just can't figure out the clues. I don't think I like it as a solo sport.

For them to complain about you placing a box is just crazy! They should be thanking you!! Ignore them and go on. Mention in the clues that it's not a homemade stamp and they can skip getting it if it bothers them that much.

Stacey said...

Lucky for the complainer you are nice enough to actually go back and relocate it!