Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Trouble Getting to the Barn This Morning

I thought my window was broken this morning.  It's not often that it gets so cold that ice webs form on the windows.  I went to the sliding glass door I normally go through to feed the horses, but it was frozen shut.  The horses could see me trying to get out, and they were calling out to me, but I couldn't get to them.

I knew the front door would open, because my husband and son had already gone out it and braved the icy roads to get to work and school.  It pays to have a door set back in an alcove.

Walking around the garage was tricky.  My husband and son had shoveled the walkways and driveway, but the cement iced over during the night.  You can see a narrow strip I can walk on, then it gets darker, and that's where the flip-you-head-over-heels ice starts.  Then the rest of the ice has a deceiving dust of snow.

When I reached the gate that I had to put a combination lock on to keep hay burglars and the creeper out, I had to remove my ski gloves and let my hands freeze while I struggled with the combination lock.  When any kind of lock is frozen, I cup my hands over it and huff my warm breath on it a couple of times.  That's usually enough to melt the ice and get the movable parts moving again.

Of course, I was in my pajamas, so all the people driving by got to see my snowflake flannels.  I had one more gate to get through...

Then I finally reached the barn.  Thank goodness I set out breakfast the night before, so that I didn't have to dig under a snow-capped tarp for hay.

Bombay says, "My whiskers are frozen!  Hurry up and feed me!"

Lostine says, "My water is frozen!  Hurry up and get your hammer!"

Gabbrielle was so hungry that she couldn't wait for her hay.  She just started eating my feet...

Ugh!  While watching the local news, I heard that a hiker has been missing for three days!  I wish the police/news would be better about reporting these missing people right away, because I might be able to help find them.  Unfortunately, my finger started getting frostbit just from me removing my glove to press the shutter release on my camera for these few pictures.  I can't imagine how someone could have survived the night in these temperatures.


fernvalley01 said...

Prayers for the missing hiker.
Looks pretty snappy out there ! I hat to take my mitts off for anything ewhen it is super cold, but it has to happen . Stay warm my friend and watch out for that ice!

lytha said...

NM, thank you for taking us with you on your morning foray through the snow! you feed in your jammies too!!??

omgosh, bombay's whiskers!!! it must be so cold to do that to him.

take care, stay warm!

Laura said...

brrr!! Looks like you got a taste of winter.

I hope they find that hiker - hard to believe someone could survive the cold in the mountains for more than a couple of days...

Mikey said...

Yeah, you're in jammies!?! Brrrr!!! I'd be in 2 snowsuits, with my jammies on underneath....
Boy, I feel for the missing hiker. That's ROUGH conditions to try to survive in. A very long time ago (read-when I was young)I did a wilderness survival trip in MT. 30 days climbing a mountain in the snow, below 0 temps. BRUTAL. Good for me personally, but you see I now live in AZ.
Boy that just looks COLD. You are one tough woman!

Breathe said...

Brrr. Time to move to Texas! Come on down, you can hang out with us! :)

Do they have a mounted team in your area when this stuff happens? Might be worth looking into...

Stay warm!

Crystal said...

brrrr, looks cold. Hope teh hiker is found as well, cant be good overnight in those temps.
You sure had me laughing when you got to Gabrielle's picture!

Sydney_bitless said...

BRR! Keep it! Keep all that white stuff please!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Brrrr! I really really dislike ice. We've got blue skies, sunshine and some wind, but no snow. Weird weather for us. I sure hope we still get a white Christmas this year, though.

lol! Bombay's bugged out eyes and frozen whiskers cracked me up.

Sure hope the hiker was dressed warm and prepared. I watched Touching The Void last night via Netflix online streaming(read the books years ago) and I am amazed at some people and their strong will to survive. If that guy was able to could come down off the mountain, all on his own, in his terribly painful condition, and still survive, just about anyone can.


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allhorsestuff said...

HAHA! Jsut gotta do the morning rituals in snow flake jammies! Funny!
We too got that the teens for 3 days and slick ice around my roads to the barn..of course, I had to see what it would be like to drive my truck in it...scarey..I'm getting chains!

Hope you thaw our soon..we are supposed to by Friday...back to rain and warmer..okay!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Looks cold! I woke up to snow this morning too. Brrrr!
Prayers that they find the hiker.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Update on the road conditions: 81 car accidents yesterday. My own son slid through an intersection, but fortunately he left early enough for school that no other vehicles were around.

Update on the missing hiker: Rescuers called off the search last night due to the dangers presented to them. They had a medical team treating frostbite and injuries. Also, they admitted that there is little chance the man would have survived four days and three nights in these temperatures. I feel terrible for the family to receive that news the day before Thanksgiving.

Rescuers found a variety of pieces of the man's belongings, such as a glove and a snowshoe, but didn't find him. He was just wearing jeans and a red windbreaker. I don't know if he was trying to leave a trail of items for people to find him or if he got delirious. They didn't mention any blood, so it probably wasn't a cougar or bear attack. They claim they scoured the entire mountain and he was nowhere to be found on foot and with dogs and helicopters. The police said they get calls every weekend about missing hikers, but they didn't mention the most common outcome.

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, I see the frost on the whiskers! That's so sad about the hiker. Down here, hikers perish in the summer heat and occasionally in the winter. But, here, it is the summer heat that really does them in.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

oh, that looks cold there. I don't like the ice! So sad about the hiker! We are just having weather in the teens in the early mornings, but warming up into the 20's.

achieve1dream said...

Oh my goodness! That is awful about the missing hiker. How scary.

The snow you got is pretty. They were saying we would get some, but I'm glad we didn't. It can be such a pain to deal with. Let me get used to the cold a little first so maybe I can enjoy it for a day lol.

We appreciate you freezing your finger to get pictures. They were very pretty and just make me want to give your horses hugs and kisses. They are so cute!

Stay warm and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

achieve1dream said...

I just read your update . . . I am horrified! That is awful. :(

Oh and I'm glad your son is okay.