Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vaguely Familiar Objects

What is this thing?

Oh, that's right, it's a saddle. I haven't seen one in so long that I forgot what it was. And who is this?

Ahhhh yes, I remember now. It's Bombay! We took a little ride today and he was good as gold. I didn't push him too hard since he's out of shape from a series of long recoveries from leg and hoof injuries.

Of course, the second I put the saddle on Bombay, my neighbors' boarders showed up in their truck to drag the paddock. I suspect that they've learned that Sunday morning is the best time for them to get work done and ride their horses without having my nosy neighbors hanging around. Unfortunately, that was MY best time to get work done and ride my horses until they started showing up and making a racket with their yelling, door slamming and horn honking.

Bombay did alright despite the distractions. I kept reminding him to collect and keep his head down, because he wanted to see what the boarders were doing. While I was riding, the boarders started cracking their whip at their horses, which caused a stampede. They rarely take the time to lunge their horses on a long line, but instead just gather them all together and chase them around while cracking a whip. Since they don't have a round pen, this lunging isn't done in a controlled manner. The horses run off in all directions bucking and snorting, which gets my horses riled up. Then I have to start worrying about my safety while riding on my property.

At one point Bombay was so focused on what what happening next door that he stopped paying attention to anything else, and a horse on the property behind him bit into a fence panel so hard that we heard a CRRRRRAAAACK! Bombay burst forth out of the jog into a fast trot, but I was able to get him back down to the jog fairly quickly. You can't have horses breaking out of their pace and frame if you plan to show them or perform dressage. I don't necessarily plan to do either of those things, but I would like a horse that could perform at those levels.

I was considering riding Gabbrielle, but as soon as I dismounted from Bombay, the ladies next door started dragging the paddock with their truck and honking at their horses each time they got in the way. So, I decided to just lunge Gabbrielle and film it, so that you can see how her gait has improved. She still throws her head up in the air like a giraffe, but it's not bobbing up and down as if favoring a leg or shoulder. You can hear all the honking coming from next door while I lunge her.

In this next video you can see a bit of her silly gallop. I let her do it until she starts to lose traction on the wet sand, then I slow her down or stop her. Overall, I think she's moving much better than earlier this year. I'm trying to avoid further accidents and injuries with her, so I was keeping my own energy really low to balance out the crazy and wild energy she was feeling from the horses next door.


Reddunappy said...

She sure is a pretty girl!
She seems to have the extra bounce in her step back!
Gads I wish it was dry enough here to ride! LOL I put up a pic of Emma on the island! LOL

Sydney_bitless said...

Glad you can get back in the saddle. Gab certainly does look like she is moving better. Hopefully it continues.

Paint Girl said...

That honking is definitely annoying!
Gabbrielle sure is pretty!! She looks really good.

Breathe said...

I love how she turns in to you after every little dancing prancing moment. She's so beautiful!

Glad you got some saddle time in too... Any progress with trailer loading?

fernvalley01 said...

She does seem to be moving more freely , hope you can get some more saddle time with her

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It's great to hear you talking, feels like I'm right there with you. Gabbrielle is really getting lighter in color, isn't she? She looks gorgeous!!

Gosh, I heard her snorting- she sure is wound up. Do you have any place where your horses can just run at liberty? I like to chase my herd around with the whip to take off some of the excess energy before I start to work with them, kind of like recess at school.

Allenspark Lodge said...

First we hear about your next door activity-
"this lunging isn't done in a controlled manner. The horses run off in all directions bucking and snorting, which gets my horses riled up."

Then we get to watch a clip of you working with Gabbrielle, VERY controlled and VERY focused (considering the other activity in the neighborhood).

Were your neighbors watching? To see how it should look?

Promise said...

Gabrielle is looking much better! And YAY for being able to get back on Bombay!!

Jame said...

Gabrielle is definitely a beautiful horse, quite responsive too. I can totally see her saying, "Is this enough Mom?" every time she stops & looks at you :)

Katharine Swan said...

Gabbrielle is such a good girl! Look at how responsive she is to your commands. I love that she walks for you, halfway through the second video, even though her tail is curled and she's snorting. And yes, she is moving SO much better now -- she looks great!

So glad you finally got to ride Bombay again! Hooray! And good for Bombay -- and Gabbrielle, for that matter -- for being so good with all that commotion going on.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! I love how Gabbrielle stops after every trotting or cantering section and turns to you as if she's saying, "How'd I do?, What next?" She's prettier every time you show a photo, but even prettier in video to see her in motion. I actually don't see much going on with that leg at a trot or canter now, but it's still just slightly noticeable at a walk....just barely. She's doing great! I bet you're looking forward to riding her soon, too. But I'm glad you were able to fit in some riding time on Bombay.

Val chases her 4 horses around in her arena with a whip sometimes. It's really good for them, because otherwise they rarely ever expend much of their energy just strolling around in their arena all day. A controlled lunge just isn't the same for letting them burn off some of the bucks, gallops and farts. It's also fun to watch her horses run because you can see that they are having so much fun, too. And they are so beautiful with manes blowing, tails flagged, and nostrils flared. Then afterwards they are much more relaxed about being ridden.

I can understand why you'd not like it too much if you are trying to ride and keep your horses focused right next door, though. I've not tried to ride Apache while Val exercises her horses, but sometimes Apache will take a short gallop alongside the fence to join them. But mostly she just watches them and waits for their games to be over :)


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yes, I sometimes free-lunge outside the round pen by chasing the horses around with a whip too, but I make sure no one is riding next door or across the street. It does cause a neighborhood stampede when you do it. One time I did it and I could hear a neighbor yelling because her horses were out grazing and they started galloping when my horses started galloping, and her horses were tearing up her grass with their hooves.

Years ago I was dismantling my round pen, which was making a lot of metal crashing noises. I didn't realize that a lady was trying to groom her horse across the road. She started screaming at me to cut it out, because the noise was making her horse go nuts.

So, I'm careful not to make loud noises or cause a stampede when others are out working with their horses. And I certainly don't honk my horn repeatedly in a residential neighborhood, horses or no horses. Some people work the night shift and need to sleep during the day. Other are sick and in pain and the only way they can escape the pain is by sleeping.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes, I agree. Honking repeatedly in a neighborhood is very rude and thoughtless.....and lazy, too.


achieve1dream said...

Um seriously why didn't they put their horses up to drag their stupid pasture?? Idiots.

Gabrielle is soooooooooo gorgeous!!! I have to say if Chrome looks half as pretty I won't mind him going gray after all lol. She looks so sweet and responsive. I love how she stops to face you. :)