Thursday, December 16, 2010

Food Fights and Truces

Between the weather and our lack of motivation to run yet more errands thanks to being burnt out over holiday shopping, our cupboard-filling expeditions have been haphazard. Sometimes my husband and/or I do our marketing at Wal-Mart because we happen to be there to get something else, but we do the marketing without the list of items we actually need.

Sometimes we run into town on a week evening to pick up a few items at the market, but are often unwilling to do a full marketing because we are too tired or the market is too crowded. I'd swear that every time I go into town, the population has doubled from the week before. As a result, food has been difficult to find around our kitchen lately.

To make matters worse, the boys have big appetites. They can polish off two huge jars of trail mix in a couple of days. When I cook something, I have to give them triple servings from what I eat, and still they fix something else for themselves after they finish what I served them. All the quick and easy pre-packaged stuff such as granola bars get grabbed on the way out the door to school and work.

Having a teenager who drives can be quite fun if you aren't wracked with worry over the statistics. My husband and I play this game where we say, "I have a taste for ________." Fill in the blank. It can be pizza, tacos, cheeseburgers, beef jerky or even tapioca pudding.

Then our son says, "YEAH! That sounds good."

Then we hand him a twenty dollar bill and the keys to a vehicle and send him on his way. It's a very special delivery. And we don't even have to pay a tip.

Well, our son has caught onto this game and has been losing his enthusiasm regarding these "tastes" that we get. So, the other afternoon, after not eating since breakfast because there wasn't anything appealing in the house, I said, "I have a taste for a Subway sandwich."

No response.

I repeated myself for good measure, just in case he didn't hear the first time. Still no response. So, lazy me waited until dinner to put something together for everyone.

The next day lunch time was approaching and I still had a hankering for a Subway sandwich. I raced out to my truck to try to beat the lunch hour crowd. You can easily spend half an hour standing in line between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, so I left at 11:10 AM. Only one person ahead of me. What a deal! I came home with my foot-long sandwich, but could only eat half. I rolled up the other half and put it in the fridge.

The next morning while gathering his breakfast and lunch items, my son asked, "What's that in the refrigerator?"

All my life I've been buying food that I looked forward to eating, but always ended up giving it to my kids when they showed an interest in it if there wasn't enough for everybody. However, on this day I was really, really looking forward to eating the other half of that sandwich.

"That's my lunch," I said, feeling like I just took food from the mouth of a babe.

"And you couldn't have picked something up for me?" he asked.

"Well, I said I had a taste for a Subway sandwich the other day, and you showed no signs of interest. I didn't want to buy you something you wouldn't eat." I was teasing him. The truth was that I was low on cash.

He snorted his disgust at me. Now he was in a pickle. Does he show an interest in our tastes or not?

My son was late for school and ended up abandoning finding a lunch to take with him. I offered him what little change I had for him to hopefully be able to buy lunch, but he wouldn't take it. As I heard him outside scraping ice off his windshield, I knew the taste of that Subway sandwich just wouldn't be the same knowing that my son had nothing to eat at school. I put it in a brown bag and tip-toed outside on the ice in my socks and handed it to him.

"Thanks," he said, not looking inside the bag.

A short time later he came back in the house and said he couldn't get the ice off his windshield. He scraped and scraped, but it just kept freezing over. Defeated, he sat down in a chair knowing he was beyond late to school. He said, "Can you write me a note while I fix a bigger lunch? I don't know how much you gave me."

He then looked in the bag and said with surprise, "Oh, it's your sandwich."

He started slathering some peanut butter on bread while I wrote the note. Once he had a bigger lunch packed, he headed back out the door hoping the car's deicer took care of the problem. As he drove off, I looked in the fridge for some breakfast, and found my Subway sandwich back where it was before. There is a Food Fairy after all.

Of course, after that experience, I went to the market and bought a couple of hundred dollars worth of groceries to stock up. That should last the boys at least three days. ;}

Beginning on Friday, we are supposed to get snow all the way through to Christmas. I miss the good old days of grocery deliveries.


Sydney_bitless said...

See you gotta just live in a small town like mine to get grocery delivery. They also still bring groceries out to your car for you.
The only fast food we have for 20 minutes is subway. I do prefer the international deli in town though, friendly and made right in front of you by local friends.

fernvalley01 said...

What a good kid! and a special mom too!Stay safe in the bad weather

Ms Martyr said...

I'd forgotten about grocery home delivery. My mom didn't drive so she'd usually walk to the local grocery store and my father would pick her up on his way home from work. I remember one time we had a delivery because I was sick in bed and she didn't want to leave me alone or victim to my sister. I'm sure the home delivery cost more which is why we didn't take advantage of it more often.

Mikey said...

I am learning that children eat you out of house and home. Mercy is having a growth spurt, and she eats all day long. It's ridiculous. Every Walmart trip is a couple hundred bucks and it's just basics.
Hope you're staying warm with all this crazy weather!

Stephanie said...

I couldn't help but laugh as I read your post! I have the same exact scenario going on at my house :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

"All my life I've been buying food that I looked forward to eating, but always ended up giving it to my kids when they showed an interest in it"

That is soooo me, too. As I've gotten older, though, I've gotten better at self-preservation and 'paying myself back', too. Now I try to 'hide' a little stash of something special just for me. I also have a little flip-up drawer in the fridge that is just mine. And noone dares go inside and take what I've stashed away inside.

The only thing is that Jen has learned that she can hide her favorite flavor of yogurt in there so that her brothers won't eat them all. So, I still have to share, but at least I do have a place to claim food items just for me.

And, Awwww...give that boy a hug.
Sometimes we feel so unappreciated. And sometimes they surprise us, don't they?
You're a good Mama and you've raised a good son, my friend.


achieve1dream said...

Awww what a sweet boy you have there!!!