Monday, December 27, 2010

Ouch, Ouch, and Ouch

It was supposed to snow today, but instead it was a gloriously sunny winter day without wind, so I had to get out and do something.  Both of my kids have decided that they hate geocaching, so I went out by myself to revisit the spots we previously searched, only this time I took the GPS device.  I was 0 for 3.

I don't think those geocaches exist anymore.  One was planted in a lot in front of an elementary school where children walk to and from their homes and school five days a week.  I seriously doubt an Altoids tin filled with trinkets would have survived in that location.

Another was planted in a planter maintained by the Department of Parks and Recreation.  The planter was constructed mostly of river rock.  I turned over about a dozen rocks before deciding that the search was futile.  The last rock I turned over smashed my fingernail.  Ouch!

The final geocache I searched for was supposedly in a 4x6" box under some sagebrush.  However, it looked like someone ran over the sagebrush with their truck or ATV and I found plastic and toys smashed in the vicinity.  There was an action figure with its arm ripped off.  Ouch!

When I got in the car I found blood dribbling down my wrist.  I had forgotten my gloves and had cut my hand on the sage.  Ouch!

I drove back home, cleaned my wound, ate some lunch, and then my daughter and I went for a walk/jog/race with the dogs.  I somehow managed to stab my finger with my fingernail lifting Midge into the backseat of the truck, and drew blood.  Ouch!

My daughter and Scrappy won the first race and the second race, but then I cheated and got a head start on the third race, so Midge and I finally won one.  Scrappy had to stop to take a dump in the worst possible place.  He backed into a sticker bush.  No, this was more like a thorn bush -- just bare branches with half-inch thorns.  His poop was actually hanging on the bush like brown leaves. 

Again, I didn't have gloves, only a sandwich bag, so I had to reach into the bush with the sandwich baggie over my hand and just grab those thorns, which punctured the bag and my hand.  Ouch! 

So, I drew blood for the third time today.  We got home and I thought, "What the heck.  I may as well work on the horses' hooves since I'm on a roll with the hand injuries."

As a rule, I have to rasp a knuckle at least once.  Somehow, I managed to pick out and smooth down twelves hooves without a single hand injury.  Go figure.


fernvalley01 said...

Glad you finally caught a break! what a day!

Leah Fry said...

Jeez, you're as bad as Jazu looking for the next opportunity to do yourself in LOL!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I counted 5 "ouches".

That would make you 5 for 12.

The hooves are in your favor. :D


Breathe said...

I'm glad someone has made the Winter Solstice Blood Sacrifice. Thanks to you 2011 will be a great year!


I have also given up on geocaches. I haven't found a single one. I need Lytha and her man to come and give me lessons or something. Letter boxes seem much more accessible.

Glad you were rasped knuckle free!

Sarah said...

Ouch! Glad you caught a break with the hooves but geez! Just not your hands' day!

I tried geocaching. Haven't found anything around here. I swear I was at the right spots but nothing. Frustrating.

achieve1dream said...

Ouch!! You need to wear gloves! Seriously. LOL I'm glad they weren't horrible wounds. :)