Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Scrappy Factor

Scrappy and Midge have been doing such a good job getting along together lately that I forgot all about "The Scrappy Factor", and I attempted to play an old game with Midge. This is how the game is played:

1. Get eye contact with Midge.
2. Bend your knees from a standing position.
3. Say, "Reeeeaaaaaady?"
4. As you are saying, "Set, Go!", turn and take off running as fast as you can through the house, hurdling couches, jumping on beds, and hiding in showers and closets. It is imperative that you get a head start, otherwise you will have a dog attached to your pant leg in the first two seconds of the chase.
5. When the pant leg is caught, you lose... and you always lose.

I don't think I got four steps into my escape when I heard Scrappy growling and barking in attack mode behind me. I stopped and turned around to see Midge sitting still and Scrappy "pointing" at her to hold her there.

Midge was looking at me with big, terrified brown eyes saying, "I want to chase you, but I can't because Scrappy has me under arrest."

I keep forgetting that when Midge and I play games, Scrappy misinterprets Midge's behavior as aggressive, and then he attacks her to protect me. By attacking, I mean he growls and barks and tugs on her long fur with his teeth, herding her into sitting position.

Oh well, I guess in the future I'll have to remove "The Scrappy Factor" by putting him outside while Midge and I play our "reindeer games".


fernvalley01 said...

Awww poor Midge! oh well at least Scrappy doesn't try to hurt her

Annette said...

What great dogs they are!!

Jeni said...

Put Scrappy on a leash and have him run with you while Midge chases!

Still sounds like a fun game. I do some of the same with my dogs but run up and down carpeted steps!

IanH said...

I need a video of that! Particularly the first part.

Sydney_bitless said...

LOL I do the same thing with Savanah but usually I toss her toy then run around the house (the living room, kitchen and dining room you can run in a circle through with the stairs in the center) She gets SO bent out of shape when she can't find me.

Katharine Swan said...

I play hide and seek with our first dog, Emma. She knows all my hiding places, but she loves the game anyway. ;o) It starts out much the same way as your game, though, with me running from her and ducking into a hiding place as soon as I'm out of her sight. (We have a small house and one where you can make a complete circle because both bedrooms are connected to the bathroom, so it's easy to get out of her sight and duck into a closet or behind the bed.) Grace, our second dog, doesn't really get the game, and usually chases Emma while Emma chases me. ;o)

Ms Martyr said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who plays games like this with my dogs. It is hard when there's more than one in the room as they get very competitive.

Breathe said...

How fun! I'm off to try that game!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well, that sounds like fun, but "running as fast as you can through the house, hurdling couches, jumping on beds" isn't something I'm able to do now. But maybe you can get Colt to video tape you doing that? That I gotta see!


achieve1dream said...

Awww Scrappy brat. :) At least he doesn't go full blown aggressive crazy dog at her. He will figure it out. I like Jeni's idea to put him on a leash and teach him to play along.