Thursday, December 2, 2010

Up With the Rooster's Crow

The Moon and Venus were still visible when I walked outside this morning.  Back before the man who works on dragster engines kicked my friends out of his rental home and moved his family in with all of his hot rods, my friends raised chickens. Their rooster crowed at the crack of dawn each day, which helped me to wake up and get outside to do my chores. I miss that sound.

This is Bombay heading for his breakfast trough.

He found his hay, so I was able to close his gate and cut Gabbrielle loose.  She's trotting toward another food trough in the far left of the picture.

Lostine settling in to her morning feed.  It was amazing how quickly the sky changed in just the few minutes that I was outside.


duffylou said...

You captured beautiful shots of the sky.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh, I so raely see that section of the day...your shots made me feel happy.
I'd be SO HAPPY to get up and feed, like you do! Someday!

Hey...why not get your own Rooster?!

Annette said...

What a beautiful sunrise!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Don't ya just love the changing skies? Makes it even more important to have that camera always you do, to capture such beautiful sky photos.

Thanks for sharing the morning feed photos with us. Looks cold there.
And I agree about the rooster sound. Reminds me of farm life and feels very rural. I only have one rooster, my Japanese Silky, and he doesn't crow as much as Sid used to and he's not as loud, but I still enjoy his crowing each day. :)

fernvalley01 said...

What a beautiful morning! thanks for sharing!

achieve1dream said...

What a gorgeous sunrise!

I'm glad to hear there are rooster supporters out there. Most people complain about them crowing lol.

Lostine has such a pretty head. :)