Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Warm Winter Ride

Here are some pics I took of the horses with my point-and-shoot yesterday with their winter blankets removed. I stood on the wheel well of my horse trailer to get a higher perspective.

I got a chance to ride Bombay today just around the paddock. I had so many barn chores to do that there wasn't time to do much more beyond ride at home. The neighborhood was quiet and vacant all day. However, the chores tuckered me out and Bombay reflected my energy by pussy-footing around and pretending not to feel the squeeze of my legs and hear the cluck of my tongue.

Even though he is very sweet and kind, he does have a stubborn streak. I blame myself, because I'm in the habit of establishing dominance over the mares since they are bossy, and then I baby Bombay since he's usually the victim of the mares' bossiness. As a result, the mares respect me and do what I say, while Bombay just thinks I'm his hugging machine.

After our ride a miracle happened. This guy who always speeds up and down the street in his truck actually noticed me walking through the gate with my horse beside me, and he slowed down to probably less than 10 MPH as he passed. That tells me he didn't want to spook my horse and didn't want me to get hurt. I like that. What a concept. I had given up on trying to get people to see past the noses on their own faces years ago, so it warms my heart to see someone do something respectful toward me.

It was such an unseasonably warm day that I was actually hot in my log sleeves, and there were a ton of motorcycles on the road. It almost felt like summer. We're supposedly going to get snow next weekend, but I'm really appreciating this sunshine while we've got it. It's tough going through a long, cold, wet, dark winter.


fernvalley01 said...

Great that you are getting some good weather and a ride in , and very nice that there re still people that are respectful and slow down.

Crystal said...

Wow sounds like a great day, a ride and someone who cares enough to go slow!

I laugh at the hugging machine, my Dinero thinks that too, lol.

Breathe said...

People were GONE? And then someone slowed down and was polite?

It may be time to buy a lottery ticket, NM.

Weather is pretty wacky over here, too. Glad you grabbed some sunshine on a horse today.

Vaquerogirl said...

It looks like things are high and dry ( for now!) Enjoy the good weather and the good deeds!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Maybe the guy wasn't concerned about your safety. Maybe he was just ogling you, with his tongue hanging out, as he drove by.

Good for you squeezing in a nice ride on a beautiful day. Bombay is so cute :)


Cheryl Ann said...

Yes, we had warm weather here, too. In fact, it set some records! And, by next weekend, rain is forecast. It was so warm up at the horse ranch I had to take off my vest!

KD said...

Yay for respectful neighbors!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad to hear someone has some good weather anyway. Good for you. Glad you could make use of it.

It does sound like you have spoiled Bombay. Don't you know in his world being picked on by the girls is nothing but pure joy. You shouldn't be feeling sorry for him, you should be picking on him too. LOL

Wow! respect from a neighbor in your neighborhood. Did I miss a post where you said you moved?? Sorry I just couldn't resist that. You've had such back luck with neighbors. Maybe this will be a new turning point. That would be cool.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Rising Rainbow - Your comment cracked me up. There is some truth to the part about Bombay getting joy out of being picked on. I've seen him do things to Gabbrielle just to get her goat. He loves to be chased by her. We got rain all day yesterday and will get it again today, but certainly not as bad as you have had it.

JanLou said...

Glad you had some warm weather to ride. I hate it when I cant ride cos of the weather. Always nice when people slow down to. I cant understand why some people dont. I am always more nervous in a car around horses than I am on a horse around cars.

achieve1dream said...

Agreed about the weather and the nice guy slowing down. I guess there are still courteous people out there. :D I'm the same way as you with the mares versus geldings (totally baby Chrome). I think that's why I don't really want mares anymore. I just don't enjoy their bossiness and independence. :)