Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Just Not My Day

This muddy schmuck has been up to no good. Do you see what I'm talking about?

He broke my fence here...

...and here.

This is one more reason why I can't stand winter. I have to protect the $100 turnout blankets by separating the horses, and they totally shred the fences in an effort to get back in their herd. I don't know which is worse: Sewing and replacing turnout blankets all the time or driving up to The Home Depot on icy roads during snowstorms to get more wood and nails.

At any rate, the panels are barely hanging on thanks to the chicken wire, which was nailed into them to prevent chewing. However, the beavers have figured out how to bend the chicken wire away from the wood so that they can still chew it. Please don't start giving me advice on what kind of fencing I should buy. I'm out of work and losing thousands of dollars a month, so unless you are going to buy it for me, I'm stuck with what I've got.

It also hasn't been my day, because after waiting an entire month for my new business cards to be printed and delivered, they arrived with a glaring typo on the wrong kind of paper, so I wasted half my afternoon correcting that. Now I get to wait another several weeks for the corrected business cards to arrive. I'm just not sure why such simple things always have to turn into a fiasco. Quite literally, my To Do List is growing faster than I can cross items off it, and for every item I do cross off, it comes back to haunt me and I have to do that task all over again because something gets screwed up.

Also, I slipped on ice and strained a muscle in my abdomen, believe it or not. I think it's time to take up meditation again. If I just sit in the Lotus position all day doing nothing, maybe something hassle-free might come my way for a change.


Katharine Swan said...

Hmmm. I think I'd choose repairing blankets over fences, but that's probably because that's what I do already, since I board. Panama actually takes pretty good care of his, though. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I usually take it off during the day, when they are more likely to fuss around? I only blanket under 15, or when it snows or gets extremely windy.

Last winter both of his blankets made it all the way through to spring before one of his pasturemates decided to relieve him of his tail flap. ;o) He used to damage them even when alone in his stall, though, usually by ripping one of the straps or D-rings off, or by catching it on something and ripping small holes in it.

Stephanie said...

sorry for your bad day... those really suck.

Cheryl Ann said...

Awwww...Nuzz~~sending you a ((((BIG HUG))))). I went back to school today and I was so out of it, I barely made it through the day! I've had this bronchitis now for 19 days and I still have it and I came home EXHAUSTED and CRANKY!!!!

Tammy said...

Yeah, you must love winter as much as I do.

I wonder if you couldn't take some baling wire & reinforce where the boards hang on to the posts. Not sure if your bales are wrapped with wire, but if they are, wouldn't cost you anything.

I had my first ride of the year today & my first wreck of the year! At least I got it out of the way. :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Gosh, I'm sorry for your bad luck already. The year has only just begun...It's bound to get better.

fernvalley01 said...

Hugs Nuzz Muzz, sounds like a rotten day . All I can suggest about the fences is there are a couple recipes for "chew stop" one includes used oil. or a chili paste with vineger worked here, but painting it on takes time , and some horses like it so... I will stick with the cyber hug and hopes for better days ahead

Rising Rainbow said...

Me too, Sorry for your bad day.

Breathe said...

Egads. You know you can get free cards on Vista Print. Not the nicest, but good for the budget.

Hang in there - we're rooting for you!

KatyM said...

NM, I have a high quality printer and plenty of ink that I very rarely use... if you're in need of business cards before the several weeks it may take for your order, I'd be happy to print a few dozen off for you. Just let me know what you need on them and, if you feel comfortable with it, send me your mailing info so I can mail them to you (if not, I understand since we've never actually met, lol). Just drop me a line if you want :)

kaylee said...

I hope things get better soon.
Hang in there.
When you do get ready to re-fence
check out Paradigm Farm blog.
This is the fence I used when I had
horses, horse proof .

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Tammy - We have baling string around our hay. A friend of mine had a horse colic after it ate one of the strings, so I keep that away from the horses, but wire is a good idea if you have some.

fernvalley01 - I've invested hundreds of dollars in all kinds of chew stop type formulas and none of them have worked with my horses. Spraying WD40 and painting on motor oil did work at first, but now they just eat anything regardless of taste and smell.

Breathe - I did use Vista Print and believe me, after shipping it's not free. The typo was a freak accident. I reviewed the text a dozen times, had other people double check it, then asked my son to help me with something in Photoshop, and I suspect during that process one of us accidentally hit the delete key while some text was selected right before I uploaded my custom card.

KatyM - What a nice offer. I do have some non-custom cards to hold me over. I just basically wanted to get this task done and out of the way, so I can move on to other things. Having plenty of business cards around is kind of like having extra rolls of T.P. in the winter months. You feel secure in knowing that you won't have to make a mad rush to the store through a snowstorm.

Ms Martyr said...

Some days it hardly pays to get out of bed. Hope this is the extent of your bad luck and everything will run smoothly from now on.

KatyM said...

What a great analogy! LOL

Glad to hear you have some to hold you over, at least :)

achieve1dream said...

Wow that sucks! I hope things are improving.