Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Good Luck Charm

Despite saying I'd lay low for a while, I realized that I forgot that I was supposed to sew some drapes for my photography studio as soon as I finished painting it, so my daughter and I went on a shopping trip in the city.  You see, when I did the family portrait this weekend, there was always someone who had too much natural light in his or her face, which reminded me that I needed some kind of covers for the windows and sliding glass doors.  The room previously had one lace valance on one window, and that was it.  When I took down the lace valance, the lace disintegrated in my hands and the rotted curtain rod snapped into several pieces. 

Even though I love fabric art, it does somehow always end up being a hassle for me.  I can never finish my projects because I always run out of something.  If it's not thread, it's sewing machine oil.  If it's not sewing machine oil, it's fabric.  So, I took measurements of the windows and doors, tacking on a couple of inches for seam allowances.  We drove up to Mill End Fabrics, which is a store that Austin and Santino shopped at for one episode of their TV show On The Road With Austin and Santino.

I was looking for something solid or opaque in white, something that would hang nicely.  The bolt I brought up to the cutting counter turned out to have different scraps on it, and some of them looked like they'd been dragged through tar.  I said, "Uh, no thanks.  I need enough of the same fabric for drapes for an entire room, and the fabric has to be clean.  No stains."

So, the guy said there was another bolt very similar he could show me, and it was perfect.  It was better than what I had before.  He said, "With your measurements, did you figure in the draping?"

Screeeeeeech!  Duh!  No I didn't.  I was thinking like a quilter, not a drapery manufacturer.  He said, "You usually add in half to what you already have."

I said, "Okay, if you can make sense of this and do the math, go for it."

He did, and he figured out I would need 14 yards.  I had my doubts there would be 14 yards on that bolt and I was figuring out which window or door I could sacrifice while he counted out the yards on the bolt.  Much to my shock and surprise, there was exactly 14 yards on that bolt all in one piece!  I have never been that lucky before.

We then drove off to locate some drapery hardware.  I was planning on heading for Lowe's or Wal-Mart, but my spidey senses told me to stop at JoAnn Fabrics just for the heck of it.  We walked right into a display showing 40% off all drapery hardware!  It was really nice hardware too.  I grabbed some, but was a bit put off by the design.  It felt masculine.  I walked around the corner and found a different rod that captured my heart.  I know... it's silly to get so excited over the design and finish of a rod, but I'm a dork.

It turned out that what they had left in inventory in that design was exactly what we needed for my studio, so I got the last of the best stuff from Levolor.  How lucky is that?

Then we had planned to go to lunch at our usual spot, but it turned out that they had a bunch of new restaurants right around JoAnn Fabrics, so we ate in one and loved the tropical decor.  I always get excited over new restaurants, especially ones that are Mom and Pop style with a unique ambiance.  Afterward, we stopped at a bakery for dessert.  I've always wanted to taste macaroons, and they had oodles of them there.

When all was said and done, I told my daughter that she's my good luck charm, because everything we needed just fell into our laps today.  It's so rare to have everything go so smoothly.  Why can't there be more days like this? 


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like she is indeed a good luck charm ! what a great day

Tammy said...

Go get ya a lottery ticket! Quick!

Love when there are unexpected surprises to the GOOD!

Katharine Swan said...

I'm so glad you had a good day to make up for all the crap lately! You'll have to have your daughter spend the day with you more often -- tell her it's her civic duty. ;o) Oh, and I love JoAnn Fabrics -- we have them here in Denver, too!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh okay, I'll be a dork right along with you, because I love finding the 'right' drapery and rods as well. Really they can make or break a room-LOL.

I found the perfect sets for the spare bedroom, the sitting room and the living room.

I did get shades up in the master bedroom and Meg's room, but am struggling to find the right drapery and rods. Same for the dining room. Just can't decide what exactly to do-Ugghh.

Sadly our JoAnn Fabrics store was replaced by The Boot Barn. Not a bad trade-off, but I sure miss stopping in there and finding neat, must-have stuff and they did have good sales.

Mikey said...

I'm so glad you had a good day and got good stuff! I always get suspicious when things go to well, cause I'm like the first part of your post. I can't finish anything cause I run out or break something or there's some reason/catastrophe, lol.
Sounds you need to take your daughter more often! She's bringing the good karma!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm so happy for you, NM. You deserve more days like that :)

So are you going to share all your goodies? Or at least the finished products?


Breathe said...

You definitely had this day coming! Woo hoo!

lucky charm said...

she is a good luck charm indeed.

achieve1dream said...

That is so fantastic! You definitely deserved a perfect day like that. :) Now hopefully you will have 356 more of them this year. ;D

Crystal said...

Wow thats crazy! I love days like that but they are indeed rare.