Saturday, January 22, 2011

Practice During the Game

My son's knee injury is healing. It turned out to be a sprain and bone bruise. He played in his first basketball game since his injury, so I decided to practice my photography skills against my nemesis: Indoor basketball. In years past I tried taking pictures of indoor basketball with my point and shoot Canon, but unless everyone was holding still in a huddle or free throw, everything came out blurry. However, my Nikon DSLR can handle it if I jack up the ISO and speed settings. Here are some of my favorite photos of the shoot. I didn't take the time to post-process them. I think in the future I'll look into changing the color temp to get some of the yellow out.  My son is #3 catching the rebound in the first shot, blocking in the second, and shooting in the third shot.


fernvalley01 said...

Wow gret shots ! and he looks like he must have springs!

achieve1dream said...

Oh I'm so happy your son's injuries weren't as bad as you first though. Bone bruises are awful though lol. I've done that.

The pictures turned out great. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

great pics of your son in action.

Breathe said...

Boy, having ISO control really makes a difference!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awesome action shots...and indoors no less! You're becoming a real pro!

That first shot is so cool!

Bone bruises are painful. Tell Colt I hope he's feeling better soon :)