Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Shenanigans of Miss Piss

I offered some entertainment for the neighbors this evening while I was doing my barn chores. While cleaning stalls I nearly flipped my lid, because Lostine managed to pee over every square inch of her and Gabbrielle's stalls, leaving lakes in the middle of them. It was my fault, because I forgot to close and lock the stall doors during the day. I didn't want the horses standing in all that urine, so I had to make different bedtime arrangements.

I usually call Lostine "Miss Priss", but "Miss Piss" would suit her just as well.

I cleaned all the stalls extensively, and put my fork away. I grabbed my hammer to start breaking ice in the indoor water troughs only to discover that Lostine sneaked into her stall and took another piss and a dump. I screamed, "I can't believe you! I just cleaned in here!"

I chased her out of the stall, grabbed the fork, cleaned her stall again, closed all the stall doors and started swinging my hammer. Shards of ice were flying everywhere crashing into the aluminum roof. When all was said and done, I walked out of the last stall completely covered in frozen water. It was in my hair, all over my jacket and on my jeans. I even had icicles hanging from my eyelashes.

Then I looked up to see that Lostine had broken through the gate and was helping herself to hay on the haystack. I screamed at her again and chased her all over the place. She kept trying to get around me and I kept throwing my arms in the air and jumping toward her. Then she'd do this little rear and spin thing. I was yelling, "You stubborn horse! Get away from there!"

I was trying to make a plan for the night since I couldn't use two of the stalls, and Lostine just kept interrupting my thoughts with her shenanigans. I ended up letting Bombay stay in his stall while I put Lostine in the round pen and Gabbrielle in the paddock for the night.

I'm hoping it will be a quiet night. Two nights ago was crazy. The deer came around, so the horses were kicking their stall walls. I kept going outside to investigate, and found that our motion-sensor security light was on the fritz, flicking on and off without anything obvious triggering it. Then I heard a large crash in the morning and went outside to find that Bombay (or perhaps a doe or buck) managed to knock over the wheelbarrow filled with hay. I always park it outside of the stalls, but out of reach of greedy horse heads. I didn't think it was possible for Bombay to reach that far, so perhaps the deer have figured out how to jump the fence.


fernvalley01 said...

Miss Piss is right! how frustrating!!!! they seem to have a need to soil a clean stall almost imediately!

Reddunappy said...

Ah yes, my mares stalls are getting wetter, sigh, I think that they are starting to cycle again, I know the yougest one has, the older two are hard to tell. Mare soup yeck!!!!

Jeni said...

Ya gotta love them.. right.

Yes- deer jump fences and will come up and help themselves to your hay.

Have a great day!

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, my! There's never a dull moment at your place!

Leah Fry said...

Lostine's behavior is just a carryover of that one we all love: drop and roll the second you've been bathed and groomed. Same difference.

achieve1dream said...

I've heard mares are the worst at soiling their stalls, but that's probably just a stereotype. However I believe Lostine may fit that stereotype after reading this post. :) Sorry she gave you so much trouble. I hope everyone behaved today.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds very frustrating.

I'm glad Apache doesn't use her stall as her bathroom. I wonder if it's because we rarely ever stall her, so she doesn't connect the use of her stall as her bathroom. She's such a good girl about her potty habits. When she is in her stall eating, she will leave it to pee or poo out in the paddock along the fenceline.


Rising Rainbow said...

I knew when I saw Miss Piss in your title it was not a typo. So frustrating.