Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wolf and The Tortoise

What have I been doing besides howling at the moon?

And worrying about the next accident on Deadman's S-Curve?

I've been sewing. All day and night.

Let me tell you... wrangling several yards of heavy drapery liner fabric while trying to do a blind stitch puts more wear on your hands, back and shoulders than carrying hot buckets of water out to your barn. Some people may think that sewing is for old ladies, but it's for strong, willful, wickedly persistent and patient old ladies. I don't fit into that category. I just hung the dang things even though they were too short in width and too long in length. As long as they cover the majority of the sliding glass door, I'm happy.

Even after only completing the liners for this one door, the house felt warmer last night. I woke up with my hair stuck to my head as if I were sweating.

They're not hanging straight, because when you have that much fabric, it's nearly impossible to cut it straight, even with a yard stick. Also, I had a problem installing the rods. The first 3/4ths of the screw length was drywall, while the last 1/4th was solid wood. So, if I chose to screw into a plastic anchor, it ended up sticking out 1/4th of the way. If I chose to just use the screw, the bracket was unstable, because only the tip of the screw was in wood. So, I just had to do the best I could, and will probably resort to super glue.

I decided on going forward with the suggestion to keep the liner and fabric separate. I can close the block-out liners when I want to block out all natural light and just use studio lighting. Then I can just close the sheer fabric when I want a soft box effect for the whole room.

As far as the shortage of sheer fabric goes, I may look for some more white sheer fabric that contrasts in design just enough to make a border, or I might look for something in a neutral gray to match the carpet. Considering that it took me all day just to sew the liner for one door, I've got seven more days of work ahead of me. Don't believe those happy-go-lucky do-it-yourself articles that are titled, "Sew Your Own Drapes in a Day". They mean just for one window -- not an entire room.


Ms Martyr said...

I find sometimes buying ready-made is cheaper than making things myself (especially since everything seems to be made in China) I'm thinking you might be able to buy sheers ready to put up. I've had good luck with both JC Penney and Sears. Penney's has a catalog and you can have stuff delivered to your door.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks good. Nice clean lines.

I see you went with the clips and rings instead of bothering with the pesky headers. I swear by them. They give you so many options and the freedom to switch things out easily, too.


gtyyup said...

I was thinking of making a curtain to go over the spare bedroom closet (double wide door)...and you're makin' me think twice about it!!!

But, really, it looks great...nice and neatly done!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your doing a good job on the drapes. I know how hard it is to wrestle yards of fabric. It's not for sissies.

I've been cooped up in the house all week too with the snow and I actually made a pair of lined curtains for our half bath. Nothing on the scope of yours my bottom halves are only 32 in. long. but it still took me two days and I'm on to the valances now.

Good luck with your project.

achieve1dream said...

I think they look great! I'm with you on the sewing being for tough old women. I hurt so bad after I sew lol. I was not meant to be a contortionist haha!

Good luck with the sheers. I don't know enough about sewing to give any advice.

fernvalley01 said...

They look good to me. I would still be in the middle of the floor rocking and talking to myself with all the measuring and cutting .Not a seamstress this girl

Cheryl Ann said...

My uncle used to mend the sails on his sailboat! He had a heavy duty needle for that. My cousin sewed the curtains for my aunt and uncle's home and I occassionally make my own curtains! I LOVE to sew! My grandmother taught me and she was very strict about her sewing!!!! If I get in a creative mood, that's what I do!

June said...

I couldn't sew to save my life, lol! If I really had to, I'm sure I could. But you're scaring me! :)