Saturday, February 19, 2011

Most Snow Since...

We are thinking this is the most snow we've had since we've lived in this house, which is about 17 years.  There was a bigger storm when we lived in our old house and no one could get out of their driveways.  I remember being about 8 months pregnant and helping another woman push her car out of a snowdrift.   Last night I fell asleep on the couch with the TV on.  I was startled awake by the sound of the TV, lights, computers, and clocks shutting off, the beeping of UPSs, and opened my eyes just in time to see a big flash of light coming from the direction of our satellite and electrical wires. 

Some snow must have fallen off the roof and hit our power box. 

This is our bench press and other exercise equipment on the patio.

The Igloo dog house is literally an igloo now.

The branches were holding their own on the healthy trees, but I lost some smaller saplings that got crushed by the snow.

Our cars are partially buried.

No grain in those buckets.

Me in my pajama bottoms sinking up past the top of my snow boots.  I've decided that I don't give a damn if my neighbors see me in my pajamas anymore.  The horses are hungry before I'm ready to shower and put on clothes.

Horse trailer and truck.  That's a pitchfork sticking out of the back of the truck.  The horse trailer window is still broken, so the inside got its share of snow.  I'm hoping the rubber mats will protect the wood floorboards to some extent.

My husband having problems walking through the mess.

He started knocking the snow off the barn roof with a pole, because he didn't have confidence that the roof would hold all that weight.

The horses were a little nervous at this point, but they could see what he was doing, so they knew where the sound was coming from.

Gabbrielle excited and watching the snow fall.

However, once my husband started knocking the snow off the back of the barn roof, the horses went nuts.  Here you can see they have worried expressions and their ears are tilted back listening to the noise.  Bombay began kicking the stall walls like he did when the neighbor's grandson drove an electric toy car behind the barn.  Lostine arched her neck and snorted, which she rarely does anymore in her old age.  Gabbrielle kept throwing herself at her window, which you can see is lower than the windows on the other stalls, only coming up to mid-chest, so she almost made it through.  Only when my husband came back around to the front did they settle down. 

The sun is out now, so hopefully most of this well melt, but not too fast, because we don't need another flood like we had in 1997.  The bad news is that I'm almost out of hay.  I didn't expect a storm this big, so I didn't plan ahead.   Somehow I've got to get all that snow off the haystack, move the truck and horse trailer out of the way, and navigate these icy roads to a farm to pick up another load.  Either that, or I'll have to open up the gates for another outrageously expensive harrow delivery.  With this unpredictable weather, I really don't want to invest in several tons of hay because it will probably get ruined since I don't have a hay barn. 

All I can say is that the hay farmers better not be bitching about the drought this year.  We've been more than blessed with moisture, and the water tables should be significantly higher. 


Rising Rainbow said...

Was the thing with the power just a surge of some kind or did it actually go out?? Flashes of light aren't good anytime but worse when they're on your own place.

We've had enough snow here in the last few winters that most of my horses are now used to the sound when the snow exits the roof. While I'm glad they're finally desensitized, I'm not so happy about what it took to get them that way.

Hope the weather settles for all of us soon and that you are able to get hay. That's always my nightmare when the weather gets bad.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mikael - The electricity went out for about 30-seconds and then came back. Don't you just love having to reset all the clocks repeatedly this time of year? I was worried that the house might catch on fire since their was a flash outside, but nothing happened.

Rising Rainbow said...

You're so right there could have been a fire with that kind of event. Glad nothing happened.

I'm with you on resetting the clocks. It is a pain. Sometimes we barely get them fixed and the power flickers again and we're starting all over. For the first time in my life, I'm wishing I lived someplace else.

Glad you guys are ok. That electrical stuff is no joke. I wonder what caused it to do that and if there's something that could be addressed so it doesn't happen again.

Mikey said...

That's a ton of snow!!! Wowsers!!
We're getting hit with the storm right now. I thought about hay yesterday though and made Wade go to town and get a big load, then tarp it up good. No WAY was I driving in this with the trailer. My hat's off to you, cause that kind of driving scares me to death. I'm no good on snow and ice.

Ms Martyr said...

It's hard to believe you were out trail riding just a week ago.
My in-laws live in the mountains above Fresno, CA and are getting quite the snowfall also. They had to go out and cleansnow off their hummingbird feeders. Poor birds probably don't know what hit them.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

wow, it sure looks like you have snow! We looked like that in NE last year! This past week has been in the 50-60's and most of the snow and ice is gone. Unbelievable weather here, but we'll take it. I agree about the hay, and there should be plenty!

fernvalley01 said...

Smart to knock the snow off the roof. Several barns colapsed around here with all the snow . Big dairy lost 12 head

QHHaflingerGal said...

Your snow level is about what we've had in my area since November, give or take a few days of melt-down in January, and followed by another dump of the lovely white stuff. It is weird to see your husband outside without full snow gear.
We round bale for our sheep and therefore usually have lots of hay. We take off layers from the big bale for the horses. I pack the hay into a large light weight sled and drag and dump for feeding. If we are away, we place a round bale out in the feeder.
I would love to live in a snow free zone someday. I'm getting too old to enjoy it anymore. The only great thing about winter is cozing up by our wonderful wood fireplace insert with a good book. Looking forward to warmer weather.

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, wow! That's a LOT of snow!!! We had rain here, about half an inch and EVERYTHING is wet, wet, wet!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whooee! That's a lot of snow. I'd like to say send some our way because we really could use the moisture. We've only had two good snows this winter and even then they weren't enough to get us out of the drought we've been in since last winter.

Reading about how you have no place to store hay to keep it protected makes me very grateful for our small storage area at the back of our barn. We can only store about 50-75 bales, but it's sufficient for what we need.


achieve1dream said...

Good grief! That is a ton of snow. I enjoyed my two days of snow and that's enough for me lol. And it was only eight inches hehe. Poor horses do look worried. You can't really blame them though because in the stall they can flee to safety if there is a threat. I hope it all melts soon so they can get out some more. It's no fun hiding indoors during the winter. :)