Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reading for Fantastyk Voyager

Fantastyk Voyager's Question:  Which horse of mine provides me with what I need most?

I was a little worried about this question being too specific.  It's more successful if you pick a horse and ask what you can learn from it.  Obviously, the cards can't provide you with the name of one of your horses, but I wanted to try it anyway.

The way I posed this question was to be able to pull the card the represents the personality of the horse that provides Val with what she needs most:  Nadia, Annie, Scout or Yalla!  The card I pulled is rather interesting when you consider that three of Val's horses are mares and one is a gelding, while the card shows one black Arabian stallion and one black Arabian colt representing father and son.  I suspect this reading result has more to do with the humans who have been in Val's life than the horses.

Card Pulled:  Merlin's Spirit (Redemption of the Masculine, Mutual Transformation, The New Hero's Journey)

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse:

"THE GIFT:  Power and gentleness find a new way to coexist, balance, and finally heal the immense injustices perpetrated by -- and on -- the masculine body, mind, and spirit."

"THE CHALLENGE:  True masculinity has been twisted, tortured, and betrayed by a culture of conquest and consumption.  It's hard to fathom what a peaceful, healthy form of virility might look like.  To have any hope of changing the world, men and women must reevaluate and resocialize the active, masculine principle within their own families -- and their own psyches -- a task requiring significant soul-searching and imagination."

"THE JOURNEY:  ...Stallions like Merlin quite simply suffer under our current system of domestication.  Mares and geldings commonly live in herds, or at least touch noses over adjoining corrals.  Most colts, however, sacrifice any hope of a social life the moment some human deems them worthy of breeding.  To remain intact is to be sentenced to a stall, hence the word stallion."

The rest the chapter tells the story of Merlin, a dangerous stallion who had to be resocialized.  It's about how we as humans isolate the male spirit when it comes to stallions.  This chapter feels more literal than some of the others, so I'm not sure if Val will be able to make any connections that apply to her, but I have to take whatever card is given during a reading and trust that it has the correct message.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

How did I miss this post??

Hmmm, the answers are certainly puzzling...

Let me see what I can do with it: Okay, so starting with black Arabians- that's Yalla! Her father is black and so is she, although she's more of a black bay. So maybe it's Yalla!

Although it talks about father and son, I do have the mother as well as the daughter. Annie?

Scout is the one male of the barn and the cards seem to concentrate on the injustices perpetrated by--and on-- the masculine body, mind, and spirit. Scout is bullied by all the other horses, even Yalla!, even though he adores them all, so he is probably the most misunderstood of all my horses.

Stallion = stall bound. More and more, Nadia is isolated from the herd from necessity. She is a slow eater so I often leave her in the barn/paddock rather than putting her out in the arena with the others so that she can get enough to eat each day. I would love to turn her out with the others more but I am at work all day. Sometimes I leave Annie in with her, for company. I think she needs more exercise than she gets and riding her would be the best thing to keep her mind sharp.

So, my conclusion would be that I need to spend more time with ALL my horses.

As far as "self" soul searching- I am working on becoming more independent and more of a take-charge kind of person.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I also find it interesting that the card you pulled is Merlin's Spirit referring to making a journey and I have chosen my avatar to be the Fantastyk Voyager. I neglected to mention that I always dreamed of riding the Black Stallion when I was little. Merlin of the King Arthur tales have always fascinated me too.

Thanks for the reading. :)

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