Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reading for Laughing Orca Ranch

Lisa of Laughing Orca Ranch's Question #1:  What is the message behind all of my horse-related injuries that have happened to me?

Card Pulled:  Transformation (Rebirth, Power Reclaimed, True Freedom)

I just have to mention that this card showed a picture of a brown and white mare that looks like Apache with a butterfly in the background.

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse:

"THE GIFT: The roller-coaster ride of life reveals a timeless source of peace."

"THE CHALLENGE:  True freedom demands relinquishing limiting patterns and beliefs.  A part of you must die to be reborn."

"THE JOURNEY:  Like a caterpillar relinquishes its form, literally dissolving in the cocoon, transformation begins with sacrifice.  And yet the nourishment gleaned from crawling along the ground is not lost.  All that effort, methodically climbing up tree trunks and inching along brand by branch to each tasty leaf, fortifies the creation of a new being, one who views life from a more exalted perspective.  The butterfly emerges into the same world she left behind, but she most certainly doesn't see it the same way..."

I think that speaks for itself.  I swear I took the first card that resisted going back into the deck and didn't search out the most appropriate one.  I don't even know what each of these cards means yet, because I haven't read the whole book.


Question #2:  What can I do differently so that I can still enjoy my equine related interests, but without getting hurt?

Card Pulled:  The Horse Ancestors  (Species Wisdom, Collective Memory, Ancestral Patterns Affecting Current Events)

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse:

"THE GIFT:  When you engage with the collective memory of another species or your own, you access a wealth of information beyond personal experience."

"THE CHALLENGE:  Intense surges of sadness, anger, and anxiety are sometimes evidence of ancestral pain.  Distinguishing between emotions and behaviors related to the present situation, your own history, and unresolved issues from the distant past can be confusing yet ultimately healing."

"THE JOURNEY:  Working, playing, and hanging out with horses, I've observed all kinds of interactions that challenge our assumptions about consciousness."

Linda goes on to discuss how horses influence one another, even from a distance.  Yearlings can be sold, then reacquired ten years later, and the dam will remember her offspring.  Interestingly, she also brings up that violent stallion named Merlin who showed up in Val's reading, and Val's horses live right next door to Apache.  Mostly, this chapter discusses a collective unconscious or collective memories that influence both us as humans and horses, so I guess the trick is to be aware of what memories influence both you and your horse.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow.

This reading really speaks to me, my friend. Ironic how the card seemed to 'want you' to pick it up, too. Must have been meant for me.

Though I have to admit, a cold knot filled my stomach when I read "A part of you must die to be reborn."
Because I really could have died when I was kicked in the face, and the thought of dying from a horse related injury often pops into my head when I'm around horses. But I'm thinking that this message is less literal and more about personal growth and learning.

And the reading that coincides with my second question gave me the shivers because this is something I've been thinking about a lot, not only within my own life, but especially within Apache's life and history.

Sometimes I feel her mistrust and fear that I believe comes from her own ancestral pain and former abuse and neglect, and feel like she is trying to communicate that to me in many different ways. Mostly through her eyes and body language. Sometimes I'll recognize that she realizes I don't trust her as I once did and can see her trying very hard to prove that I can trust her (moving her body away from me, nuzzling me, licking me, keeping her head down). But we have a long way to go to rebuild our relationship and trust one another again. And sometimes I get overwhelmed wondering how to go about it.

I'm also curious about Merlin and what it might mean within my reading as well as the connection between Val's reading and mine.

I get the impression that the first 6 months after I bought Apache was the honeymoon stage and afterward the true relationship began with real learning taking place.....if only I allow myself to pay attention along the way.

But I get the strong feeling that if I hang in there that Apache and I will have that close bond that all horsewomen dream of and hope for.

I really appreciate you sharing your cards and book and doing these readings. I know they take time. I think I will be coming back to my reading often to see if even more prophetic messages reveal themselves to me.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lisa - What I like about this book and the card set is that it works a Zen philosophy into horsemanship, and we know that the lessons from both Zen and horsemanship can be applied to every day life. It's quite neutral and doesn't attempt to scare people with negative prophecies or give them false hope that they are going to win the lottery. It just has a thought-provoking story for every card.

I didn't take the mention of dying literally either. I interpreted it more along the lines of your freedom dying. You lose your ability to be as active as you once were while you recover from injuries, which gives you time to reflect and learn. It's a matter of moving far enough away from something in order to see it better.

Ms Martyr said...

I find this fascinating and I'm going to put both items on my Amazon wish list. In the meantime I will ask a question. I don't know if this will work since I don't own a horse and probably never will.

Will I ever connect with a horse such that I have one of those "heart horse" relationships?

Thank you for this opportunity.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

These readings are uncanny. It reminds me of my sister and I playing with the Ouija board and her swearing that she didn't move the marker. (I know I didn't!)

Transformation as the message behind the injuries (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger) and using ancestral history in dealing with horses (past hurts for both the human and the horse) are both excellent suggestions. Interesting too, how Merlin is brought up because, as you pointed out, my card was about Merlin and our horses are "neigh"bors.

Are you sure you're not just "picking" cards!! ;)