Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reading for Linda

Linda from Beautiful Mustang had the following questions for her Way of the Horse reading:

Question #1:  What do I need to do, or what aura or impression is there surrounding my work with Jasmine?

Card Pulled:  Lionheart (Protecting without Sacrificing Sensitivity, Assertiveness without Aggression, The Courage to Feel and the Willingness to Act)

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse

"THE GIFT:  Human beings carry the wisdom of both predator and prey.  True empowerment depends on finding a balance between the two."

"THE CHALLENGE:  Cultivating the strength of your "inner lion," without letting it run amok, is tricky.  If you don't have enough lion, people will walk all over you, and you'll lack the conviction and focus to follow your dreams.  If you have too much lion, you'll lose the sensitivity that nurtures relationship and creativity."

"THE JOURNEY:  ...Horses have much to teach us about the middle ground between submission and aggression...  Horses model the strengths of nonpredatory behavior:  relationship over territory, process over goal, responsiveness over strategy, cooperation over competition, emotion and intuition over reason."

The more I read from the book, the more I feel that it has more to offer than most horse training manuals.


Question #2:  What do I need to do, or what aura or impression is there surrounding my work with Beautiful? 

Card Pulled:  Back to Grazing (Emotional Agility, Trust in the Universe, Letting the Story Go)

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse:

"THE GIFT:  When you move through emotions like horses do, when you get the message behind a troubling feeling and change something in response, you experience greater periods of authentic peace and fulfillment."

"THE CHALLENGE:  To truly enjoy life, to see yourself and others in fresh ways, you must be willing to let go of the stories that keep you tied to the past."

"THE JOURNEY:  ...Whether the tone is peaceful or playful, angry or fearful, horses are effusive yet efficient creatures.  When trouble arises in the herd, they deal with it and move on..."

My interpretations:  Don't ruminate over the past.  Be like a horse.  Live for the moment.  Don't hang on to useless emotions if they have nothing to do with the present situation.

Let me know if any of this fits for you, Linda.

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Linda said...

Oh, absolutely, you don't even know how much wisdom those cards have for me--and each fits with the horse.

With Jasmine I definitely have an inner battle of just existing with her peacefully and wanting to reach out and grab her and make her do what I want. I think because she's a pony, and so small, she more than the others tempts me to go too far one way or the other.

Beautiful has been linked into my old story line for some time--a past, and actually a story about the past, I've had a hard time letting go of. All of my horses have taught me a lot about forgiveness--of myself and others--letting go. But it hasn't been easy for me to do entirely. Because I blog about Beautiful--she, more than the others, is woven into that story line. The "Challenge" in that section is extremely pertinent to me.

So, the cards hit it on the money. I'm amazed.