Friday, February 18, 2011

Reading for Mrs. Martyr

Mrs. Martyr's Question:  Will I ever connect with a horse such that I have one of those "heart horse" relationships?

Since this is a question that requires a yes or no answer, and these cards don't provide that, I changed the question slightly to this:  What do I need to do to connect with a horse such that I have one of those "heart horse" relationships?

Card Pulled:  Dharma's Reflection  (Relationship as Mirror, Projection or Transference?, The Futility of Shame, Blame, and Hero Worship)

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse:

"THE GIFT:  Looking honestly at how we respond in relationship provides a deeper glimpse of who we are than any mirror hanging on the wall.  If we avoid shaming ourselves and blaming others, if we simply become curious about how we react in certain situations, and why, we quite naturally begin to change those patterns."

"THE CHALLENGE:  Many people are afraid of their own shadow.  Picking a family member or co-worker to act as scapegoat is a common, though destructive, coping strategy for those who refuse to look at the darkness within."

"THE JOURNEY:  "...projection is the act of attributing your inner feelings, perceived weaknesses, and even unrecognized strengths to others because you're simply unable, or stubbornly  unwilling, to see these qualities in yourself.  Transference is a more specific type of projections that occurs when your thoughts and feelings toward someone are strongly influenced by attitudes originally developed in a significant past relationship.  ...Transference quite simply keeps us from seeing others for who they really are."

Linda gives examples from her experiences in which a horse mistook her for someone who abused him when she wore a hat, and a rider who disliked a horse because it reminded her of her father.  So, the trick is to recognize what is blocking you from being able to obtain that "heart horse" relationship, whether it be something coming from the horse or coming from you.


This was fun.  It truly astounded me how so many of the cards I pulled during these readings seemed to be so appropriate for the question.  I studied Buddhism and Taoism for many years and was deeply affected by it.  I'm sure this is why my husband gave this Way of the Horse divination kit to me as a gift.  I think I'll close shop here, so I'm sorry if anyone else had questions and missed out on a reading.  Thank you to those brave souls who stepped forward and shared questions that were on your minds.  I hope you were able to get something out it.


Rising Rainbow said...

These have been very interesting to read. Must say I can "see" the point in each and think they speak to my idea of good horsemanship.

There is just so much baggage that affects how we deal with our horses and I very much believe that our relationships with them are reflective of that baggage.

Ms Martyr said...

Thank you so much for this reading. I am going to ponder on it and try to be more open to possibilities. I don't think I carry a lot of emotional baggage but maybe it's so deeply hidden that I don't know it's there.

Linda said...

These were a lot of fun--thank you. I went ahead and ordered the book and cards, too, so that I can do this for my friends. Plus, I want to read some of the other wisdom in it. Mine were incredibly insightful and appropriate for each horse relationship, but even if they weren't, there's a lot to get from all these cards. I've enjoyed reading everyone else's, too. Thanks again.

achieve1dream said...

Yep, the book is repetitive, but good. If you have the money to splurge right now you should get the Alexandra Kurland book Clicker Training For Your Horse. It's really great, has pictures and really helps you understand the mechanics behind clicker training. :)

Breathe said...

I must have missed the whole card reading thing - I tried to find mention on previous posts, but I haven't had any luck. Can you toss a link up? I'm curious about it! :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

achieve1dream - No money for anything but hay right now.

Breathe - That is really weird. If you look at my "Way of the Horse" link, there should be 10 postings, starting with "A Valentine Surprise." However, the majority of posts are missing. I'm hoping this is just a glitch with Blogger and they'll come back.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Okay. I found the original post, but had to take some back doors to get there:

I'm missing an entire group of posts when I move chronologically backwards. If I go through the "Way of the Horse" label link, only the first few show up without additional pages. You have to go to the top of the search results and click "Show Older Posts." Looks like a bug to me. I got scared there for a minute, thinking Google was deleting my posts. I worried that the author and publisher might not appreciate me pulling excerpts, but it got them more business, so they should be happy for the free advertising. I really do like the book and cards because of their unique approach to horsemanship.