Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reading for Promise

Here is the first of a series of Way of the Horse divination card readings I promised to do.  I'm doing them in order who who left comments.  Promise was the first to offer a question.  I'm probably going to put a lot of posts out over a short period of time, but don't panic and feel like you must read them all.  I just happened to have the time to do a lot of readings today.

The way that I do a reading is to concentrate on the person and the question while shuffling the cards.  If a card falls out or resists going back into the deck, that's the card with the answer.  If a card does not fall out, I cut the deck and take the card on top.

Promise's Question:  What do I need to do to make this relationship work?

Card Pulled:  Lightning Horse (Flash of Inspiration, Glimpse of the Next Level, Unmanifested Possibility)

Linda Kohanov breaks up the text for each card into the following categories:  The Gift, The Challenge, and The Journey.  Here are a few excerpts from her writing:

"THE GIFT:  Inspiration surges like an electric current through your body, flashing hints of clarity to come."

"THE CHALLENGE:  When the imagination stirs, new ideas burst into consciousness, carrying tremendous energy.  Yet these brief glimpses of potential can be hard to hang onto, taking significant effort and dedication to manifest."

"THE JOURNEY:  Flashes of inspiration are a lot like wild horses.  You must travel through untamed territory to find them.  And whether you seek them out, or come upon them unexpectedly, the first sighting takes your breath away."

Linda's text goes on for many pages, and though her writing and interpretation are much better than mine, I can't reproduce it, so I will summarize:  You must think like the one you are trying to tame.  Increase your sensory awareness and pay attention to nonverbal communication.  Logic, language and will get in the way.  Do not separate thought and memory from feeling and sensation.  Keep all four connected.

Let me know if any of this makes sense, Promise.  They say that if it doesn't make sense, let a little time pass and something will happen to bring it all together.


Promise said...

Thank you, NM. It doesn't make perfect sense at the moment, but I believe I see where it is leading.

Promise said...

I think I understand now.

I guess, for me, the "inspiration" is actually more "intuition." I say this because I am a creative person (graphic designer, painter, writer, etc) and when someone asks me about my process, I tell them that I design/create by feel. When something feels intuitively right, it is done.

In relation to this question, and the card you read (particularly the summary of her words you provided), I reminded myself of the promises I made to myself several years ago.

First, after being robbed at gunpoint, that: I would not do anything important "half-assed" - I would always give life, love, etc. everything I have in such a way as to have no regrets.

Second, after a nasty break-up, that: I would never again doubt my intuition - "woman's" or otherwise. And, still more importantly, I would listen to my dreams.

This seems to have worked out to my benefit. Whether it was a subconscious realization or not...I'm not sure. But ultimately...I get it. :)