Friday, February 18, 2011

Reading for QHHaflingerGal

QHHaflingerGal's Question: Which path should follow - work or retirement?

I don't think the cards can answer this one, so I'm changing the question slightly to this:  What do I need to consider when making the choice between work or retirement?

Card Pulled:  Black Horse Wisdom  (Knowledge That Defies Logic, Exploring What Society Suppresses or Ignores, Treasure Hidden in Darkness)

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse:

"THE GIFT:  What appears to your conscious mind as darkness is simply the unknown, a fruitful yet formidable realm of untapped possibility.  Dancing with uncertainty raises your confidence -- and artistry -- in collaborating with the greater mysteries of life."

"THE CHALLENGE:  Learning to ride the energy of what can't be explained involves courage, creativity, and well-honed instincts.  Losing your balance now and then, even wandering off course, is part of the skill, and the thrill, of moving beyond what civilization has already mapped through reason, language, and social protocol."

"THE JOURNEY:  (Zorro) was acting on behalf of repressed populations, reclaiming freedom and dignity from a corrupt, narcissistic regime."

This chapter goes into the history of the black horse within various cultures throughout history.  It is quite fascinating.  I haven't been following tends in horse breeding recently, but I know that a few years ago there was a bit of a boom in breeding homozygous black Arabian horses, because black Arabians were one of the rarest colors.  What I didn't know then, but know now thanks to reading Way of the Horse is that the Bedouins were inclined to slaughter black foals because they were considered to be bad luck.  So, the lack of black Arabian horses had more to do with the mind and hand of man than natural selection.

But back to QHHaflingerGal's question about retirement, this chapter does mention a dream that Carl Jung studied in which a black mare lead a king's magician to the lost keys of paradise.  It discusses having a more balanced existence.  Perhaps you don't have to choose work or retirement, but can do both by working part-time?  At the same time the book says, "...the black horse will lead us to those rich and nourishing grasslands on the other side."  It talks about the first half of life being devoted to gaining skills, raising a family and being disciplined, and the second half of life being devoted to restoring wholeness.  That sounds like retirement to me.

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