Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reading for Stephanie

Stephanie's Question:  What was the reasoning behind struggling in recovery from my injury? / What am I to learn from my riding accident? 

Card Pulled:  Point of View (Discernment, Constructive Comparison, Grounded Ambition)

From Linda Kohanov's Way of the Horse:

"THE GIFT:  Discernment is the champion of authenticity and fulfillment."

"THE CHALLENGE:  Healthy cynicism questions the self before others.  Uncovering your true motivations, false assumptions, and hollow ambitions requires courage and compassion."

"THE JOURNEY:  The equitation world often breeds unrealistic expectations...  She may believe it's her horse or her body that's betraying her.  But it's actually her heart saying no to borrowed ambition."

My interpretations:  When I pulled this card and read the words "Grounded Ambition", I paused.  This seemed so appropriate for Stephanie's question.  Stephanie appears to me, through her blogs, to be a highly ambitious person.  She has a job that requires travel, she rides her horse every chance she gets, and she is constantly creating fabric art as gifts for people.  Since I have the same interests, I know how much time is involved and I can only imagine how much energy she burns to do as much as she does.

Stephanie is recovering from knee surgeries after a fall while jumping her horse.  Despite being on crutches, she still got more done in a day than I can get done in a month without crutches.  Anyway, the rest of the text recommends that Stephanie examine whether her ambitions are her own, or whether they belong to someone else.  It is telling her to update her goals and strategies.  Experiment with different trainers and riding disciplines to understand your options.  Learn what it is that YOU want on the purest level.


fernvalley01 said...

Interesting , this looks like this will be fun

Carol said...

I'm enjoying these readings and look forward to more. Your husband picks great gifts!