Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow Day

In all the years my kids have been attending school in the Eastern Sierra (12 years for each), the school district has claimed very few snow days.  The schools in the bigger cities often closed down, but I guess because we were a small rural community, they didn't worry much about car accidents on slippery roads since there was less traffic, so they  kept the schools open.  However, today we actually got a recorded phone call at 5:30 AM informing us that our kids have a snow day.

It snowed all day on Wednesday and part of the day on Thursday, but then the sun came out, melted the snow, the moon then came out, froze the melted snow, and then Friday morning about 5 to 8 inches fell overnight.  So, we have a thick snow pack covering a sheet of ice at the moment.  There were NO cars on the road with the exception of a snowplow while I was out taking pictures, which is amazing.  Hurray for the school district!  They restored our community to feel what it felt like ten years ago.  Needless to say, my trailer training and trail rides have come to a stand still.

Scrappy, my adopted Chiweenie dog, has both a clock and a calendar inside him.  He knows everyone's routine, so he was quite confused as to why my son wasn't getting out of bed.  He actually left his morning post on the couch to go sniff around in my son's bedroom to see what's up.  My son's after school schedule has been gradually changing too with the start of track season, so Scrappy runs to the door and barks at the very minute that my son would normally be walking in the door home from school.  However, sometimes my son doesn't walk in the door at that same time, and Scrappy gets confounded by it all. 

Midge has been struggling to contain her fear from the booming of dynamiting snow on the mountain to force avalanches.  Yesterday she ripped a bunch of electrical cords out of the walls.  Our TV wasn't responding, our computers were down, and she trashed my son's bedroom, both bathrooms, and the great room.  She runs around looking for a place to hide, and tears up everything in her path.  She's a lot like my horses -- well behaved until they feel fear.

My son and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where all the cords go between the DirecTV box, the VCR, the PlayStation3 box, and the flat screen.

With all this snow, I'm back to working on my novel synopsis, my Storm at Sea quilt, and reading all the books I abandoned mid-sentence to run outside and enjoy the sun while it was here for a few weeks.  This weather brings out the true meaning of Lisa's window decals...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

*smile* I really like that last photo. I'm glad the clings made it there safely, and I hope you get to do both of those activities very soon.

We're actually on our way up to Santa Fe. Going to spend the night up there and get some serious letterboxing in as there have been so new boxes placed recently we want to find.

But what strange weather around the country for sure! You've got piles of snow all over and we've got temps in the 60F's, sunshine and no snow at all. Usually our weather is similar to yours.

Poor Midge. I think I'd be startled to hear booming from the mountains, too. I bet she must also feel the vibrations, too. Is Scrappy more calm about the explosions?

Stay warm, enjoy your reading and quilting, and dream of warm sunny days riding and letterboxing :)


Mikey said...

Boy you did get the snow. Wow! Very pretty, but brrr cold!

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh,my! That is a lot of snow! I actually have a 4 day weekend, starting today, which is good because I am getting my bronchitis back and I can barely speak! It's mostly a gruff whisper! ACK! So, I need 4 days of rest! Very pretty pictures, however, even though I know it is cold!

Linda said...

Good for your kids--mine love snow days. Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy indoors. Enjoy the rest.

Ms Martyr said...

Is Midge crate trained and would she be better off inside it during the dynamiting? Perhaps with a big blanket over it to give it a safe, cavelike feeling.
We live fairly close to the military bases and I used to have a dog that would jump into the bathtub when he could hear the noise from their war games. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

achieve1dream said...

Poor confused Scrappy. Maybe he needs to come stay with me as my little alarm dog. Sounds like he keeps track of schedules better than I do hehe.

Very pretty snow pictures. :) I'm glad it's quiet and peaceful there for a while. It sounds like you're making the most of it. Will you post pictures of the quilt when you're done?