Friday, February 25, 2011

Stuck in a Blizzard

Our school district had its second snow day of the year today, so I've got my son washing the dishes. This storm is nasty. At times the wind gusts are so strong that I think we are in a hurricane or tornado. The whole house shakes. The lights flicker. The wind screams. Doors fly open. I feel sorry for the poor horses. They are dry in their stalls, but they have to listen to that aluminum roof screeching and rattling. They actually handle that noise a lot better than a truck idling behind the barn, though.

This plastic bag got caught in our apple tree with the last storm.  It rattles and scares Scrappy, who wakes us up throughout the night with his barking.  He thinks he's doing a good thing by alerting us to the noise.  I can't wait for this wind to stop so that I can get on a ladder and cut that thing down.

This is the entry way to my photography studio.  Suffice it to say that now would be a bad time for someone to call for an indoor portrait session... or an outdoor one, for that matter.

No one wants to be under these when they fall.

And I don't think anyone is going to be using this exercise equipment for a while.

I wish I had enough hay left to avoid ordering a new block before this storm.  Each time I anchor down the tarp, the wind just rips it loose and moisture gets on the bales.  I think it will be okay, though, because the wind dries them out. 

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Linda said...

I agree. I don't think you'll have to worry about the bales getting ruined as long as you use them in a decent amount of time. (And it's so cold, you won't have to worry for a while.) We stored some of ours outside last fall and they did fine. Honestly, whatever's bad, the horses will leave behind for you to clean up. My horses are very picky--I bet most horses are. Enjoy your kids! We had a snow day yesterday.

aurora said...

I always worry about our horses during snow storms too but they don't seem to mind, they are so resilient. We stack covered hay outside too, as long as air flows it seems to be okay.

Rising Rainbow said...

Snow days never meant doing dishes when I was a kid. Things sure have changed. LOL Actually that was just my first thought and then I thought it was really nice that he helps his mother like that. I know my grandkids are not into doing any kind of work. They think they should be catered to. It's refreshing to see there still are parents instilling a work ethic in their kids.

achieve1dream said...

Ugh. That weather is so miserable! I hope it clears out quickly.

Ms Martyr said...

I knock icicles like that down with a shovel. There are huge chunks of ice sliding off the metal roof of the arena where I ride. I'm parking my truck quite a distance away so it doesn't get dented.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Update: I've been sick with a head cold and eye infection that makes me blind in one eye, and didn't want to go out on the patio since it is an ice skating rink, so my son got one of his pole vault poles and both knocked down the icicles as well as getting the bag out of the tree. We actually got some sleep last night since the barking stopped. The wind knocked down some power poles causing electrical outages and closing down the main highway for most of the day. My husband had to come home via the long route along the foothills.