Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine's Surprise

My husband surprised me by bringing me a couple of gifts for Valentine's Day.  You might say my husband is gifted when it comes to the art of giving gifts.  Everything he gives me shows a tremendous amount of thought.  It shows that he pays attention to me and the things that I like.  Usually, he gives me gifts that I would have never even thought of requesting, but they turn out to be perfect and just what I needed.

It's not just the gift that is special, but the way he presents the gifts.  One of my favorite memories was when my husband came home from work one winter shortly after we had been married with a funny expression on his face.  He stood in front of me in his big tan parka, bouncing up and down making rustling noises.  Then he said, "I've got something for you, but you've got to find it."

I reached into one of his pockets and pulled out some candy.  Oh, how I'd been yearning for sweets.  He said, "That's not all.  Keep going."

My hands traveled from pocket to pocket, and each pocket I found more candy.  It was fun candy hunt.

Another time I had just quit a job I loved, because my coworkers had ganged up on me and accused me of some things I didn't do.  My feelings were so hurt that I couldn't work with them anymore.  My husband brought home this sculpture of a little red-haired fairy sitting among flowers and butterflies and told me that the fairy was me -- magical and misunderstood, never quite fitting in, but always having good intentions.  I've always cherished that sculpture because of the way my husband presented it to me, and to this day I still have problems with being misunderstood, and that sculpture always makes me feel better.

This Valentine's Day my husband brought home the movie Secretariat and watched it with me.  He also brought me "Way of the Horse" book of exploration written by Linda Kohanov (www.taoofequus.com) and 40 divination cards illustrated by Kim McElroy (www.spiritofhorse.com). 

You can ask a question along the lines of "what to I need to learn about..." and select a card or group of cards, then read the corresponding text in the book and see if the information coincides with your questions.  The book talks about synchronicity, a phenomena that always astounds me when it happens.  My most recent experience with synchronicity had to do with the novel I've been writing.  I spent a lot of time trying to pick a city for the antagonist to be from.  I finally settled on Torrance, California.  A few days later I met another volunteer at the animal shelter, asked where she was from, and she said she was from Torrance.  It was an odd moment of synchronicity, and I took it to mean that I am on the right path with my novel.

I think it would be fun for me to do a few readings for you.  If you have a question about what wisdom you need to gain from some experience (work, love, accident, loss, even what it is your horse has to teach you), leave it in a comment with this post.  I'll try to do a reading for you in a future post.  I'll be sharing it with everyone, so only ask about what you don't mind others reading.  I'll pull one card and summarize key parts of the chapter on that card.  I'll put anything in quotes that I pull from the book.  Linda Kohanov has a really nice way of writing, and you may be interested in getting the kit yourself after reading samples of what she wrote.  The cards are beautiful, but I don't want to reproduce them here without permission, so I'd say check out Kim McElroy's website for a better idea of her artwork.

I don't know if I'll have the time to get to everyone's questions, but I'll try, even if it takes a few months.  It'll be fun to get some feedback to see if the wisdom on the horse in the card I pull while concentrating on your question triggers something for you.

I do have a couple of other posts I wrote a while ago that are scheduled for publishing, so I may interrupt my readings with those.  I'm using the label "Way of the Horse" for the readings, so you can always find that label link to search for your reading.


Promise said...

I'll give it a shot. Hopefully this isn't too vague.

What do I need to learn about myself to make this relationship work?

nikki said...

I stumbled upon that book/card set on amazon and thought about buying it too but wasn't sure if it would be something that I would like. I can't wait to read the posts!! Kim's artwork is amazing too. I contacted her to see if she would do a portrait of Spider but she was a little more than I could afford. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Very sweet, the gift of the fairy. Thoughtful man, your husband, you're one lucky woman but then I imagine he is one lucky guy to have you as well.

I love the art of Kim McElroy. She is such a nice lady and here from my state. I'll have to ponder this "reading" request. I'm not sure I understand.

Speaking of synchronicity, I just came across mention of this author on another horse blog.

Linda said...

Your husband is awesome! I want some of those cards!

I've read the Tao of Equus, but haven't read the other one yet, even though I do have it. I love the idea of reading cards!!! Could this be my question, or is it too specific?--

What do I need to do, or what aura or impression is there surrounding my work with Jasmine? And, if you don't mind Beautiful, too. :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Promise and Linda - Those questions should work just fine.

The only type of questions that won't work and are too specific are something like, "Should I do this or that?" or "On what date will this happen?"

It needs to be more like "What do I need to learn about xyz?" or "What is the message behind this happening to me?" As long as there is just one topic per question, it qualifies.

Stephanie said...

What a great Valentines day your husband made for you! It must makeyou feel so good inside knowing that you have someone that loves you and understands you so much. Very, very special!

Youe idea of readings is very intriguing. I'll give it a shot if you care to do a reading it would be interesting but only if you have the time or inclination to do it.
Although I am not exactly sure how to phrase it so i'll give you some ideas. What was the reasoning behinnd struggling in recovery from my injury? or if that's to specific maybe what am I to learn from my riding accident? something along those lines.

I checked out Kim's artwork and those cards would be worth it just for the beautiful images.

Thanks for sharing :)

achieve1dream said...

Your husband sounds awesome. :)

The divination cards sound cool! I don't really know what to ask, but my anxiety has been bothering me again lately, so I guess my question is 'what should I do about my anxiety?' Is that too vague? I know too specific can cause problems, but I don't know about vagueness (is that a word). I can't wait to read everyone's questions and readings. :)

aurora said...

What a nice hubby you've got! Wish I could motivate myself to write & illustrate my book...

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are some awesome gifts! Kim's art is awesome! I visited her website and signed up for the weekly E-inspiration.

My question-
Which horse of mine provides me with what I need most?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your hubby is very sweet, as is your son and daughter, too. You are obviously a well-loved and treasured part of your family. :)

As for a question. I hope it's not too specific:

"What is the message behind all of my horse-related injuries that have happened to me?"

But can I turn it into a two-part question, please?

"What can I do differently so that I can still enjoy my equine related interests, but without getting hurt?"


ps And you know what I wanted to recommend to Achieve1Dream's comment about anxiety, right? (from your "First Trail Ride of 2011"....... I'm so naughty! hehe)

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like your hubby is a wise and wonderful man.The Fairy gift is so lovely , as are all the others.Shows he knows you so well!

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, I love the Tao of Equus! I haven't read the other book, so I'll look for it.

My question would be: What do I need to do to ride again?

Maery Rose said...

It's nice (and rare) when someone can come up with gifts that really fit. They need to be insightful and paying attention. Lucky you!