Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Better...

My afternoon attempt a geocaching went a little better.  I always look at the satellite view of the geocache location on a map before setting out to find it.  I knew this one was in the northwest corner of a park along a fence line.  So, I parked and started following the fence line into the park, only to realize that I was headed in the wrong direction.  I turned around and ran right smack into some guy sitting in his truck who was just listening to the radio and watching me wandering around aimlessly.  I walked past his truck and it turned out there was another little park behind the big park, and that's where the geocache was located.

The next one required me to hike up a one-way street where I use to work.  The building is abandoned now and probably ready to be demolished, but just walking past it brought back fond memories of a job I really loved.  This geocache was supposedly on yet another Nevada historic marker, which usually means it is a magnet, but I couldn't find it.  I looked in a planter and a broken wall nearby, but no luck.  This was another location were my butt was sticking out into traffic, so I moved on to a more tranquil location.

The next geocache was in a park with a duck pond that I didn't know existed.  That's more like it.  That's the type of geocache I like to look for.  I found it in a tree.  There was another one nearby that instructed me to sit down and enjoy the view.  The GPS coordinates were at a bench, and I know from a hint that you are looking at the location of the cache once you are sitting down.  All I had in front of me were a tree and a duck pond.  I dug around the tree, but found nothing.  I didn't think they'd put it in the pond, so I looked directly across the pond and saw a sign on the other side.  I walked over there, but didn't find anything on or around the sign.  I gave up.

The next geocache had mentioned that I should bring my dog.  I wondered why.  It turned out that I had to follow some trails behind a school right after school let out.  The whole time I was thinking that I hoped no teacher saw me and thought I was a pervert.  If I were a man, this would have been a hard geocache to get.  I realized that if I had a dog, people would assume I was just out walking my dog.

I had to climb through bushes, which looked highly suspicious with all these kids walking home from school around me.  I found the geocache, but the log was both wet and full.  No room for my name.  On the way back, I ran into the school's V.P., who was patrolling the perimeter for weirdos like me and kids who are smoking or doing drugs.  Note to geocachers:  Don't plant near schools.

By the time I hiked back from that one, my legs couldn't carry me any further.  Between geocaching in the morning, walking a couple of freight trains... er, dogs at the animal shelter, and geocaching all afternoon, I was pooped and ready for a beer.  Cheers!


fernvalley01 said...

Glad it went better.Cheers to you too, sounds liek a cold beer will be just the ticket

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad it went better too although it finally dawned on me as I was reading this post why I won't even take of geocaching.

As you're describing looking up the satelite view, I realized how crazy those things make me. I can't make hide nor hair out of them. I'd probably end up in some other state. I am so geographically challenged. I'm pretty sure my experience will be limited to reading your adventures along with lytha and lisa's with letter boxing.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well you know how I feel about geocaching. Those wild goose chases, especially with the high price of gas, would have absolutely driven me batty.
I know several letterboxers who keep getting their stamps stolen from their boxes by geocachers, because a geocacher placed their cache near their letterbox.

These geocachers apparently believe the stamps to be the token trinkets found in geocaches. It's frustrating to spend so much time hand carving a stamp specific to it's location and then have someone mistakenly steal it. It's even worse when the geocacher fails to read the bold words on the box stating that this is a letterbox and NOT a geocache.


word verif: bumors

Bumors that you had such a frustrating experience.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Your geocaching sounds like my letterboxing. Bah! For all different reasons I usually give up on the search.

achieve1dream said...

LOL! Sounds like fun. I love that they told you to take your dog. That is too funny!