Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gray Days

Sorry for the lack of horse posts and pictures.  It's supposed to rain for the next two weeks, so there's not much I can do with the horses in all this mud.  Can you believe that my brand new rain boots sprung a leak right between the sole and the side already?  Now every time I walk outside in them, I have to jump over puddles to avoid getting my socks wet.

I can't keep the horses locked in their stalls for two weeks, and since their blankets are already shredded, I'm turning them out together in the paddock with their turnout blankets on.  That way they can choose to stand under the awning or in their stalls when it rains, and run around outside when it doesn't.  If they rip each other's blankets, so be it.

I've been putting off getting my hair done until I get a job, because I'm trying to save money every way I can.  However, when my son helped take my portrait for my author photo for Amazon's Author Central, I was a bit put off by how much gray was showing up.  My hair stylist had told me in the past that she would help me advertise my photography business, so I figured that if I could get her to just pass out one of my business cards that leads to a job, it would pay for my haircut and color weave. 

I also knew that she has a Kindle and loves to read, so I could give her my sales pitch for my books.  Ironically, when I arrived for my appointment I found out that her salon has been struggling to stay in business.  She said she's been losing at least two clients a week.  These are mostly people who lost their jobs, then lost their homes, and had to move out of the area because there just isn't any work.

She relayed all the horror stories she's heard of people in various levels of financial distress, including being unable to pay hospital bills, not having medical insurance and whatnot.  She always has a way of putting things in perspective, which makes me realize that I'm very fortunate, despite losing my job.  She gave me a good tip that I'll follow through on.  I'm willing to take an administrative assistant position for 1/3rd of the salary I used to make, but I don't have all the software skills needed.  She directed me to a non-profit organization that will train me on all that software for free, and help me find that type of job.

Though I had gone to the salon in part to promote my photography business and books, I ended up taking pity on her and buying a beauty product that she invented herself, in addition to giving her a huge tip.  I'm sure none of it will keep her in business, but I wanted her to know that I do care.  Hopefully I can exist a few more months without the gray creeping back into my hair, and hopefully she'll still be in business when it does.


Breathe said...

Sometimes I think if we can just get back to supporting our own instead of wal mart and other huge companies, we can turn things around.

I try to keep all my money local. It's gotta help, right?

Linda said...

I color my own hair, and you can probably tell. Since by ebay wildness, I may be coloring my own hair for a long, long time. ;) Sounds like your area was hit hard. I hear stories like that--losing medical insurance (horror!!) and what's happening in Japan--I feel the same way as you--puts it in perspective.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like you heped each other a bit. Tough times Nuzz Muzz, I sure hope things turn around soon

Once Upon an Equine said...

Come to think of it, the last time I went in for a cut & color, there weren't as many people in the salon as usual. I bet the beauty service industry is a good indicator of local economy. I've been going longer between visits myself. I hope your stylist can hang onto her business.

Good luck with your training and job search.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! That was so sweet and generous of you. I've not had a professional haircut in more than 8 years now. I really could use it, but as a SAHM with only one income, who home schools her kids, I refrain from spending any money on myself. I've trimmed my hair myself or had my kids or hubby trim the back for me.
I also do all the haircuts for my kids and hubby, too.
With only one income, it's important to save money whenever you can. :)


achieve1dream said...

I hope the horses are doing okay after their vaccinations.

That was really sweet of you to help her out. I always tip my hairdresser.

That's cool that a non-profit organization will help you get the skills necessary for a admin assist job. Too cool.