Friday, March 18, 2011

I Need an Outhouse

Or at least a bathroom off a mud room. 

We've got a monster storm moving in.  I thought we were done with the snow and would be graced with just rain, but the temperatures are dropping again.  The wind is howling and blowing our neighbor's tumbleweeds from last summer all over our property again.  Apparently, he missed a few when he was burning.

The weather forecast said it would start snowing around 4:00 PM, so I looked at the clock and realized that I had one and a half hours to prepare for several days of snow.  I ran outside in my leaky rain boots, emptied all the water troughs, scrubbed them out, and refilled them with clean water.  I'm assuming that the electricity will go out and we won't be able to pump water.  I then emptied and coiled the hose, and then carried it indoors where it would be warm.

I picked up all the tools with wooden handles and brought them out of the elements, I re-secured the hay tarp for the umpteenth time, and I moved the horse trailer back into its parking space, so that I could have the only vehicle with snow tires free for emergency use.  I always have to assume the worst and treat storms like this as if they will be natural disasters.  We've stocked up on food, water, and firewood.

I was outside for the full one and a half hours, and in desperate need of an outhouse.  I was too busy to remove my rain boots and pants, which were both covered in mud, in order to enter the house and traverse the clean carpet to the bathroom.  I think the thought of having to put those cold, muddy pants and boots back on was what deterred me the most.  So, I just held my bladder until I was completely done with all my outdoor chores. 

My muddy pants are in the laundry right now along with everything else in the house that is dirty, assuming we won't have electricity and water in the near future.  I think it would be wise for architects of ranch houses to always include a mud room and bathroom right off an outside door, because we horse people spend a lot of time in the mud.

I had quite a scare this morning with Gabbrielle.  I put hay in all the outdoor troughs, opened up all the stall doors to let the horses out, but Gabbrielle didn't come out.  She way lying on the floor of her stall and not making any attempt to get up.  I grabbed a halter and helped her up, and then she immediately went into that colic stance of stretching her legs out in front of and behind her.  She kept shaking her head as if her head were in pain from hitting it on something.  I led her to her breakfast to see if she would eat, and she did, but she behaved as if she were disoriented.  I tried to give her a kiss on her muzzle, and she backed off with a horrified expression as if she didn't know who I was and what I was trying to do.

Logic told me that this could be colic, a head injury, another side-effect to that 6-way vaccination, or she simply wasn't awake yet and that stretch was just a morning stretch.  I kept an eye on her throughout the day, and she behaved normal after that, so fortunately it was just a matter of me feeding her before her mind and body were ready to wake up.


Grey Horse Matters said...

We all definitely need an outside bathroom by the barn and in the woods somewhere away from the house and barns!

Glad Gabrielle is okay and hope you don't get snowed under.

achieve1dream said...

Yep an outdoor bathroom would come in handy so many times. :)

I bet Gabrielle was just sleeping really hard. I've had Chrome wake up disoriented too. I've had horses that stretch like that too, but Chrome favorite after nap stretch is to raise his head as high as it will go, arch his back and raise his tail. It's almost like a cat arching it's back while standing on tip toes. Too cute!!

I hope the storm isn't as bad as you expect, but it's always wise to prepare for the worst. Keep us updated.

Breathe said...

Whew. Glad gabbrielle was just in mid rem sleep.

I never pay attention to the weather until it's too late. But we never deal with anything too severe.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My daughter does something similar when I try to wake her up too early in the morning. I'm glad that Gabbrielle seems to be ok, though.

Do you know that it was 73F degrees here today? Sunshine, blue skies. It felt like a summer day.

This year's weather has been so kooky for us. We haven't had even a drop of rain since last August and we've experienced a very dry and mild weather, with only a couple days of those crazy -27F degree temps we had a few months ago.
We can usually count on having at least a few heavy snowfalls each month, but this winter we've had maybe 2 good snowfalls all winter long.
I'm worried about fire season....


Rising Rainbow said...

I have a mudroom but the bathroom isn't close. It sure would help if it was, you got that right.

I got through all the same procedures for incoming storms here. Just like you I assume I need to be prepared for the worst. It's a lot of work but so worth it when the worst comes.

I'm glad to hear that Gabrielle is ok. That's a heck of a way to start off your day. Doesn't she know it's not good to scare mom like that?

gtyyup said...

I've always wanted one too!!! It would be so convenient!

Glad to hear Gabrielle is OK and that it wasn't colic...hate that word...shhhhhh...don't say it.