Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rise and Shine

My farrier phoned last night to inform me that my horses are due for their next trim.  (Of course they are.  They got their vaccinations and dental work last week and a block of hay the week before, so why would I get this week off from horse-related expenses?)  They were due last week, but with these endless rain and snow storms, he postponed coming out.  I don't have an indoor barn; just a little awning over a shed row barn.  Today the sun was supposed to come out for a little while, so we scheduled the trim for the morning.

I had to feed the horses at the break of dawn to assure that they would be done with their breakfast by the time he arrived.  I tossed a flake of hay into each outdoor trough, and then opened Bombay's stall door.  He walked out and then galloped all the way across the paddock to his assigned trough.  I love to watch him run.  He has such a big butt and really gets those hind legs deep under him when he goes.

Then I opened Lostine's stall door, and she made a beeline at a fast trot to her trough, but teleported sideways to avoid a patch of ice.  Then I opened Gabbrielle's stall to find her lying on her side with just her head up and ears perked forward.

"Are you still sleeping?" I asked.  "Do you want breakfast?"

She laid her head back down and sighed.  Nope.  She'd rather sleep.  I decided not to disturb her.  She'd wake up when she was ready.  I think the problem is this time change.  She probably got into the habit of sleeping around sunrise, because I previously didn't come out that early to feed the horses.  I walked around adjusting horse blankets and then heard a ruckus coming from Gabbrielle's stall.  Lostine spooked.  I looked up to see Gabbrielle staggering out of her stall all the way to her feed trough like a drunk.  Her eyes were still half-closed.  I considered sharing a cup of coffee with her to wake her up, but I liked her this way more than I would like to have a horse with the jitters.


Rebecca said...

My Buddy does the same thing in the mornings. He is clearly not a "morning horse." I usually wake him up when I go out to feed in the morning, and make him get up, but he acts like it is a huuge production...stretches out like a cat and yawns half a dozen times. He will generally take a few bites of his breakfast, then go back for a nap in the corner. Ahh, se la vie!

Breathe said...

Ha! And I thought all horses were morning horses!

She can come on over here where the snooze is hit often and with gusto.

baystatebrumby said...

Gabbrielle is just like me: likes to sleep in!

Rising Rainbow said...

You're so right about the expenses. They always seem to pile up despite efforts to spread them out. I'm pretty sure Murphy has something to do with it.

My horses have not adjusted to the time change either. They are surprised to see food earlier and some of them are still sleeping too. LOL

fernvalley01 said...

Funny Gabrielle! I know just how she feels!

Leah Fry said...

It's always something, isn't it? I just bought feed, their feet need done, AND when I unplugged the trailer lights from the rubber plug on my truck, I pulled out the metal tubes. Sheesh.

Gabbrielle - what a diva! Pretty soon she'll have you serving her breakfast in bed.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

How fun to see her sleeping. It seems like no matter what the time is, my horses want to eat. Also, my horses do not go to designated places to eat. I waited about five minutes for Annie to come to her stall so that I could feed everybody at their places.

Emme said...

Being a newbie it is just great to read blogs where the human knows the horses personalities - makes me feel normal about my relationship with Pippi.

achieve1dream said...

LOL That's hilarious about Gabrielle. I'm like that when someone wakes me up too early lol. :) I hope the trims went well.

achieve1dream said...

I too was taught that standing close to them is best because the kick isn't as powerful. I didn't think about the sideways thing when I suggested it in my video . . . but you're right. That would be worse probably. When I do a post today I'll mention that. Thanks!

Yep, I like training by the road because of traffic. It's good for him. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a fun post...made me smile.

I love the image of Gabbrielle lounging around waiting for her breakfast in bed. :)

Maybe you could serve her some decaf coffee or some hot tea? hehe!

I used to give my rabbits barely warm chamomile tea. They loved it!