Monday, March 14, 2011

Trump Encourages Bullying

I'm really disappointed in this season of the TV show The Apprentice. Currently, Donald Trump has pitted male celebrities against female celebrities to work together in two teams to raise more money for charity than the other team.

On the male team called "Backbone", Survivor's Richard Hatch rudely shoved The Partridge Family's David Cassidy aside and generally gave him a hard time. Hatch picked on Cassidy for being weak. Granted, Cassidy did piss off a lot of his teammates by leaving them to work while he took repeated smoke breaks, something I've had to suffer through with various coworkers over the years, and I think that was the best reason to fire him. However, Trump fired Cassidy because he didn't defend himself well enough against Hatch.

The next week was a repeat of the previous week, only with the women's team "A.S.A.P". Star Jones influenced everyone to choose Lise Rinna as Project Manager specifically so that they could screw up the task and blame it all on Lisa. It appeared that they were more interested in getting rid of Rinna than raising money for her charity.  Having been set up for failure, and then kicked when I was down plenty of times by self-serving, manipulative coworkers through the years, my heart went out to Rinna. I actually thought she did a fantastic job of holding her ground despite mean girls like Star Jones and Dionne Warwick doing everything in their power to make Rinna look bad.

I won't even get into how rude they were to Marlee Matlin, dismissing all of her ideas, which I think would have won them the task had they been utilized.

Despite having class and grace in the face of sabotage, Rinna was let go on the grounds that she didn't have enough fire to fight back and defend herself. Just what is this message that Donald Trump is sending to his viewers?

It looks to me like he supports and encourages bullying, rewarding those who play dirty for their dishonesty and cruelty, while firing those who behave in a kind, civilized manner. With all the effort put into teaching American kids about bullying in the aftermath of both suicides and mass murders triggered by such abuse, one would think that Donald Trump and these celebrities would behave in a more socially responsible manner. TV land may be their playground to make money, but there is some moral responsibility that goes along with the privilege of airing such a social experiment to millions of viewers.


fernvalley01 said...

I will simply say that I agree with you . You probably don't want to have to edit what I have to say about Donald Trump.

baystatebrumby said...

Sometimes I like Donald Trump and other times I think the man must be an idiot.

Gooddog_baddog said...

Very well said! Having just watched that episode last night, I have to totally agree with you in what you just said. I was disgusted with Star and Dionne's behaviour. I was shocked that they wanted their names on the cover! Star basically demanded her name be put on the cover and then Dionne wanted her fame as well. I'm even more shocked that Donald Trump did not say more than two words about that when it came up in the board room. That should've showed him right there that these two were not in it for the team aspect but more for just themselves.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I completely agree, but Trump is a fairly accurate portrayal of the rich and famous businessman and he didn't get there by being nice and fair.

The world is a messed up place for sure.

I don't watch that show as it's rather obnoxious and makes me want to take a shower afterwards. And I know I won't watch it now after finding out from you that Richard Hatch, the disgusting, offensive gay nudist from Survivor (his show being the last season I watched, by the way) is battling with a member of The Partridge Family.
What a joke. And just plain weird.


Paint Girl said...

I think I have only watched that show once. I just don't really care for it. And I also hate the rude, obnoxious behavior that these "stars" portray.

achieve1dream said...

Ugh I can't stand Richard Hatch. That show sounds awful. I can't believe they put that kind of . . . stuff on T.V. You're right, it can't be sending out the right messages to kids (or even certain adults) these days. Very sad.

Rising Rainbow said...

I didn't see the whole show but saw enough to hear they had thrown Rinna under the bus. I think that Trump's point was that she didn't stand up for herself when she could have.

Those two had the major roles in the project and it failed. They were the ones responsible for that and could have been fired for that but as project manager it was her role to point that out to Trump. Even when he gave her the opportunity to use that information by repeating it at least three times, she still didn't get it.

While I agree the other two behaved poorly and I think one of them should have been fired, as much as I hate to say it, I can understand why Trump was concerned about her leadership skills and that's why he fired her.

I really feel for her, I think she deserved better but I can also see how she contributed to the firing. She didn't have to say anything inappropriate or play any games to to save herself. I think she could have done a better job of explaining how they set her up and how they did not come through for her as promised, they were untrustworthy and deliberate in their manipulations. In addition she should have clearly stated they were the ones responsible for what caused the project to fail, which was both the subject manner and then the issue of the font and I think one of them was responsible for one of those aspects.

The rest of her team got rave reveiws on their part of the project. That was to her credit. She just didn't utilize the information available to her that showed she was strong enough to be there.

While I think its sad and I wouldn't have fired her, I can see why Trump did. I think had she been assertive things might have been different.

I hate to see the bullies win but that's pretty much life if the rest of us don't learn how to stand up to them. It takes a strong person to stand up to bullies and Lise Rinna didn't show she had it in her. I think that's sad.......and mostly I think it's sad for her. I would love to have seen her be assertive and appropriate and still give those two b*tches the what fors of it. Think of what a great statement that would have been.

duffylou said...

Turmoil brings in viewers and gets good ratings. I won't watch this year, but I have in the past when the celebrities really worked for their charities.

Wow. disgusting, offensive gay nudist.

I'm not fond of Richard Hatch, at all. I could list a number of reasons. None would be worded like that.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Regarding standing up for one's self: In my places of employment, pointing the finger at other employees is called whistle blowing, and it was very much frowned upon. Whenever there were lay offs, the tattlers were the first to go -- not the offenders. The offenders and people who kept a low profile stayed on. Management just didn't want anyone around who rocked the boat. I think there are also some social barriers set up for women, in particular, that tell us to sit down and shut up.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I really can't comment on this. I don't watch the show and I despise Trump.

Rising Rainbow said...

I totally agree with you about the practices with whistle blowers and the social barriers for women. I believe that operating with the status quo allows those things to keep happening, however.

I know it's really not fair that things are like that and I don't condone that kind of behavior. I don't condone how the other women treated Lise Rinna either.

I was simply stating my opinion that I thought from what Trump and his assistants said, that he may have done differently had Rinna been more assertive. I am not condemming her for not doing so, only suggesting things may have ended differently. I'm also suggesting that in the business world in a management position like that if a person doesn't hold their ground and stand up for themselves, they very well may be eatten alive as was Lise Rinna.

I might add I don't particularly care for Trump. The only thing I like about the show is that they do some good things for great charities. That's really my only appeal for that show at all.

I could probably write a book about how I feel about the way most contestants on that and other reality shows treat each other. I think it's a sad commentary on our society and I think opening up the conversation on this is a good thing.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

This is in response to Duffylou:


Maybe I should be more polite?

No. I'd rather just call it as I see it. Richard Hatch is a disgusting, offensive gay nudist.

Simple as that.

I don't see what the issue is with my wording.

I have no problems with any gays or lesbians. Several of my dearest, oldest friends are one or the other.
I also don't have any issues with nudists, although I don't really know any.
But I've been topless on a nude beach a few times and it was no big deal at all. It's just naked bodies.

What I do have issues with are individuals that use their nudity or sexual orientation as a pawn or weapon to purposefully make others uncomfortable and offend, which is what Richard Hatch did on Survivor.

Not only were others uncomfortable with his in-your-face nudity, but he earned the title of disgusting by sitting his naked butt on surfaces that the other people on the show had to sit on, as well as eat off of.....and he snickered and giggled about that the entire time.

Richard Hatch is a very calculated, offensive man and he used his nudity and being gay to win the game....which not only makes a bad name for gays, lesbians and nudists, but is exactly why Donald Trump chose Richard Hatch to be on his show.

Because they both would do just about anything at all to win.


duffylou said...


I really appreciate your explanation, while it certainly wasn't necessary.

I misinterpreted your comment and went automatically went into mama bear mode. My son is gay and I tend to take things personally at times.

This year's Apprentice is a waste of anyone's valuable time.