Monday, March 7, 2011

Two Down for the Count

The other day someone tried to indirectly criticize me by pointing out that she only blankets her horses in this rainy, muddy weather if they've been body clipped. Sunday was borderline with cold, but not freezing temperatures. I removed the horses' blankets and look what happened:

They felt cold and laid down for some warmth. Either that or they just felt incredibly relaxed since the next door neighbors had left for church.

For a minute there I was worried that the horses might have eaten something bad, because it is unusual for two to lay down at the same time, and I've certainly never seen Bombay flat out on his side, but then Lostine went behind my back while I was busy filming, and she broke out the gate to get into the haystack. By the time I was done chasing her back into the paddock, both Bombay and Gabbrielle were up and alert.

The sound you hear in this video when I crouch down is not me taking a dump.  It was Lostine.  I'd swear that mare evacuates something at least once every five minutes.

Now I'm off to go clean up the paddock in peace and to enjoy my few short hours of privacy.

Update:  You know how I'm always getting irritated with people who stare at me?  Well, this morning I had another annoying stare-a-thon with my neighbor.  He seemed fascinated with the way I coil a hose.  Then my family went to go see "The Adjustment Bureau".  We don't go to movies often, but I was going stir crazy being stuck at home during yet another rainy day.  (Great movie, by the way.)  After the movie, I went to the bathroom.  When I exited the bathroom, it seemed that everyone in the lobby was staring at me.  I strode right up to my husband and son, and the people around me parted like the Red Sea to let me pass, still staring at me.  We then went to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping.  While in the checkout line I noticed that both lines of people were all focused on me.  I looked at them a little harder and realized that they were all staring at my crotch.  I looked down, and sure enough, my fly was wide open.

Can somebody please make jeans with zippers that stay up?  I've tried using safety pins to hold them up, but they just break.  Does anyone else have some tip they can share on how to keep my barn door closed?


Mikey said...

Lol, my father used to call that "free advertising". I don't know about that, but I tell ya, all the jeans and leggings they sell these days, what the heck happened to the butt? Did mine just get big? Nothing stays up! I bend down to pick up a foot and my ass falls out. It's not cool.
As for the blanketing, what gets me are people who body clip and then DON'T blanket at all. I've seen those horses out there shivering. If a horse is shivering around here, it gets a blanket. Period.
Also loved my neighbor who body clipped and gave a cold water bath when it was 40 degrees out. W. T. F.? I thought the horse would catch it's death of cold.

fernvalley01 said...

Once you get the zip to the top,make sure you fold the little tab back down on itself,it is supposed to lock it (you may already know this but I didn't for years)beyond that ,long tops?
Funny thant your horses don't lie down much , my old mare would lie flat out on her side for hours! I used to say she could be dead a week before I noticed(not true I always called her when she seemed down a long time and she would lift her head as if to say "What?"

Katharine Swan said...

I think blanketing depends on the horse. Some horses don't get cold as easily, while others freeze if it's so much as breezy. Panama doesn't get a super thick winter coat and tends to shiver if he gets wet in cool weather, so I blanket any time it's below 15 OR snowy. I also tend to blanket more in the spring, because his coat is usually half gone by the time March and April -- our snowiest months -- roll around.

ellie k said...

Your horses look so completely relaxed in the pics.

achieve1dream said...

Ugh I hate zippers!! I've noticed the only time I have a problem with the zipper is when I pull my jeans down over my hips instead of letting them sit where they are supposed to. I wear mid rise jeans so they aren't way up around my belly button but sometimes they feel like they are so I'll try to pull them down over my hips (like low rise), but they aren't made to sit there and the zipper will slip. Other than that I don't usually have a problem with them. Just make sure they fit. It took me forever to find a brand that fits me well. Even if they say the same cut they don't necessarily fit the same. I hate shopping for clothes lol. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

The horses are so cute! I can't wait until Chrome trusts me enough for me to approach while he's laying down. He did when he was younger, but he was a baby and sleeping all the time. Now if he sees me coming he gets up. Brat. :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I think they look very comfortable. It's always a good thing to see them laying down. That means they feel safe.

Yes, bend the zipper tab down-maybe that will help. My problem is the low rise jeans not rising enough for my big butt.

Carol said...

Very cute pictures and video. Too funny about the zipper lol. I thought you were going to say there was toilet paper stuck to your foot. That's a good one too. I once walked the length of a busy pub with my dress tucked into the back of my tights (from the bathroom to my table). I could have died!
I was looking for the links to your books after reading your last post, but then saw in the comments that you'll link soon. Looking forward to it.
Thanks for the comments you left me re safe leading. Appreciated!

Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, gosh! I thought maybe you were dragging a trail of toilet paper or something! I actually had that happen to me once! I was on a FIELD TRIP with 120 third graders to the IMAX theater, ran to the bathroom before the movie started, so I could sit there with my class for 2 hours and keep an eye on them, and walked out of the bathroom with a tail! Fortunately I spotted it in a large mirror BEFORE I returned to my class, but I sure was embarassed!

Lulu said...

I sure don't see why anyone would critisize you for blanketing your horses. They are YOURS afterall, and you can care for them how you see fit. I've yet to hear of the authorities being called for someone who BLANKETS their horses!

I blanket my show mare all winter long to keep her from growing a wooly coat. This way I can get her shed out for the spring shows much more easily.

strivingforsavvy said...

I think your horses look so content! They would be shivering if they were cold. Great pictures!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ROFLMBO!!!! Too funny!

People are crazy and non-functioning zippers stink.

Sounds like you should buy some pajama jeans....they don't have zippers. lol!

The photos are great and your video is now one of my favorites. I love how trusting your horses are as you walk among them and touch them. They look so relaxed.


Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, Gawd, Nuzz Muzz, you are just too much. I should have known there was some reason all those folks were staring at you. LOL

Other than making sure that tab is down as FV said, I have no other ideas about locking zippers up.