Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hitting the Road

What is up with these 10-day weather forecasts?  I checked it on Friday and we had sunshine for the next 10 days, and then I checked it Saturday and suddenly we had rainstorms for 5 out of the 10 days.  Can't somebody send these cold fronts up north, so that they can take a different tract for a while?

I am going to have disappear for a while again.  I've been home for the past two weeks, but was mostly sick, limited by the legal process, and tied to the phone.  The gods have spoken, and now I am finally able to make that trip down south to plan the funeral and settle my mother's affairs as much as I can in the few weeks I have.  If I get any Internet connectivity it will have to be through an Internet cafe.  Of course, the day I have to make the 400-mile drive, it's supposed to rain throughout the entire stretch.  All I can say is that it had better not rain at the funeral.  I've had my fill of bad luck.

A number of other unneeded mishaps have happened including my brother's apartment getting robbed while he was in the hospital.  The robbers threw a party and thrashed his place, so he had to return home to a mess and is unable to clean it up with the use of only one leg and one arm.  People suck.  I can't help him because we are hundreds of miles apart and I need to be traveling the opposite direction right now.  Also, I received news that a lifetime family friend is terminally ill.  You know you've hit rock bottom when you have to choose between a relative who died to the south, a relative who is suddenly handicapped to the north, and a family friend who is on his death bed to the west.  There are so many people who could use my help right now.  I'm telling you -- something is in the air... and it stinks.

I wanted to spend my last day at home riding a horse on the mountain trails, but my husband said that too many people are relying on me right now, and I really need to avoid taking any kind of risks that could result in me being disabled.  I know I also need to take better care of my immune system because I've had so many different illnesses and health complications in the past few weeks.  I've also been very distracted, which makes me accident-prone.  I was stupidly walking forward while looking backward over my shoulder and I ran right into the bench press bar bell.  It had about 50 pounds in weights on it, plus the bench itself, and I managed to lift the entire thing up off the ground with my ribcage.  I didn't break anything, but it was a wake up call.

I hope the boys can hold down the fort and keep the neighbors and their guests from killing my horses while I am away.  I haven't taken pictures of the horses in a while, so here's how they are looking this spring after I put them on a diet:

Bombay has already had two baths and Gabbrielle has had one, but it all seems to be in vain this time of year since the ground won't stay dry and the horses take perverted pleasure in lying in their own poop.

Poor horses.  It looks like they will have to be dirty pasture and paddock ornaments for a while.


Leah Fry said...

I so hear you on the bad juju going around. I hope all goes well for you as you travel. Peace.

fernvalley01 said...

travel safely and I hope the "winds" will change and bring you a more positive time soon,
Hugs my friend

Mikey said...

I had to laugh at you walking into the weights. You do that too? I do it ALL the time.
I'm so sorry for what you have to deal with right now. When it rains it pours. Hoping it doesn't rain your whole trip.
We'll be praying for you and your whole family. I know it's a tough tough time right now. Sending you a cyber hug this morning.

Linda said...

Hope your trip goes well for you and you get sunshine. It does sound like you've had your share of bad luck lately. I'm really sorry to hear about your brother and your friend.

Breathe said...

Have a safe trip and we'll have you in our thoughts.

We can only do what we can do, and you are handling so much. Hopefully calmer seas will come soon.

Poop is the in color this year. This is what Smokey keeps telling me.

duffylou said...

Stay safe. Know in your heart
wherever you choose to go it will be the place you are most needed.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sure could use some of that rain down here. That little sprinkling we got last week didn't make up for 7 months of now rain and only two small snowfalls all winter. We are in a serious drought and the fierce winds aren't going to help the upcoming fire season at all.

The horses look great. The winter didn't give them a hard time at all and you've fed and care for them well.

Your hubby is wise to advise you not to ride or play with your horses for a while to avoid taking any kind of risks that could result in you being disabled.
There is some evil mojo going around right now and people are getting hurt and have bad luck by the tons.
Val was out riding Scout in the back 40 and he was spooked by a pack of dogs and reared over back wards. Val was riding bareback and fell off. She broke her ankle and possibly her tailbone, too.

Be careful out there and don't take any risks, my friend!


Dreaming said...

What a tough journey you face.. especially with so many other things tugging at you.
I cried at your brother's situation.

Travel safe.

achieve1dream said...

I'll be back to read this post, but wanted to respond to your comment. Our outbuildings were the only things damaged (I think we lost some shingles on the house, but no serious damage) and they probably weren't up to code because winds really aren't common around here. They are saying it was straight line winds, but there is evidence of rotation, so my guess is it was a funnel cloud (did not touch down). I'm just happy all of the animals are okay.

Crystal said...

I hope things settle down for you soon.

I just have to say the Gabrielle is so beautiful!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, you must feel really torn with all that going on in different directions no less. It would be bad enough in one place.

Hope you have a safe and productive trip and that life settles down for you.

achieve1dream said...

That really sucks. :( I hate that feeling of being pulled in a million different directions. I hope the weather is kind and the drive goes well. We'll miss you. Please be careful. My husband is accident prone too so I know how that is. :) Keep your eyes open (and facing forward lol) and breathe and you'll be okay!

The horses are adorable in all of their muddy pasture puff glory. :D

Once Upon an Equine said...

NuzMuz, wishing you lots of strength and health to get through all the challenges you are facing.

I'm sorry about your ill friend and the bad luck your brother is having. To be robbed while in the hospital just adds insult to injury.

Your horses look good. They will be content and happy covered in mud and manure. I hope you find them all well, albeit dirty, when you return home.

lytha said...

miss you.

Corinna said...

"perverted pleasure in lying in their own poop." That sounds like a trademark-able slogan if I've ever heard one! and ain't in the truth... I have a grey horse too, though it seems he would prefer to be green...