Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Looked Out My Window And What Did I See?

Six pretty maidens chomping on my tree.

I had to take pictures through the blinds at first so that I wouldn't scare them off. I know this is a common sight for many of you who live in the country, but considering that my town is quickly turning into a city, I found this gathering on my front lawn to be pretty exciting.

When the first couple of white tails strolled off toward the next property to the north, I stepped outside to get a few better shots. Oh oh, I've been spotted by the stragglers.

I always wondered why we never find deer roadkill around here, because I know that these deer having been frequenting our neighborhood at night and I also know that people drive like idiots, way too fast, often talking on cell phones while under the influence of one thing or another. We get a lot of car accidents and dead skunk, but never any dead deer.

It is because these deer are very cautious. They freeze and investigate whatever threat comes their way, and then they casually walk off, careful to stay on the side of the road away from vehicles.  The don't bolt across highways.  After seeing how this herd behaved, I realized why it is so easy for hunters to shoot them. I wish I could take a portion of my horses' flight instinct and pass it on to these pretty ladies -- just enough to get them to be wary of people, but not so much that they run blindly onto roads.


Tammy said...

Very cool! We have lived in the country since 1992 and very rarely have deer come thru our yard. I love to see the critters.

Dreaming said...

Beautiful! I am entranced by the deer, also. We seem to have two herds at our new home. We saw a few the other day and I was amazed at how carefully the crossed the road - I swear I saw a few of them look both ways before crossing!

fernvalley01 said...

What a treat! As frustrated as I get with them eating the hay here over the winter , they are beautiful creaturs and to see them in such a busy area is very unique

Anonymous said...

Beautiful young ladies.

I bet they share your feelings about the increased development in your area.

Once Upon an Equine said...

They are charming and a very pretty sight. I usually spot only gophers on my lawn when I look out the window. I'd rather see deer. Enjoy your visitors.

Mikey said...

I miss the deer. We rarely see them down here. They sure are beautiful, and I bet glad the snow is gone.
I accidently deleted/rejected a comment of yours today. Trying to work from my phone, my fingers are too fat. I couldn't get it back either :( Just wanted you to know, I didn't mean to!!!

Leah Fry said...

Wow. Great pix. We don't get deer on our property both because of the fence, and because there's not really much inviting here for them to eat. I see them occasionally crossing the highway on my way to work.

Katharine Swan said...

They actually look like mule deer, not white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer should have white on the underside of their tail and aren't as common west of the Rocky Mountains. Mule deer have the slightly bigger ears (like these ones) and the big white patch on the butt, with a black-tipped tail.

Interesting that yours are so cautious. Your loud neighbors must bother them, too! LOL Mule deer are usually much bolder than white-tailed deer. We have tons of them in the rural areas here, and they are pretty fearless. They graze near houses and alongside roads, and mosey across the street at their own pace, expecting people to stop for them (which they typically do). One of my fondest memories is hand-feeding the mule deer at the Royal Gorge as a kid.

Breathe said...

Lovely photos!

Deer in our neighborhood are still learning about vehicular darwinism. FOr a while there, I thought we'd weeded out all the "jump in front of the car, now" strain, but apparently, it's back. The roads around here are like a Vulture King drive thru with deer on the menu way too much.

Which gave me an idea - what if you put up a web camera on your property with a sign - Smile! You're on the internet!

Hope life is improving. Hang in there!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And I wish we could pass on some of their cautious curiosity to our horses so they don't think with their legs instead of their brains. :)

Great shots of the deer, even through the window. My windows need a good cleaning from all the blowing dust and pollen. My photos would come out cloudy and spotted. Hey! Dalmation Deer. hehe!

Actually I've never seen any deer anywhere near our property even though we are very rural. We back up to Open Space and National Forest land, so my guess is that we don't have deer in our backyards because the deer have no reason to leave the forests when they have plenty of food and safety there.


Rising Rainbow said...

So beautiful! We rarely get to see deer in herds like that. One or two at a time and that's it. The elk we see in herds though just not very often.

achieve1dream said...

Great pictures! I love watching the deer. :) Their calm, cautious way is probably what keeps them safe from the stupid drivers. I know how you feel about the hunters but with no natural predators (anymore grr) we have to thin out the population. Sad but true. I still would way prefer to shoot them with a camera than with a rifle. :D