Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Waiting For What's Next

My life has been on hold thanks to the slow processing of forensics.  I'm sure my mother would appreciate a funeral so that she can rest in peace, and I would appreciate getting her debts settled so that I can relax again, but there's nothing I can do except exercise patience.  In the meantime, my in-laws decided to visit.  I wasn't in any mood to be entertaining guests, but it was their spring break and they always come on their spring break.  I got sick while they were here.  I think my immune system just couldn't take anymore stress.  I ended up with another eye infection that left me temporarily blind in one eye, a head cold, and some flu symptoms.

I've been passing the time by researching the legal system, walking dogs, and by lunging the horses in an effort to get them into shape for trail riding.  The trails I ride are steep and I don't want the horses tying up or balking because they aren't in shape to tackle those hills.  Lostine and Bombay are steady as can be.  They both feel like seasoned horses this year. 

Gabbrielle is a different story.  One day I trotted her, and she was lame as a duck.  I made the decision to only ride her at a walk and not use her as a trail horse.  She would just have to be my pet.  However, the next day I lunged her and there was no sign of lameness.  She trotted, loped and galloped all over without missing a beat, so who knows what's up with her?  Whatever it is, it must be more related to stiffness and it works itself out over time.  She's been off and on for the past couple of years.  Her soundness just isn't reliable, and every time I attempt to set up an appointment for a lameness exam, she plays the role of the little girl who cried, "Wolf!"

Gabbrielle is also getting sassy.  She used to always have her ears forward and was eager to work with me, but now she pins her ears back and tries to evade me.  She also has started testing me, but it's easy enough to gain her respect back.  She's lost her sweetness and is morphing into a bitchy mare.  Dang hormones.

My son honored me by accompanying me on a hike this past weekend.  I had to get out of the house, but had to stay out of the public eye since my face has been all messed up.  This eye infection spans the length of both eyelids and down my cheek a little ways.  I could go hiking and wear my sunglasses and no one would notice. 

Along the way we found and signed the logs in 11 geocaches!  This was my first geocache outing in which I found every item I looked for.  I'm getting so used to searching for tiny containers that I got thrown when I stumbled across my first ammo box.  It was a huge green metal box bigger than a lunch pail and I just thought it was part of some electrical equipment at first.  The smallest geocaches were little bullet-sized containers on key chains with screw off lids.  People hang them on the inside of sagebrush plants and along fence posts.  I can imagine that once the sage starts blooming, those would be impossible to find within the bushes.

I still had many more geocaches on my list, but we were both sore, tired, and hungry.  Plus my in-laws were visiting, so we had to go back home.  In other news, my son won his first silver metal and broke his personal record in pole vaulting.  I remember thinking that when he started pole vaulting his sophomore year that there was no way he would ever be able to place in the top three, because there were so many competitors who had many more years of experience than he did. 

However, now that he's a senior, he is one of those competitors with many years of experience and he is finally placing in the top three at track meets.  Pole vaulting is one of those sports that you have to work at for several years before your effort starts paying off in metals.  My son is fortunate enough to have worked with one coach who was an Olympian and another coach who owns one of the biggest pole vault manufacturing companies in the country.  He always makes sure his athletes have the best equipment for their current skill level.

I haven't ridden any horses in recent weeks mainly because I've had to stay by the phone, the weather has been lousy, my in-laws have been visiting, I've been sick, or because my neighbor refuses to go inside his house.  The guy has totally taken over my riding space with his construction tools.  He opens up every hood, trunk, door and toolbox on all three of his trucks and putts around moving tools between trucks and his garage like a pack rat all freakin' day long. 

He runs his powers tools just a few feet away from my horse paddock and round pen.  He brings in big trucks to dump dirt and rocks and whatnot into his yard.  He brings in guests who sit in their trucks and rev their engines and honk their horns like little children who can't get enough attention.  Then he takes these long breaks in which he sits on his porch and stares into my yard for hours on end, leaving his truck doors swinging and banging in the wind.  I've never met a person who is so oblivious to the fact that he and everyone associated with him is constantly polluting the air with loud noises.  I know he's partially deaf, so that probably explains it.

The horses are finally starting to get used to the noises, but if I ride them and am taken by surprise, I'm sure I'll jump, which will cause the horses to spook.  I have a hypersensitivity to loud noises.  That's why I rarely attend parades, and if I do, I wear earplugs.  Plus I don't care to be stared at the entire time I'm riding.  There's a reason why I don't show.  Having eyes on me makes me uncomfortable.  I much prefer to be alone with my horse in the mountains.

My posts and comments will probably continue to be few and far between for a while.  I'll have to be doing a lot of traveling and won't have Internet connectivity.  I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  I know that my life has a pattern in which everything bad is followed up with something good.  It's just a matter of me being patient and waiting for better days.


fernvalley01 said...

Hugs to you , and gongrats to your son. Good to see with all you are feced with and dealing with you ae maintaining some optimism

Linda said...

I think that's the pattern in ALL of our lives. Hope you're feeling a little better and healing up. Your immune system is the first thing to go during times of extreme stress. Take care of yourself.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I know things have been rough, but it's still great to hear from you. I'm glad you've been able to get out, do some hiking and successful geocaching, too. And it must be a wonderful highlight to have your son in the medals. Yay!

Silly Gabbrielle. Apache has also been very moody and grumpy. The past few days I've tried to pet her while she's eating, she'll leave her hay pile and walk away from me, until I leave her alone. And she knows I won't follow her with her butt turned to me now.
My fear of being kicked again grips me tightly and I just about have a panic attack. I wish I knew how to get past it.

Take care,

Katharine Swan said...

NM, Gabbrielle's mood may just have to do with it being spring. I don't know about your mares, but at the barn where I board Panama, all the mares are grouchy because they are coming into season. I'm sure she'll soon be your sweet Gabrielle again!

My thoughts are with you... I hope things turn around for you soon!

Reddunappy said...

Nuzz muzz I am so sorry things have been so difficult for you. I am sorry about your Mom.
Things will look up soon!!!
Hang in there!!!

Leah Fry said...

I've been a bit absent from the blogosphere myself. I'm sorry to hear of your mother's passing. I hope you are able to get her affairs in order soon. Will pray for you and your brother.

Dang, there's a lot of this going around!

Dreaming said...

You sure have had a tough time of it. It's no wonder that you got sick. Too much stress, traveling and being down all can contribute.
Hopefully things will turn around now. I bet spring will help a lot of things!

Stephanie said...

Hugs, prayers, good thoughts, positive energy are all coming your way!

So sorry about your Mom and also about finding your brother in such condition. Things MUST start moving into an upswing for you.

Maery Rose said...

Death's in the family take a lot out of you and especially when there are legal issues. My Dad died over two years ago and it's still in probate. I know this is easy for me to say so I'll go ahead and say it. Let go of as much as you can and don't beat yourself up over what's not getting done. It sounds like you are trying to control so many things. I'm not trying to be preachy. I just have been there and done that and it will make you sick. Maybe concentrate on just one horse for now. I know that's hard but do what's doable, at least for awhile. I'm not sure what to say about people feeding your horses except stronger electric and zap the suckers. I'm thinking about you and hoping you can find some peace.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear you're having to spend your free time doing legal research on the web. That really sucks.

I'm glad to hear the horses are beginning to get used to those noises. At least that part is good. Thinking about earplugs. Have you thought about them for the horses with some of that stuff going on. I know people who have used them and swear they take the edge off for reactive horses.

Congrats to your son. Pole vaulting always amazes me. It's like a form of flying, I think. Glad he's stuck with it to get to the medals. That's very cool.

I'm sure hoping things turn around for you soon.

achieve1dream said...

Way to be positive! I'm proud of you. My new mantra is "In ____ time (usually I say a week) this will all be past and it won't be such a big deal anymore" or something like that. I'm tired and the exact words aren't coming to me at the moment, but you get the idea. It helps me to keep things in perspective because I tend to blow things out of proportion.

I'm not surprised you got sick. That kind of stress wreaks havoc on the immune system. I really hope you're feeling better now. That sounds horribly painful and annoying. Please try to take care of yourself.

Sorry Gabriella is turning into a mare lol. That's the reason I prefer geldings. I'm sure you'll get things straightened out between you and she'll go back to being sweet. Just be patient with her.

Chrome is still wonky on his rear legs and I'm wondering if he's going to be like Gabrielle with the off and on lameness. :( She's young too, so maybe it's like my farrier said and it's growing pains or stiffness from weird growth spurts. Chrome's seems to be more stiffness than actual lameness too. When money isn't so tight I'm going to have a chiropractor look at him.

Congrats on the geocaches and also congrats to your son for the silver. That's so awesome!! Keep pushing through it. Good times are coming soon for you I promise. Hugs!

Once Upon an Equine said...

I'm very sorry this is such a difficult time. You need peace and quiet, but that is hard to come by with your neighbors. I too am sensitive to noise.

I'm glad you had a bright spot, by going walking with your son. Congrats on his win in pole vaulting.