Saturday, May 28, 2011

Comments, Cleaning, Irony and Entertainment

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments.  I don't always respond to comments with comments and admit I am bad about answering questions, but I do smile at your kind words, laugh at your jokes, and appreciate all the words that people take the time to type into my blog.  I also appreciate the emails you send to cheer me up or show your support.  Thank you.  My blog friends are all so good, sweet, kind, and caring.  How did I get so lucky to find you?

I spent some time today organizing my own paperwork, because I really appreciated being able to find everything I needed in my mother's house neatly organized into folders.  My mother took a proactive approach to the fact that someday she would pass away and I would have to take over where she left off.  I, on the other hand, have been tossing receipts, statements, and random paperwork into grocery bags for way too many years.  It's time I shred what I don't need, file what I do need into folders, and go paperless on everything else.

It occurred to me that if I passed away tomorrow, no one in my family would know what accounts are current.  We have paperwork for accounts that we closed back in the 1990's.  There's no reason to keep all that garbage around.  I suspect my paper shredder will break from all the shredding, because it usually does.  Then I spend hours pulling little clumps of shredded paper from the blades with tweezers.  I'm definitely keeping the tax paperwork on file for 7 years, though.

Life is so ironic.  I say that a lot, but every time I look at the items my mother left me, I just shake my head in disbelief.  First off, before she passed away, I was contemplating not wearing make-up anymore to save money.  Every time I had to buy more powder, foundation, blush or mascara, I felt guilty because it was so expensive.  Then, while going through my mother's things, I found enough make-up to last me the rest of my life.  She was a loyal customer of a certain store that often gave her bags filled with make-up samples each time she made a purchase, so she had tons of unopened make-up products.

Also, each morning I would put on jewelry and often found that I didn't have anything in my collection to match what I was wearing.  I remember in recent years I'd give my kids a list of colors I needed to be added to my fashion jewelry collection, and they'd buy me whatever they could find in those colors for Mother's Day, my birthday, and Christmas.  Every once in a while I'd lose an earring, and then need something to replace the pair in the same color.  I bought my daughter a beading set so that she could make earrings in the colors I needed, and she did a wonderful job.  Unfortunately, those loose hooks would work their way out of my earlobes when I sat on the back of a trotting horse, so I was losing the jewelry faster than she could make it.

Well, my mother had a fashion jewelry collection that rivals the immensity of her make-up collection.  I still haven't had the time to look at each item, but now I've got enough jewelry in every color of the rainbow to last me and the next six generations of girls in my family for our lifetimes.  Some of my mother's jewelry dates back to the 1940's and 50's.  It's really fun stuff, most of which I suspect she had forgotten about.  I found much of it buried in drawers and up high on shelves.

Another problem I've been having is finding a pair of reading glasses when I need them.  It seemed every time I had to read something, it resulted in a hunt around the house.  I had two pair of reading glasses, but wished I had a pair for each room of the house.  I especially needed one pair at my desk, one pair on my bedside table, and one pair for the kitchen.  I can't read the cooking instructions on boxes and cans without glasses.  Well, guess what?  I found enough pairs of reading glasses in my mother's house to allow me a pair for every room in my house.

Had I only asked, I'm sure she would have shared much of this stuff with me while she was living, but I didn't know she had it.

Here's a picture of Bombay's sarcoid finally starting to shrivel up under 8 coats of Xterra.

Also, I had an interesting experience with my neighbor this morning. I was shoveling manure along the fence line and did a double-take to see this rabbit lying stretched out beside the goats. One of the goats started getting agitated about something and began nipping at the rabbit, which in turn hopped away.

I looked up to see my neighbor slinking around a tree and realized that the goat knew it was feeding time and didn't want any competition for the food. I asked my neighbor if the goats eat the rabbit's food and she said they do. Then she told me that she lost the other rabbit, and the people who own the rabbits and goats are coming to pick up what's left of them soon.

I had noticed that something had been digging holes under my fence in various places.  I'm surprised Bombay didn't stomp on the little guy.  My neighbor then loitered by the goat pen for a really long time after feeding them and I wondered what she was doing.

It turned out she was trying to get up the nerve to go inside the goat pen. As soon as she opened the gate, the goat with the biggest horns charged her and butted her right in the crotch! I'm sure that must have hurt, but for once I got some entertainment watching what was going on in her yard instead of her and her husband watching me for their viewing pleasure.

As I was writing this post, I heard the sound of hammering banging through my bedroom wall.  I looked outside to see that my neighbor has her husband out there repairing the rabbit hutch that the goats destroyed.  I guess they are trying to cover up the evidence of their negligence before the animal boarders show up and see it.  Like I said, I don't know why anyone would let these people care for their animals or children.  But after getting head-butted in the crotch, I'm sure my neighbor won't be eager to take on boarding anymore goats soon.


Breathe said...

Perhaps the goat was tired of the lurking too?

Glad Bombay is healing up. Keep letting that answering machine answer. :)

fernvalley01 said...

A mothers love that just keeps on giving ! So wonderful that she left you these great things and that you are apreciating them sounds like as much as she would .
Suppressing evil giggle about the goat!

Mikey said...

Priceless!! *big grin* That's the best :) I hope you stood there and laughed noticeably. Please tell me you did :)
Good stuff!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mikey - I think I laughed kind of like that old cartoon character dog with big jowls that always snickered in a sort of devilish wheezy whisper. (His name was Mumbly - probably before your time.) My neighbor couldn't hear me over her yelling at the goat, but if she looked at me I'm sure she would have seen me hunched over with my shoulders and belly shaking.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! Karma finally played out. I'm glad you had some laughter at the expense of your creepy neighbor. Yay for the goat, too! lol!

Lucky you that all your Mother's unused make-up is your color and type. Anytime someone wants to give me any make-up, it ends up being too dark or the wrong tone for me skin.

I don't wear jewelry, except for a few turquoise and silver pieces, so I would have probably passed it on to someone else if it had been left for me.


achieve1dream said...

HAHA serves the neighbor right!!

That's really awesome that your finding your mother's old things useful. She'd be so happy. :D