Thursday, May 26, 2011

Four-Legged News

  • The day I finally had time to ride, it rained and there were whirlwinds, so I didn't.
  • Bombay is finishing off his second round of Xterra for the sarcoid on his face, and for the first time it doesn't seem to be helping.
  • I cleaned and filled Lostine's water trough in her stall only to find it filled with bird poop and feathers the next day.  As I dumped the dirty water, I found a dead bird behind the trough.
  • I've been fortunate enough to have a Mantracker marathon running on the Science channel all day and watch tidbits when I get a chance to sit down.  Everyone is getting caught.
  • Bombay has been trying to attack the goats through the fence at feeding time.  Since the mares chase him away from the food, he needs someone smaller to pick on.
  • The goats next door were only supposed to be around "a couple of weeks", but we're past that now.
  • The goats somehow managed to shred the rabbit hutch, and I have no idea where the rabbits are.  Of course, my clueless neighbors haven't discovered the destruction yet.  They're not home and I don't have their mobile phone number.  I honestly don't know why anyone would let these people "take care" of their animals and babysit their kids.
  • Yesterday I ran outside in the rain to throw some hay into the horses' stalls, and my nosy neighbor came outside and pretended to be pulling weeds in the rain next to my barn. Who does that?  I know it's easier to pull up weeds when the ground is wet, but usually you run a hose on a sunny day to pull weeds.  This lady's M.O. is to move in as close to me as possible, and then as soon as I look at her, she bends over, sticks her butt toward my face, and pretends to be doing something important to the ground.  That's her cover.  She tries to pretend like she's minding her own business and that she has a reason for being so close.  I suppose that's better than her husband, who walks up to the fence and doesn't take his eyes off me for as long as I'm outside, but it's equally irritating.
  • I've been lunging the horses when I get a few minutes in order to get them into shape and refresh their ground training.  
  • Gabbrielle's lameness is much better.
  • I have yet to take the horses out to pasture.  I'm hoping that once my son is out of school, he can help.  If I lead just one horse to pasture, and then go back to the paddock to get another, all the horses panic and start galloping around tearing up the grass and creating a dust cloud that floats through the neighborhood, so it's better to lead all three at once to pasture if possible for the first few times after a long winter. 
  • Oh yeah, it snowed in the mountains yesterday.
  • Some neighbor has been having yet another series of truck deliveries all morning, and my house has been vibrating, so I'm going to the animal shelter to walk some dogs and hopefully enjoy some peace and quiet out on the trails.


Mikey said...

I wish I could just come up there and have some fun with your neighbors. The one who bends over... well if she wants to do that, just run into her big butt. Ooops, didn't see ya! Or start helping her pull weeds, being right up next to her. Hey, if they want to be that close to you, close the gap :)
The one who stares... I never lose a staring contest. Ever. If I'm really having fun I'll get real close to the person as I'm doing it. Get inside their "bubble". Trust me, if I want people to get gone, they do. Goes the other way too, if I want attention, I surely know ways to make the neighbors come outside and watch what I'm doing, lol.
You sure you don't me to come visit, lol?

Crystal said...

Glad gabrielle isnt showing any more lameness, home it stays that way.

fernvalley01 said...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Enjoyed the bullet updates. Your life is never boring or mundane. You deserve some peace and a little boredom. But what would do with yourself?
Your blog would suffer, too. lol!


achieve1dream said...

Yay for Gabrielle!!

Sorry the neighbors are being a pain, but at least it's the usual and not something new.

I hope the rabbits are okay . . .