Friday, May 27, 2011

My Hero

Last night I was lying on the couch with Scrappy at my feet when my Corgi Midge leaped up, coming down hard on my chest, digging her paws into my ribcage. This is a habit that hurts and I want to discourage her from doing it. I don't mind if she jumps into my lap, but jumping onto my chest is whole different thing.

So, I started doing fake crying to let her know that hurt. Scrappy came to attention and pounced on Midge, growling and taking nips at her. I had to put my hand in front of his mouth to prevent that, and he whimpered in frustration because I wouldn't let him protect me. Sometimes good watch dogs come in small packages.

I walked a bunch of dogs at the shelter yesterday, and found myself feeling impressed by a blue Queensland Heeler. This little gal was the first shelter dog who heeled next to me on our walk, and when I talked to her, she actually looked at me as if making an effort to acknowledge my existence and to try to understand what I was saying. She helped me investigate more ATV/horseback riding trails and if I stopped too long in one spot, she'd gently try to climb up the side of my leg into my arms. I wanted to take her home so bad, but I promised my husband I wouldn't bring home any more dogs.

My husband has been encouraging me to get back into photography and things that interest me, because it seems I've done nothing but work on settling my mother's estate for the past two months. First he sent me an advertisement for a photography contest, but I wasn't interested. It seemed like a lot of work with only a small chance of winning. Then he pointed out that there will be a tour of the barns in my area along the Emmigrant Trail at the end of June, which would help me with that barn calendar I was planning on putting together for 2012.

I decided I should look into that. Then he found that an intuitive medium and pet psychic will be doing a show at a casino in June, so we are talking about buying tickets. That would be right in line with the most recent novel I've been writing. I haven't been able to touch that novel since my mother passed away. Maybe this show might inspire me to pick it up again.

We are still in that dang pattern of having it rain or snow every Sunday, my best day to ride the horses. Earlier this week I was looking ahead to the 10-day forecast feeling excited because we were about to have the first dry Sunday in a long time. Then this morning I looked at the forecast again, and it is supposed to be pouring rain on Sunday. This is ridiculous. I think we need to change the calendar to get out of this rut. For now on, weekends off from work and church are on Wednesday and Thursday, the sunniest days of the week.


Crystal said...

We are having rain almost every day here. Its getting kinda redudant. But they keep saying sun, but everyday I go look they put the sun off for another day, grr.

RiverBend Farm said...

Rain? What's that?
I wish I could come scoop up that little Queensland Heeler.. I love 'em!

Breathe said...

I hope the heeled finds a home quickly.

It's tough to break out of routines even when they make us unhappy. I hope you can change your own calendar.

achieve1dream said...

Sorry about your weather. I know it sucks.

I'm glad your husband is encouraging you to get interested in your hobbies again. And that you're still walking the shelter dogs (that heeler sounds awesome). Both of those things will help get you through this tough time. Sorry I'm so behind on reading your blog. I miss hearing what's going on so I'm going to try to catch up soon.