Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sky is Falling

Even the horses are asking me, "Will it ever end?"

This was during one of many hail storms yesterday.  Those canopy overhangs on the barn come in handy when the horses want to avoid getting pelted by foreign objects falling from the sky, but don't want to have to listen to the loudness of it hitting the aluminum roof from inside the stalls.

One of the goats next door climbed under two pieces of wood propped up like a tee-pee that was placed there for the rabbits to stay out of the sun and get away from the goats.  The lost rabbit either was found or decided to return to its friends.  So, two goats and two rabbits had to sit outside getting pelted by hail while the other goat appeared to be stuck under the wood bleating non-stop. 

Now that it's Monday the sun it out and I don't detect any wind.  Let's hope it stays this way for a while.  We'll still be below 65 degrees for a week or so, but at least we're out of the various forms of precipitation.


Maery Rose said...

Crazy weather... It is so windy outside right now where I'm at. And dark. It's looking pretty ominous. Maybe I better turn on the radio... I hope you get to enjoy the outdoors today.

fernvalley01 said...


Michelle said...

Geez Louise!!! You should come for a and sunny here!

Crystal said...

nice they have a shade. Hope you get some nice weather and no neighbors for a while.

Mikey said...

You have got to move to AZ. I would have lost my mind by now. That's COLD!!!

lytha said...

we hit 91.5F today as i worked the lawn mower almost all day. i thought i was gonna die. let's trade!!!

baasha avoids his shelter in hail too, because it's so loud. really ear splitting, i understand. we have to get that insulation up.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's sad that the goats don't have any real shelter to escape the weather. My goats are the first critters around here to run into the barn whenever it snows or rains. Even when the wind is fierce, you'll find them hiding in the barn.

I'd be happy for some snow...any kind of moisture. These furious dry winds are playing tricks on my mind and making me think I'm at the ocean. My walls and bed are vibrating from the gusts of wind as I type this. gah!


achieve1dream said...

Poor goat. :(

That picture of your horses is so cute! I love Gabriel's cute face!