Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes I'm Right, Sometimes I'm Wrong

Every time that I walk outside and find that my neighbors or their boarders released their horses into their front yard, I collect my horses and put them in stalls and pens where they cannot touch noses with the neighbors' horses.  My husband thought my behavior was a bit extreme, but I've been sticking to my guns on this one.  These people ride and trailer their horses all over the place, their horses do not look healthy, and I do not want my horses picking up on any diseases from them.

Now with the EHV-1 outbreak, I know that my gut instinct and reaction in this case was warranted.  Of course, this is just one more way in which my annoying neighbors have encroached on my space.  By allowing their horses into an area where they can reach over the fence into my property to get acquainted with my horses, the space I created for my horses has shrunk.  Have you ever known someone who manages to disrupt your life with every choice they make?  That's my neighbors.

I may have to work my way up to keeping my horses in the pasture full-time if these neighbors are going to make a habit out of putting their horses next to my paddock.  Yesterday, even after the news of the equine herpes virus was plastered everywhere, my stupid neighbor cut her horses loose yet again to co-mingle with mine.  I promptly put my horses in their stalls.

Bombay has a sarcoid growing on his cheek, and I was planning on administering another application of Xterra when my neighbor came running out of her house waving her arms and yelling at one of her horses that was reaching into the goat pen to eat the goats' hay.  My horses got all worked up at her excitement, and they started spinning in their stalls.  I had to postpone my veterinary care until the witch went away, as usual.  She just stood by the goat pen and wouldn't leave until I went into my house, which is typical.  Then once she realized that it was too much work to keep the horses out of the goat pen and that I had put my horses away to prevent "socialization", she put her horses away.

I was then able to let my horses out.  You'd think that fact that I always relocate my horses when her horses are in contact with them might give her a clue that I don't like it when she moves her horses to her front yard.  I know she's just trying to get them to eat the weeds, but it's too risky under the circumstances.  She's basically moving her horses closer to all the neighborhood horses, and my other neighbor has some very valuable show horses that can't afford to get sick.

That was a case in which I have been right to prevent contact between my horses and the neighbors' horses.  However, I was wrong to be so impatient with DirecTV each time they called.  They've been calling for over a month requesting to speak with me, and since I know that my bills have been paid and there is nothing I need from them, my husband and I have been putting them off.  My husband just kept telling them I wasn't home, because he knew I had enough to deal with and was protecting me from phone solicitors.

As a result they kept calling earlier and earlier in the mornings and later and later at night.  The last time they called too early on a Saturday morning I yelled at the man and hung up, figuring they were trying to sell me more of their product.  Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail from them explaining that they are giving me three free months of Showtime as a reward on the two year anniversary of my business with them, and they already switched it on.  Dang.  I've had the ability to view some great movies this past month and didn't know it, because we have our channels preset to avoid all the infomercials.

I know they are just trying to get us hooked, so that we will pay for the larger package after three months, but I'm enjoying actually being able to watch a movie at night when my insomnia won't let me sleep.  Usually, there is nothing on at 2:00 AM and I have to sit in the dark and stare at the walls. 


Mikey said...

I swear your neighbors lack common sense. I don't know how you stand it. We're not going anywhere or letting our horses be near any other horses. I just realized that someone we know went to a cutting horse show last week. Wade does shoe for them, but hasn't since before that show. They called this morning and said they're watching their horses closely and aren't going anywhere either. I just now did a post about farriers and EHV-1. I've got Wade fully paranoid, lol, and disinfected like crazy. I worry that farriers would unknowingly transmit this virus really easily. I hope the fact that we have better communication these days helps lock this thing down. Very scary stuff.

lytha said...

You have your channels set to avoid infomercials - wow, is that possible? You live in a whole'nother world from me!

I wish we had cable, we just have this old sattelite dish that only gets a few - all German - channels. Back when we lived in the city, we had one English channel - CNN!! That was great. Oh well.

I got a kick out of your neighbors wanting your help ??? with the goat/horse problem she created. Uh...right.

I wish so much that you could be in my place sometimes, enjoying the silence despite neighbors doing their thing. It's just enforced by the law here so people are really careful what intrusions they create. (Then again you have several freedoms I miss very much.)

Would you be willing to sacrifice freedoms for regulated quiet?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - I'm sure she didn't want my help. She was just trying to remain at a standpoint where she could keep an eye on me. Her M.O. is to always come outside and find something to do near my barn so she can watch me. She could have easily asked if she needed my help, as I was only a few feet away from her, but she didn't. I would sacrifice some freedoms for regulated quiet and privacy. It just depends on how much and which freedoms.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Been reading the blog lately and finally posting...

That sucks about your neighbor. Thankfully two of ours are across the street and the two that we share a fence line with- one has cows and the other its his driveway and backyard pool area. Otherwise we have kept our horses home too.

Don't sign on with the movie channels unless you are loving Dish and all they have to offer. We had Dish. Hubby tried cancelling the movie channels. They gifted them to us for 3 months... when we tried to ditch cable altogether?

They had instead restructured our contract to include the movie channels and we were locked in again... We had to either keep them and pay monthly or pay the early termination fee. The ET fee was the cheaper route and we no longer even have the local channels. Been kind of nice.

Hulu and several other type things have just about every show on tv in their line-ups. Takes a day or so to get the latest episode, but it is FREE!

Reddunappy said...

I am afraid I might go postal on neighbors like that!! Sheesh

Some people have had luck feeding flax seed when sarcoids come up, you need to crush or grind the whole seeds, though. Omega 3s are one benefit.

Greys get them so much more, but my moms buttermilk buckskin got one on the inside of his leg, which went away after she started feeding flax. Another freind had a dark liver chestnut, that had a really bad one inside his stifle, she uses xterra and anything else that might work, and never got rid of his sarcoid. I hope his goes away soon!

Breathe said...

I hope the sacroid heals quick.

Maybe if the neighbor had the movie channel she'd stay inside and watch TV...

fernvalley01 said...

Ya win some ya lose some , but Kudos to you for being so vigilant and keeping the nieghbors horse form contact with yours, sounds like if they are careless about so much else EHV isn't the only thing you are at risk of .
Enjoy the movies while you have them and hopefully get some sleep too my friend

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Oh, your neighbors!!! Poor you. They sure make your life difficult.
It's too bad about Bombay's face. I sure hope it goes away. Annie has a big lump under her tail that she's had for years. Grays tend to get them. Thankfully, it hasn't gotten any worse, however.

Once Upon an Equine said...

I hope you have good results treating Bombay's sarcoid. Sorry that your neighbor is such a pain. You are wise to protect your horses.

Rising Rainbow said...

You'd think your neighbor would finally get things figured out. I guess some people are just too dense or uncaring. Hard to tell but definitely frustrating.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good idea not letting your horses rub noses along the fence.
My pastures share a fence line with Val's arena and barn, but she's obviously not taking her horses anywhere, just as I'm not trailering Apache anywhere, so I think we're pretty safe.

I rarely ever watch TV, but I do enjoy a good movie sometimes. We have a Netflix membership, too, and I wish we could just cancel our Direct TV, but the kids and John like to watch stuff on it sometimes. What can ya do?