Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strange Morning

Today is the day that my son competes in the regional championships for pole vaulting.  Ever since yesterday my gut instinct was telling me to stay home.  There was no logic behind it.  I just felt that I needed to be home.

So, my husband left with the camera to go film the event and shortly after he left around 8:30 AM, a strange man came to the door and knocked.  My hair stood on end, because my husband's boss had an experience a while back in which he left for work in the morning, and a strange man knocked on his door right after he left.  His wife was scared to answer the door, and the guy turned the doorknob like he was testing it to see if it was unlocked.  She went to the window to ask him what he wanted, and he claimed his vehicle had broken down and he needed to use her phone.  She said she would make the phone call for him, and she went to get the phone, but when she returned, he was gone.  This guy who came to my door fit her description of the guy who came to her door.

Of course, because he knocked, the dogs went nuts and I couldn't open the door without them attacking him.  I couldn't talk through the window, because the barking was so loud that I couldn't hear anything.  I contemplated going around the back and approaching him from behind at the front door, but that would take too much time.  So, I shoved the dogs aside, ordered them to sit, and squeezed out the front door, taking a chance that the guy wouldn't try to enter the front door knowing it was guarded by vicious dogs.

I slammed the door behind me and said, "I can't answer my door, because my dogs will attack.  That's why I have NO TRESPASSING signs all over the place."

I always like to point out those signs, because it continually astounds me how strangers still come to the door despite the fact that they are clearly not welcome.  The guy kept his hands in his pockets as if trying to be submissive and he told me that he blew a tire on his trailer, and he wanted to know if there are any places around here where he could get a new tire.  I told him where, and he said he saw a place further away.  Then I thought, why is he asking me if he already knows where there is a tire place?  I was trying to save him some gas by telling him about a place that was just a mile away, and he insisted on going to the place that was three miles away. 

He was acting strangely, probably because I was not being friendly and I made him uncomfortable, but it is really strange to come to my door right after my husband drives off so early in the morning.  I was in my battle stance, ready to defend myself should he make a move.  I was half-expecting him to ask to use my phone, which would be suspect since most people carry mobile phones now-a-days.  Then he explained that he can't drive his trailer and asked if he could park it on my property until he gets the tire changed.  I softened up a bit, because this is the first time anyone has ever been respectful enough of my PRIVATE ROAD signs to ask permission to park there, so I pointed to the spot where he could leave his trailer.

He was hauling an off-road vehicle on his trailer, and he backed that off the trailer to park in the spot I pointed out, then put the spare tire on the flatbed trailer and drove off, so I guess he was legitimate, but you can never be too careful.  I've been very paranoid about letting people into my house ever since I brought home my mother's stuff.  I have paperwork that is crucial to settling her estate and I don't want anything to go wrong, whether it be fire or burglary or someone inadvertently knocking something important into the trash. 

Then right after he drove off, the phone rang.  I looked at the clock and thought it must be my husband or son, because no one in his right mind would call that early on a Saturday morning.  It was a DirecTV salesman!  I got pissed and yelled, "It's waaaaay too early in the morning.  Goodbye."

They've been calling me before 10:00 AM and after 8:00 PM, and I feel that is totally inappropriate.  You are NOT going to win over customers by waking them up!  DirecTV has been totally hassling us to buy bigger packages and they won't take no for an answer, so I'm thinking about switching to Dish because I'm tired of being harassed.  I don't know if Dish would leave me alone or not, though.  They may run their company the same way.  TV is like the absolute least important thing to me right now, and it's really hard having to put up with high pressure salesmen when I just had a death in the family and have much bigger issues to deal with. 

Since the morning has started off on such a crazy note, I'm not exactly looking forward to the rest of the day.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that we've got another storm moving in?  Every Saturday the wind and rain have to screw up my son's track meets, and the snow and hail have to pummel us every Sunday, which is the only day I can really work with my horses on my own property without having distractions from next door.

Darn it!  The phone just rang again.  This time it was my husband reporting that the top 3 pole vaulters go to the State finals, and our son came in 4th.  Dang.  He's got to be so disappointed.  Poor guy.  He worked so hard and I'm proud of him.  Apparently, he cleared the bar by a lot, but just knocked it off on his way down.  It's kind of like jumping horses.  You can't bump the jump.

My husband said that he saw the guy who came to the door as he was driving off, so that means the guy saw him drive off, but still came to the door knowing that one of its occupants left.  Just a few minutes ago the guy came back with his truck and trailer and parked them blocking the end of my driveway, which is one of my pet peeves, and then he drove away in the off-road vehicle.  That's kind of strange.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to drive somewhere and couldn't get out of my own driveway because of someone blocking it.  I noticed that people did that at my mother's house too.  It seems awfully inconsiderate to block someone in their own driveway.  I mean, are we a civilized society or not?  You don't park your car in the aisle at Wal-Mart.  You find a parking space.  Around here, there is plenty of road to park on without the need to block someone's driveway.

Last night a car alarm went off and it sounded like it was coming from our driveway.  I ran to the door and the alarm stopped right when I switched on the porch light and opened the door.  I went outside and looked around, but couldn't figure out the source of the alarm.  So, there's been a lot of odd activity around our neighborhood, which is making me paranoid.  On top of that, we've been having a lot of local earthquakes that make the walls creak and crack so that it sounds like someone is breaking into the house.  Ugh.  I need to take an anti-anxiety pill.


Mikey said...

I would take an anxiety pill too. Those things are a Godsend when you need em.
Weird goings on. I'd worry about that guy too, that's very odd. Isn't it nice to have the dogs though? Still, some people aren't deterred by them. Please be careful. I can't believe people ignore your no trespassing signs. Round here you ignore one of those and you WILL be met by a gun (it's happened to people I know). It would have to be a hell of an emergency to get me to trespass on my neighbor's places.

TeresaA said...

that is a weird morning. I am glad that you are okay but be careful of this guy.

I also hear you on the phone calls. I used to give to a charity every year but then they started calling every other month asking for more and trying to make me feel guilty. I finally stopped giving (I did give a few warnings).

Ms Martyr said...

We have Dish Network and they don't call us. We do have the premium package, sans HBO, Showtime, etc., so that may be why they don' bother us. Their billing system is very confusing, however, and never makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

Strange indeed. How odd he drove off again. My No Trespassing signs don't work either. My sneaky brown dog works much better, lol.

Wazzoo said...

I use Dish also. Never get phone calls from them and I use auto pay so I don't get paper bills either. I've never had a screw up on my auto billing with them. Love it and have been using them since 2001 or 2002. Can't remember exactly. It's been a long time though.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Strangers coming to your door, blocking your driveway, car alarms going off at night, weirdo nosy neighbors, rude drivers, creepy people in stores, and now earthquakes.

Girlfriend, I wish I could just come up there and steal you away and bring you back to New Mexico. You really need to move...


achieve1dream said...

LOL Can you share your anxiety pill?? Just kidding. I hope things settle down soon. I hate when people start acting weird. I get paranoid too. Did the guy ever come back and move his stupid truck out of your driveway? If someone parked in my driveway I'd probably key their car or call the cops. People are so inconsiderate. There is a fast food restaurant right next door to where I work and people have actually parked blocking their drive through lane!! Stupid!