Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Sloppy

I find it ironic that whenever I try to save myself some time, I end up paying for it with more of my time.  I'm trying to burn the phrase "shortcuts are too good to be true" into my brain.  I took down our driveway barrier so that I could get my truck and horse trailer in and out without the extra step of having to deal with the driveway barrier.

So, today I was sitting in the shade of some trees waiting for the mail carrier, so that I could hand him some outgoing mail that was too big to fit in my box, and I heard a slow moving truck coming up the road behind me.  I waited and waited for it to pass, but it didn't, and it sounded like it was on top of me.  I whipped around to find the the driver of this truck and trailer trying to turn around in my U-shaped driveway (the one with the PRIVATE DRIVE -PLEASE STAY OUT sign), only when he got to the other end of my U, he discovered it was blocked by two of my parked cars.  So, I had to watch him while he backed up to make sure that he didn't hit any of our other vehicles on his way out.  If I had just kept the poles and chains up, he would have never tried that stunt in the first place.  We have a street.  I don't know why people don't just use that instead of treating my driveway like it is a major thoroughfare. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say that usually within a few minutes of me taking down that barrier, some stranger is turning around in, or attempting to drive through, my driveway.  Anyway, I ended up paying for my laziness in the end, because the guy kicked a ton of debris into the holes for the poles, so I had to go find my long spoon and dig it all out in order to be able to get the posts back into the the ground.  It's times like that when I wish I at least had a fake shotgun so I could step in front of the trespassing driver's vehicle cradling it in both my hands.  The only problem with that approach is that it would only scare that one driver away, and I'd have to do the same thing with the next fifty drivers for them to learn their lesson too. 

I wanted to quickly move the horses out to pasture and realized there wasn't enough room for the horses to squeeze between my truck and the fence.  I asked my son to halter each horse while I got the keys and moved the truck and trailer.  When I got out of the truck, I saw my son chasing the horses around and keeping within kicking distance.  I told him to back off just in case one of them gives a warning kick, not to mention that chasing a horse doesn't do any good.  In his defense, he was trying to corner them.  I could see that Lostine was getting pissy, and I worried that my son wasn't using his common sense and was going to get hurt.

Lostine was in full-on run-from-the-halter mode, so I grabbed Bombay and started heading for the pasture in hopes that she would follow and allow my son to halter her once she understood where we were going.  Before following us, she stopped to poop, and I told my son to halter her fast.  If there's one thing about Lostine that prevented her from having a career as a show horse, it's that she refuses to budge when she's pooping.

My son caught her, but I was so busy keeping an eye on his safety that I wasn't paying attention to Bombay or the fact that he was grazing while stepping on his lead rope and I had my end of the lead rope wrapped in a loop around my hand.  When I turned to start walking toward the pasture, Bombay tried to lift his head and freaked when he couldn't.  Sometimes he keeps his cool and simply lifts his foot, but this time he panicked, reared up and ran backwards, pulling the loop tight around my hand and dragging me with him.  Thanks, guy.

When he stopped, I quickly corrected the way I was holding the lead rope to get out all of the loops -- something I know I should be doing in the first place.  But I got distracted because I was in a rush and didn't use my good horsemanship skills, and I paid for it by nearly getting hurt. 

Of course, I'd been waiting all morning for a phone call and when I got back inside the answering machine was blinking.  What is it about people that makes them decide to call my land line as soon as I step outside?  I decided not to return that call, because I was waiting for a more important call and wanted to leave the line open.  As soon as I had that thought, the phone started ringing and as soon as my son would hang up with one call it would ring again.  The poor kid had been trying to make and eat his lunch when I dragged him outside to move the horses, and now he couldn't eat because everyone and his brother decided to start calling him all at the same time before he could make his sandwich.

I sat back and witnessed the insanity, listening to his complaints and thinking, "Hey, at least it's not me for once."


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Nice to hand that "heavy load" for someone else to carry for a little while, eh?
You deserve a break from it all, even if just for a few hours.
I'm glad you weren't hurt by Bombay.

No one calls our house the entire day....until I go sit on the potty. Rrrrrring! gah!


fernvalley01 said...

it sucks that you trying to make life more convenient for yourself results in people tresspassing. We are all entitled to take it easy now and then . Glad you didn't get hurt, its amazing how quick a lead rope can wrap

achieve1dream said...

LOL nice to have them calling your son for a change. :D

I'm glad you weren't hurt with the lead rope mishap. I have to correct myself sometimes too. I try to be really conscious of it, but sometimes I forget.

We just had someone turn around in our driveway today too. Luckily they didn't disturb anything or cause any damage. :)