Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday Aft

The general insanity of Tuesday morning continued well into the afternoon.  While I was getting some paperwork together, someone kept slamming a car door outside or perhaps a gate was banging in the wind, and each time the dogs heard it they ran at the door barking. I couldn't concentrate at all on the paperwork, so I gave up. Then the UPS man showed up with a delivery and I had to run outside to meet him so that he wouldn't knock on the door, because the dogs attack the door anytime someone knocks or rings the doorbell, and I can't open the door because they are so small that they will slip out the crack and attack the person on the porch.

I made a bunch of phone calls, and my son walked in the door right when I was on the phone, so the dogs started barking and I had to shut the door to my office to hear. Not even five minutes after my son walked in the door, I was in the process of answering an email when I heard footsteps bounding up the stairs to my front porch and a knock came on the door. The dogs went berserk. I couldn't open the door until I ushered the dogs out back. I looked out the kitchen window and saw a strange van blocking my driveway.  I was irritated that yet another stranger felt comfortable blocking my driveway, trespassing on my property, and knocking on my door without an invitation.  This is getting to be a weekly routine around here.  I may have to resort to placing spikes or hot coals along my walkway since the NO TRESPASSING signs don't seem to be having any effect.

While I was putting the dogs out back and contemplating whether I could spare the time or even wanted to answer the door, knowing it wasn't Ed McMahon or someone offering to help me in some way, my son answered the door.  As soon as I heard, "Is the lady of the house here?" steam started pouring out my ears.  I was very busy and in no mood for a friggin' sales pitch.  It was one of those carpet cleaner salesman from the same company that tried to rob us several years ago.  (That's a long story in itself.  I think I've told it before.)

The guy asked me what letterboxing is, in an attempt to start up a friendly conversation, because I had a "I Heart Letterboxing" window decal in my window, designed and given to me by fellow blogger Lisa. I told him it's a long story that I wasn't inclined to explain to him at the moment. He asked if I had any stains in my carpet. I said I wasn't interested. He continued to pressure me to let him in my house so that he can demonstrate his product.

I know this routine.  One guy comes to the door, and if you agree to let him remove one stain from your carpet, several guys pile out of the van and next thing you know you have all these strange men in your house cleaning everything in sight, including your mattress.  The whole time they are looking at all your personal stuff, asking nosy questions about how much this cost, and how much that cost, how many computers do you have, do your dogs bite, and where are you going next weekend.  Then the boss comes in and lays a guilt trip on you for accepting a free house cleaning, and insists that you now buy their steam cleaner for several thousand dollars.  You argue with him and next thing you know 4 hours has passed and your day is over.

So, I told the guy on my doorstep we just had a death in the family and have bigger things to worry about than stains in carpets. He apologized and left. I thought, "Hey, maybe I should have a death in the family every day. It seems to get me out of a lot of things."

I just have to be careful not to say that to any of the religious groups that come around recruiting members.

I still had several errands I needed to run, but wasn't in the mood at the rate things were going.  My gut was telling me to go outside, even though I didn't know what I needed to go outside for.  I had been running around answering the phone and the door and emails ever since the farrier left, and little did I know that 4 hours had passed during all that running around.  I stepped outside and realized that the poor horses were still locked up from when the horses next door were loose.  I quickly surveyed the neighbor's property to make sure that the horses were put away, and then I released mine to roam free.

I picked up the mail hoping to finally get something that will be in my favor, something like the pink slip to my mother's car or a check for a refund for something, but no, I got a bill from the coroner.  That was depressing.  I didn't even want my mother to go to the coroner's office, but was given no choice and now I have to pay for their unwanted services.  I'm beginning to learn that America is far from being the land of the free.  There is an awful lot of government interference in our lives.  More than I ever imagined.

I decided to sit down and get some rest, try to chill out for a while, when the phone rang.  It was my brother informing me that he's being evicted from his apartment, despite having a broken shoulder and a broken knee.  Ummmm, his condition can't be that bad if he's managed to get himself into enough trouble to be evicted.  Apparently, he thinks I've instantly inherited a ton of money and can loan him some to bail him out of his latest problem, contrived, imagined or otherwise.

Nope.  Haven't seen a dime.  I'm still just paying off my mother's debts as well as my own family's debts, and I'm still unemployed.  (Is there any way I can move to get away from my crazy neighbors?  Nope.  Not today.)  I wish I could make my brother take on some of my Trustee responsibilities so that he can face reality.  I was really hoping that I could grieve for a few months before the vultures alight on my shoulder, but I actually had people hounding me about money at my mother's wake.  People suck.

I had one guy say to me, "It's not like you and your mother were close.  You lived in different states, so her death must not be too hard on you."  I was speechless.  What does proximity have to do with closeness?  My mother was my best friend.  We were two peas in a pod.  The entire dynamic of my life has changed without her.

Today I've got several more hours of paperwork, paying bills and another meeting with an attorney.  I know all this has to wrap up at some point, but right now there's no light at the end of the tunnel.  Other people keep acting as if I've got all the time in the world, so they try to schedule things for me.  They think I'm past the responsibilities of settling the estate.  It's only been two months and I've got a minimum of four more months of this hectic schedule.  It's just one of those things that I can't expect anyone to understand unless they are going through it at the same time as I am.

So, if I call my neighbor "the stupidest woman in the world" while she's within hearing distance, slam down the receiver on unwanted phone callers, refuse to do favors for people who think they are in need, or if I am cold to salespeople who knock on my door, I hope the world will forgive me.


fernvalley01 said...

Sending you a huge hug, and hopes for restful times ahead.I am sure many of us would be irritated with half of what you deal wioth day to day with the intrusions of the neighbors and salesmen etc, add to that the loss of your mom, hugs my friend ,all you need when you need 'em

Cut-N-Jump said...

One of the absolute Best Signs I ever seen was in the front window of a house when I was delivering their newspaper.

No Soliciting. If I have not contacted you requesting your services- I obviously don't need them.

As for Religion- My own faith will save me.

It was only the words, printed up on a sheet of paper and home computer, but pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

My new tactic for people who ignore my No Tresopassing signs is to say "Posted No Trespassing; I'm calling the sheriff." The leave in a hurry and don't come back. My hubby got me sign that says "No Trespassing - Violators will be shot - Survivors will be shot again" but I haven't put it up yet.

Leah Fry said...

My mom, who just visited this weekend, said it took a year and a half to get her late husband's affairs in order. Sure hope it doesn't take quite so long for you.

And I'll forgive you.

Mikey said...

People are so incredibly insensitive. I'm so sorry you have to endure that stuff. You are much more graceful and tactful about everything than I would be.

Dreaming said...

I think stuff like this must be some sort of corollary to Murphy's Law. It always seems that unwanted visitors ring the doorbell when you are up to your elbows in something. And, now you get the phone calls - I am so thankful we have caller ID so I can ignore some of those calls!

I really like the sign that Cut-N-Jump shared - sounds perfect!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

No forgiveness needed. You have a right to your privacy, peace, quiet and freedom. Don't feel guilty about hurting anyone's feelings. Besides sales people are used to rejection and rudeness. Don't disappoint them. *wink*

Hang in there,

achieve1dream said...

Who cares if they need you? They are all inconsiderate losers (well not your brother lol). Just try to ignore it as best you can and focus on what's important. You'll get through all of it.