Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wishy Washy Sunday

I had planned to go trail riding on Sunday morning, but felt incredibly tired. I got 6 hours of sleep the night before, but felt like I hadn't slept in days. I'd walk from one room to another and then collapse on the couch or the bed and fall asleep. Before I knew it, morning was over and it was time to feed the horses lunch.

I was determined to do something, anything, with a horse in the afternoon, but figured I wouldn't get my chance before my annoying neighbors come home from church and took over my space. I caught Bombay and put some wraps and boots on his legs with the intention to take him in the trailer to the mountains for a trail ride, but then my good neighbor showed up next door to work with the goats and she wanted to know where Gabbrielle was. She was worried that I had to trailer her off to the vet, and was relieved to find out that she's just at the trainer's place.

Since my nosy, annoying neighbors hadn't come home from church yet, she was able to fill me in on what has been going on with the goats. Basically, the neighbors agreed to board this couple's goats for a couple of weeks until they got a new house. Instead of getting a new house, the goat owners got a divorce and went their separate ways. When they moved here, they had horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens, and found different places to "board" all of them "temporarily".

The neighbors keep calling the goat owners, asking them to come pick them up, and the woman says she'll do it tonight, but never shows up. When the couple delivered the three goats, they neglected to tell my neighbors that two of them were pregnant, so now there are seven goats and one of the mothers rejected one of the babies. So, my good neighbor has been going over there several times a day to bottle feed the goat with some very expensive foal's milk mix, and of course my annoying neighbors just let her without offering to pay for the milk and her time. Also, the goat owners didn't provide the neighbors with any food for the goats, so the neighbors have had to pay for that out of their pocket.

So, my good neighbor has found some people who are willing to adopt the goats, but the goat owner refuses to let her give them away, insisting that she will come pick them up soon. The annoying neighbors don't want the goats, so now my good neighbor got sucked into caring for them. She's just trying to keep them alive until someone claims them. She said everyone who goes into the pen has to carry a stick or a 2x4, because the billy goat will attack them. That's understandable, but I've seen that little boy and his father poking and hitting the billy goat from outside the fence. That billy goat and I get along okay. He just likes to get his head scratched. If you are kind to animals, most will be kind in return. He didn't bother my good neighbor the whole time she was feeding the baby.

I think what I find to be most amazing is that before my good neighbor got involved, all those goats were in discord. They were bleating non-stop and fighting with each other. I saw grown up goats throwing the babies into the air with their heads and horns and figured they were driving each other nuts in that tiny pen. Then when my good neighbor arrived and got control of things, the goats all settled down and hardly ever bleat anymore. They sleep peacefully. I think it is because they now know that someone cares about them and can be relied upon to feed them. I just wish they'd move the billy goat into a separate pen so that the ladies don't get pregnant again.

Also, now both rabbits in the goat pen have escaped and the annoying neighbors have just decided that they're not going to bother looking for them or taking care of them anymore.  My good neighbor said one of them is living in her haystack.  It just astounds me how some people can be so irresponsible and dysfunctional.  Why did they agree to take care of horses, goats and rabbits if they can't handle it, and worse yet, don't really give a damn about the welfare of the animals?

My good neighbor told me something about our annoying neighbors that blew me away. You know how the man always has his hood up on each vehicle, and is always junking vehicles only to replace them with another junker? Well, he took his truck into a mechanic, picked it up and said, "I don't have any money to pay you, but thank you." Then he drove off. Isn't that against the law? I know the big shops give your keys to the cashier and you can't get them until you pay. I guess the small business mechanics may have to adopt the same procedure.

My good neighbor also confirmed my suspicion that my annoying neighbors are hoarders. She said that she couldn't walk in their backyard, the horse paddock or their house without stepping on things. She doesn't understand why anyone would board their horses there. I've always wondered that myself.  Sometimes strangers come to my door and ask if I will board their horses.  I suspect they are people that show up to look at the neighbors' place, then look at mine, and decide they like my horse paddock better.  I knew that my annoying neighbors had problems, but now I know just how bad it is.

But back to my afternoon with my horses... While my neighbor was talking to me, I looked over my shoulder and saw Bombay got himself caught in a trap. I had loosely wrapped the lead rope around the post just to get his wraps and boots on, not expecting to have to walk away. He pulled the rope long enough that he got his leg over it and pinned his head to the ground. He was just staying still in that position waiting for me to come rescue him. I cut him loose and he followed me over to the goat pen and pestered me by tugging on my shirt sleeve while my neighbor talked to me. I think Bombay wanted to go for a ride just as much as I did.

A friend of my good neighbor walked up and wanted to talk. By then I had already lost about 45 minutes, so I said hello and then led Bombay into the round pen because he was anxious to start his workout. He was now biting the back pocket of my skin-tight spandex pants and trying to rip my shirt. (It was really quite funny. He would never try to hurt me. He's gentle in his biting so that he doesn't get my skin.  It's just his way of clowning around.  He knows it makes me laugh.) I heard the woman say, "Really?" and wondered if she was offended that I walked away. I didn't mean to be rude, but my horse time is so limited.

I let Bombay get his ya-yas out and made sure the wraps were on tight, and then led him to the trailer. It was getting late and hot and I was doubting that I could make the hike up to the mounting bench on the mountain. When I rolled my ankle the other day, I bruised the side and top of my foot and probably tore something. My annoying neighbors still hadn't returned home from church, so I used the time to do a refresher course on trailer training using the target and clicker training method. He did well. No freak outs in the trailer.

I wanted to ride, but it was just too hot, too late in the afternoon, and my foot was in too much pain to head up the mountain, so I just rode Bombay around my property. It was nice. The goats were quiet. The neighborhood was quiet. My horses were quiet.  Tonight should be a quiet night.  Hopefully, my body will be satisfied with the amount of sleep it gets.  I've got a long, busy week ahead of me.  Among other things, my husband and I are going to a TV show taping of a pet psychic!  Stay tuned...


Fantastyk Voyager said...

It's good that Bombay didn't panic. That could have been a disaster.

Sometimes your body just says it needs to rest more than you let it. Take care of yourself and your sore ankle.

fernvalley01 said...

At least you got a nice visit with the nieghbor ,and a little ride. Hope you feel more energetic tomorrow, you might just have needed a slow day

Dreaming said...

How wonderful that there are people in this world who will step up to take care of animals. How strange about the original owner(s) of the goats. How sad, though, that the owners are getting divorced - it sounds like one of them would like to have the goats back, but doesn't have a place for them.
I've had days where I haven't had the energy... but wanted to do things with my horses. I'm glad you did get on, at least for a bit. That by itself was probably invigorating. Can't wait to hear about the animal psychic!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the goats are getting care. As to your lost time, perhaps it was good for Bombay to hang out in his trailering equipment before loading practice.

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, I nearly got Lucille, but her owner showed up with half of her back board and was FURIOUS that the ranch owner was going to sell her! So, the owner has given her until July 1st to pay in full or I'll have another chance to get her...sigh...another irresponsible animal owner. She needs her yearly shots and needs her shoes redone, which her owner won't have the money to do...I hate to see her neglected and I can manage another horse, so we'll see.

achieve1dream said...

I'd tell your neighbor that since they aren't being paid they have every right to rehome the goats. That's ridiculous. I'm glad your good neighbor is feeding them. :)

Way to go Bombay!!! I'm so proud of him. Don't you love how with clicker training they are so relaxed and don't forget what they've learned? And such a good boy for waiting on you when he got trapped. :)