Saturday, July 2, 2011

As the World Turns, The Problems Multiply

I'm a doer.  I get a feeling of fulfillment when I complete tasks and have something to show for it.  I realized this while having a family dinner the other night.  While my husband was discussing his exercise workout in detail (a reflector), my son was reading text messages on his phone (a socializer), and I was thinking about my To Do List and planning what I would attempt to get done the next day (a doer).  "Attempt" being the key word.

Many times I think I'm done with a task only to have someone else not do his or her part, and then I either have to do their part myself or give up on the task and accept that it's just not going to get done or not going to get done within my timeline.  For example, when I took my trailer in to be repaired, I asked when it would be ready.  The salesman's response was, "Why?  Do you have somewhere you need to go?"

I explained that I'd be out of town next week and would like it back before I leave.  He said he'd have it ready by Friday.  So, then he called on Thursday and said he had everything done except the window and he wanted to know if I would finish the job of fixing the window myself.  Ummmm.  That window has been broken for several years.  Don't you think that if I had the time to figure out how to remove it and take it to a glass repair shop, I would have done it a long time ago?  (Plus I'm afraid of my local glass shop.  They've screwed up every job I've ever given them.)  I asked him to fix it himself.  He told me it would take up an hour and a half of his time to do it.  So?  I'll pay the labor.  I have so many problems to fix that I have to pay other people to fix some of them.  There aren't enough hours in the day for me to fix every problem myself.

Friday came and I didn't receive any phone call from the trailer shop.  I called them and asked if my trailer was ready.  No, because the glass place can't get around to fixing my window until next Wednesday.  Sigh.  I explained again that I would be out of town, so they'll just have to hang onto the trailer for a couple of weeks.  The guy said I could come pick it up today, and then return it when I return from my trip for them to install the window.  No thanks.  That would take up six hours of my time, because their shop is way, way far away from where I live.  The gas expense would probably cost more than the repairs to the trailer.  So, this means more waiting until the trailer problem gets solved.

In the meantime, the horses have to behave themselves and cannot get injured, because some of my veterinary supplies and most of my tack are locked up inside the tack room of that trailer.  I did remove a few items before dropping the trailer off, but I didn't think I'd have to wait two weeks to get it back.  Obviously, this also means no trail rides on Lostine for a while.

After looking at the option of trading my luxury 2-horse trailer in for a stock 3-horse trailer, my husband pointed out that my truck is actually at its towing capacity just pulling the luxury 2-horse trailer.  Once I put a horse in there, I'm over the limit and putting stress on my truck's rear end.  If I move up to a 3-horse bumper pull, even it if is stock, I'd have to buy a more powerful truck.  Sigh.  One problem leads to another.  Nothing is ever simple.  All I can say is that I will have to get rich in a hurry if I'm going to be able to solve Bombay's trailering phobia.

Then there's the horse trainer -- the one that many of you thought might be able to solve Bombay's trailering issues.  I called her and left a message that I wanted to watch her work with Gabbrielle during her under saddle training, something she offered to do for me when I first dropped off my horse for training, and it's been a couple of days and she hasn't returned my call.  I suspect she's on vacation now, because of the three-day weekend.  I also sent her an email a couple of weeks ago, and she didn't respond.  All I can say is she better be worth her weight in gold when it comes to training my horse, because otherwise I'm bringing G home when the month is up and finding another horse trainer.  (Although the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps she's so unavailable because she's in the hospital thanks to something my horse did to her.  Actually, G is really gentle with riders.  She's just spooky.)

I am grateful to have G away at another facility at the moment, not just because there's one less mouth to feed and a lot less poop, but because Bombay can heal in peace.  The cut on his stifle is healing nicely.  He moves normal at the walk now, but he won't try to move at any faster paces because it still hurts.  There's no more swelling and he finished off both his dosages of pain medication and antibiotics.  He was really good about taking his meds.

The doctor wanted him to not be on stall rest, but to move around so that the muscle and skin would fuse in a way that is natural to his movement.  If Gabbrielle were here, she'd be chasing him around, bucking and biting at him at feeding time.  Lostine understands that he's hurt and she just does things to try to make him feel better.  She's a very maternal horse.  Once she thoroughly inspected all of his wounds, she stopped licking them and is leaving them alone.

Anyway, whenever someone says, "Just do this..." to fix a problem, I roll my eyes because I know that solutions, especially obvious solutions, never fix the the problem.  Solutions usually end up with a handful of new problems that need solutions.  Especially in my area, because most of the people around here are incompetent, have no work ethic, don't give a damn about customer service, and have no education.  Sometimes it is better to do nothing, because then I at least am keeping the number of problems down to manageable level.  Problems are like the goats and rabbits next door.  They multiply until you are overwhelmed.

The baby goat has developed this outrageously loud bleat.  Because it was bottle fed, every time it sees a person, it starts bleating.  The sound is ear piercing.  It's like a kid screaming at the top of his lungs.  So, my solution of going outside at the crack of dawn or earlier to feed my horses without an audience no longer works, because as soon as I step outside, that damn goat wakes up everyone in the neighborhood.  I'm sure the neighbors are thinking, "Why does that lady have to come outside so dang early and get that goat going?"

I was here 17 years before that goat.  I'd like to have my peace, quiet and airspace back.  Then there's the billy goat.  They keep him tied to my fence and he climbs up onto this mound of rocks that is as tall as the fence and he stands there where he can poke my horses in the eyes with his horns.  I keep expecting to come outside one of these days and find that goat in my horse paddock, because he can easily jump the fence from that mound.  Of course, my neighbors are incapable of spotting potential problems, which is why they are always creating them for me.

If he does get into my horse paddock and it happens when I get my trailer back, I'll be taking a "lost" goat to animal control.  I figure anything that comes from their yard and ends up in mine is mine to do what I want with.  These people are so low class that they drop garbage out of the back of their truck as they drive down the street hitting potholes.  They clearly see the garbage in the road on their way back, but they won't take responsibility for it because now it is on my property.  There's an old air filter that has been lying in the road for about six months now and they walk and drive past it 20 times a day and pretend like it isn't theirs.  I'm not picking it up out of stubbornness.  I'm fed up with spending my weekends cleaning up my neighbors' garbage off my property.  They are being equally stubborn.  So, it's a standoff.  May the best neighbor win.


Katharine Swan said...

Well, if the trainer is not responding, I agree that's not a good sign. Hopefully she doesn't often check email, and she's just on vacation this weekend. But if she doesn't respond next week, I think you'd be perfectly justified in taking Gabbrielle home at the end of the month and finding a different trainer. When is the month up? I'm assuming you don't mean the end of July.

Mikey said...

Wow, you can't win no matter what you do.
That trainer concerns me. No return calls or emails? Not very professional.
What a crazy life you lead. It just never ends.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The trainer did leave a message today saying she is taking the holiday weekend off, including Monday, and she's going out of town Tuesday, so the soonest she can work with G would be Wednesday. I'm not sure if I can make it then because I've got a lot going on that day. I called her back and told her to just pick a time when she would most likely work with her on that day and I'd try to make it. She's been in training 2 weeks, which means that her month is up in 2 more weeks.

Once Upon an Equine said...

I'm sorry to hear that the trailer guy, horse trainer, neighbors, and goats are not behaving well. The goats are the only ones with a good excuse.

Does your trainer guarantee a certain number or rides or training sessions during a month of training? It sounds like there is more boarding than training going on. I hope that is not the case and that you are pleased with the progress when you get a chance to watch her work with Gabrielle.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Frustrating about that trainer. Did you get her training promises in writing and have a written contract when you dropped G off with her? How many times a week was she supposed to be riding and training G? How many times has she said that she's actually been doing that each week?

Crazy about the goat, but I can relate. Two of my goats will bleat for their dinner when I come outside morning and evening. My third goat is a mute due to a horse kick in the throat before I rescued him.
I also try to get up to the barn quickly, so they don't annoy the neighbors.